Qatar Airways Moves Atlanta Launch Forward To June 1, 2016

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In early May I wrote about Qatar Airways’ substantial US expansion, whereby in 2016 they’re adding several new destinations/frequencies to the US. As was announced at the time:

  • Daily Doha to Los Angeles 777-200LR flight as of January 1, 2016
  • Second daily Doha to New York A350 flight as of March 1, 2016
  • Daily Doha to Boston A350 flight as of March 16, 2016
  • Daily Doha to Atlanta flight as of July 1, 2016

While the expansion as such is logical, I’d be shocked if the new Doha to Atlanta flight weren’t at least somewhat motivated by the rivalry/mutual hatred between the CEOs of Qatar Airways and Delta Air Lines.

Anyway, it’s interesting to note that bookings are now open for Qatar Airways’ flight between Doha and Atlanta, and the flight has even been pushed forward by a month. Qatar Airways will now launch daily Boeing 777-200LR flights between Doha and Atlanta as of June 1, 2016 (rather than July 1, 2016).


Via, the schedule for the Doha to Atlanta route will be as follows:

QR755 Doha to Atlanta departing 8:30AM arriving 4:25PM
QR756 Atlanta to Doha departing 8:30PM arriving 5:30PM (+1 day)

That’s a pretty logical schedule, and matches the timing of most of Qatar’s other US bound flights. The flight is blocked at 14hr55min westbound, and 14hr eastbound.


Now that the schedule is finally open, it’s worth noting that award space is wide open in business class on the new flight, per the British Airways award search tool.

Qatar Airways seems to have four business class award seats per flight between Doha and Atlanta:


And the same is true in the other direction as well:


If you’re trying to redeem American AAdvantage miles, it’s worth noting they only have access to award space at most 331 days out, so it’ll be a little while before the route is bookable with AAdvantage miles.

If I were a betting man, I’d say His Excellency is very likely to be on the inaugural, as I’m sure there’s nothing he wants to do more than give a speech at Atlanta Airport and thank Mr. Anderson for the hospitality. šŸ˜‰ So if you want to fly with Al Baker

As far as the 777-200LR goes, it features Qatar’s standard forward facing business class product, which is in a 2-2-2 configuration. The 777 should be the first plane to get Qatar Airways’ new “super business class” product, if/when that actually happens. Too bad they’re not flying an A350 to Atlanta, which has a much better product.


Bottom line

It’s an exciting time for Atlanta Airport, as they’re getting both service from Qatar Airways as well as Turkish Airlines. I would be surprised if Emirates didn’t announce service to Atlanta within the next year as well.

Do any Atlanta flyers plan on trying Qatar Airways’ new service to Doha?

  1. Hey, finally a newer clean plane, great service to Atlanta, “hot damn” now that’s delivering a message to DL!

  2. This is awesome. Bring on Emirates with a direct Atlanta to Dubai route and we will be getting some use out of the way-over-budget international terminal at Hartsfield. I fly from ATL to the Middle East a couple times a year, and have a hard time getting a decent seat; decent on Delta meaning Comfort+ at minimum.

  3. @Vicious: Hate to break it to you but if Emirates flies the 777-300ER on this route (pretty likely) it’s going to be a less comfortable than Delta for this 14-hr flight, with its 10-across configuration in economy versus nine-across on Delta.

  4. All i want is more international carrier love in PHL. QR has the first a350 going to PHL but that’s all the good news we’ve had in a while šŸ™
    Emirates should start PHL service just for giggles

  5. I’m excited.

    We are moving to Birmingham (2 hr drive from ATL) this summer. I’ve been bummed that it’s mostly a Delta hub. Glad to see some nice international routes coming there. Plan to fly TK out of there soon.

