Qatar Airways CEO: “You Are Being Served By Grandmothers On American Carriers”

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Why is Qatar Airways’ CEO, Akbar Al Baker, incapable of shutting his mouth? Seriously, the amount of garbage coming out of his mouth is unbelievable, and the worst part is that he’s hurting his own case. In the battle between the US carriers and Gulf carriers, he’s not helping himself. When a competitor uses an unedited interview with you in order to make their point, it might be time to be quiet.

Akbar has had no shortage of ridiculous comments over the years, from suggesting that Qatar Airways started flights to Atlanta to “rub salt in the wound of Delta,” to suggesting that Qatar Airways started A350 flights to Frankfurt to “rub salt in the wound of Lufthansa,” to suggesting that Qatar Airways’ near miss in Miami wasn’t a big deal, to suggesting that Qatar Airways’ economy is as good as premium economy on other airlines, just to give a few examples.

Well, last week he was in Dublin to celebrate Qatar Airways’ new flight between Doha and Dublin, and of course he took the opportunity to poke fun at the US airlines. One part in particular stands out, as he describes the Qatar Airways experience:

“Wide seats, plenty of legroom, as well as award winning service from our international cabin crew. By the way, the average age of my cabin crew is only 26 years, so there is no need for you to travel on this crap American carriers. You know you are always being served by grandmothers at American carriers.”

The audience bursts out in laughter, so I guess the joke worked with his target audience.

But c’mon, Akbar, really? I’m totally fine with him talking about the “crap service” on US airlines, but it’s ridiculous to equate that to age, and to be proud of the fact that the average cabin crew at your airline is only 26:

  • The reason service on US carriers isn’t great has little to do with the age of the employees, but due to a variety of other factors; many of the best employees at US airlines are those who have been there for decades
  • Should Al Baker really be proud of the fact that they don’t offer their employees long term career opportunities, but rather just short term contracts where they get fired when they age a bit? I mean, of course he’s proud of that because he’s a sexist you-know-what, but if you’re trying to make a compelling case for reasons to fly your airline, that won’t fly in many countries (no pun intended)

What do you make of Akbar’s comments about US carriers?

(Tip of the hat to The Economist, and featured image via Travelextra Ireland)

  1. While I agree that the age of the crew on US carriers is significantly higher than ME3 and Asian carriers, Qatar and the rest of the ME3 are in no position to criticize given their sub-standard labor practices.

    As a US-based flyer, the issue I have with flight attendants is not age but rather the bad attitude many crew members have.

  2. He may be politically incorrect but he’s not wrong.

    The average FA for US carriers on long haul international routes actually IS older and overweight.

    Let’s see…young and fit FA’s or old and out of shape FA’s? C’mon and be honest with yourself about what’s easier on your eyes.

  3. I prefer the service provided by crew with decades of experience. The unexperienced crew at Qatar is nothing to be proud of, they did what the have learnt at school but have not enough years onboard to give the little extra. They worked like they were afraid of doing anything wrong…

  4. I prefer a younger more motivated crew not one that is past their expiry date. The older FA’s also complain more and bring down morale.

  5. @Kurt

    Why should I care what is “easier on the eyes”? Am I supposed to expect the flight attendants to give me lap dances and prance around in thongs while they serve the cabin? It’s an airplane, not a strip club (someplace expressly designed to cater to the voyeuristic gaze and lechers). I’m not here to ogle the flight attendants and fantasize that it’s Coffee, Tea or Me time, I’m here to get from point A to point B. I couldn’t possibly care less if the service is offered by 26 year olds or 56 year olds, as long as it’s good service.

    (There are cultural issues around servillity in Western cultures as opposed to other ones that impact the perception of service, that also feed what Al Baker is talking about, but that’s another ball of wax.)

  6. @iv, ‘past their expiry date’. Really? They are humans not cartons of milk. That comment says way more about you than about us PWE (people with experience)

  7. The attitude comes from the FAs’ “privilege” of the union and not being able to get fired. The customers get the short end of he stick. Age is a big factor as the more “experienced” think they are entitled to the attitude and not serving the customer properly. Any other service job, bad attitude and performance would get you fired.