  6. This needed to happen now…since I’m getting ready to fly. šŸ™‚ But it is happening and I’m glad that Delta is going to be HIT hard with these Int’l careers. I dont mind flying with Delta within US, but to be on a flight from Atlanta to Dubai with their grumpy senior citizen crews who are often not so polite and attentive is a major pain in the back. Delta is WAY OVER PRICED and about time, Qatar and other careers should give them some competition. If Qatar or Emirates can come up with pricing $300/400 below Delta pricing on a continuous basis, Delta will be forced to behave and not be so f’in arrogant. Oh Delta’s FOOD SUCKS!!!

  7. We need Emirates to fly from Atlanta this year 2016. Put that A380 and have a 90%+ occupancy from Atlanta. Delta is too much OVER PRICED just making huge profits for CEO and his shareholders.

  8. We need some foreign flag airlines in Atlanta this year to properly utilize the new international terminal. China southern, Emirates, singapore airlines to name a few…Atlanta has the worlds busiest airport, it deserves more diverse air carriers from around the world. Make it a gateway city…

  9. Atlanta needs more international flights .. How about Eitihad Emirates and Kuwait Airways join in ?? With so many diverse people living here let them have more choices to choose from !!!

  10. I have been flying oversee last 25 year. I always connect for either New york, Chicago, Houston or my on later trip from Orlando (via Emirates).
    It was a big hassle. It’s excited news that Qatar and Turkish is going to have a direct flight from Atlanta. They have great service, new planes and excellent food.
    I look forward to my next trip on one of these carrier. It would we wonderful, if they have stop in Europe.

  11. All Qatar fights operate direct to and from Qatar and they have excellent connections with the rest of the world via their hub and that fantastic new airport in Doha. You won’t find better duty free and a whole range of excellent places to eat and drink, free access to internet and a whole host of other good things. The aircraft are comfortable and the award winning service is fantastic. Economy is 9 across, 3x3x3, and business class has 6 across, 2x2x2.

  12. This is wonderful news from qatar & Turkish airlines directly fly from Atlanta to there hub and connection to other destinations. Large number of business persons & domestic traveller want to connect to there business & families back home. Save time and money to home destinstion and other travel, it is wonderful decision. I hope emirates will start soon from Atlanta. Definitely
    Delta start competition soon and traveller have better choice as well as availability to direct flight in middle east.

  13. welcome Qatar Airways to Atlanta, will fly Doha four times per year.. great service and new planes. Delta fly’s old planes and old crew. Very greedy.

  14. We bought 4 ticket from Atlanta to Doha for 6th of June 2016, but we dont know that the Qutar airline really will depart that day from Atlanta or not. We already booked our hotels and has arranged our tour plan. If any one know that particular date the Qutar airline flight will depart from atlanta to Doha please let me know. it will highly appriciated.

  15. It’s about time….and it’s called competition. Delta had had Atlanta as a monopoly for too long, flying old planes with awful food and service internationally. Their version of a new plane is to reprint and install new seat covers. Give me a break….I am lifetime medallion because I virtually had no other choice for years. I dumped Delta for BA a few years back to get to India and Asia but now I’m booked on Qatar in amulet via Doha in business. Just wish Qatar would fly the a380 with First to ATL, or significantly upgrade business to compete with Emirates, Singapore, Cathay etc. in First. Welcome to ATL Qatar! Long overdue. Oh, and please consider sponsoring the Atlanta Fox theatre that Delta recently dumped because they were mad Qatar hosted a party there. Oh, and Delta complains these airlines get government kickbacks? What does Delta and the other US majors call BANKRUPTCY? Isn’t that government protection as well? Stop whining and compete or fly US domestic only, because savvy upscale travlelors will gladly dump Delta for better aircraft and overall service, as is evidenced by the vast majority of the comments on this blog.

  16. Greed is the moto of US carriers
    i tried Qarar airways ftom MIA 777 300 ER. in budiness. I gave it 10.
    I wish they start MCO service since i live in orlando..Emirate did few months back, yet we love qatar to do same. Orlando with 60 million visitors will be great for Qatar Airways.

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