  8. Lucky, you can confirm this: most if not all of the legacy carriers assign crews based on seniority, not performance. Long haul flights to Europe and Asia are among the most coveted and tend to be staffed by those flight attendants who have been longer with the airline. The longer you have been in the airline, the more declines in your benefits package you may have seen and, in many cases, this results in flight attendants with really bad attitudes. Al Baker is a sexist and an ageist, no doubt in my mind, but international service in US airlines tends to be sub-par. Could their policies be one of the causes?

  9. I see big parallels in this post/comments section and the 2016 Presidential election. It’s a mindset of civility vs vialness. I can picture Trump saying how a young FA is “easy on the eyes”, as he’s grabbing them by the p**sy. @Lucky – you may have the moral high ground and you may think you’re in the majority with the views expressed in your post, but just know there’s way more sick, deplorable people out there than you ever imagined possible.

  10. @Mark F

    Calm your nerves. It was a figure of speech…. sheesh.

    There are people who have worked way too long at a job that they simply don’t give a rats a$$ especially when their union will back them up no matter what!

    And I’m talking from experience PWE (person with experience).

  11. Sorry, but seeing flight attendants on us carriers, especially feeders, who can’t walk in isle without turning sideways due to their “width” is ridicules. You can’t tell me that they can assist me during an emergency.

  12. To be frank how many times i ve envounteted old FA on US carriers and when i say Old i mean Old to the point to wonder how the hell are they gonna help on emergency situation.
    I think FA should be fit and within a certain age first for security reason.

  13. remind me why LUCKY is still constantly touting how amazing QR is despite the asshole CEO and funding one of the most anti-gay nations on earth, to say nothing of the alleged activities by the 4 blockade nations ?

  14. Ben I think you’re off here.
    For one of the few times he’s right.
    Nothing against grandmas working, but if you are at least have some hop in your step and don’t be an old grouch.
    Though yes younger is still much preferred

  15. Disgusting pig of a CEO. And I see that the male-dominated frequent traveler community is really showing its chauvinistic side. Whatever happened to giving people some basic respect, regardless of their age or appearance? I don’t care if my crew is old or young, attractive or ugly, because I’m not an asshole!

  16. LOL @ the comments!

    The visceral basics of what humans respond to don’t change with social enlightenment. PAL used to be known for having the most beautiful FA’s in the skies, for example. Differentiation is a thing between competing products.

  17. I have had decent service just once on an American carrier. I have never yet had bad service on QR.

  18. You can keep it a little bit older and classy as Lufthansa does. What the US3 are doing is a total joke and Al Baker is right that their crews and onboard service is laughable.

  19. He’s absolutely right! Age matters a lot to me when I pay full fare for a long haul flight. QR crew members are young, smiling and attractive for the “alpha male” eyes. Basically it is the total opposite with AA, Delta and united

  20. If any of you consider the campaign of US3 against ME3 is based on ridiculous reasons, then why ME3 can’t do a rebuttal in another ridiculous reason as well?

    Al Baker speak the language of the audience. If the language is stupid, it means the audience is stupid.

    You can’t expect american to understand if you speak japanese/nihon go. Same as Al Baker. I’m not saying general american is stupid. But if general american believe the US3 campaign, well… you know the logic…..

  21. I don’t care if you’re an old hag, all I want is to be treated nicely and with manners and respect. Unfortunately, customer service in the U.S. is not a strong point and it’s an industry I refuse to support. Unfortunately, it’s something I don’t see changing for the better as it’s a cultural thing. Even Asians in the U.S. have become obnoxious. Once again, a cultural thing.

    I refuse to step on an American carrier. The way they treat people is despicable. Just compare the incidents with the ANA and United incident. You can really see the difference.

    Hawaiian is a different story. I’ve never flown them, but the Hawaiian culture is way different compared to the lower 48 states.

  22. US carriers cannot even begin to compete with those of Asia or ME3………this fact is not disputable. Now let’s also look at the 3 key, consistent areas where the foreign carriers have differentiated themselves for the American one:

    1. They cater to men
    2. They don’t deal with labor unions
    3. They don’t tolerate progressive nonsense such as male or overweight flight attendants.

    I couldn’t agree with the QA CEO more and wish that U.S. carriers would start taking the quality of their product a little more seriously. Forget the announcements about beverage carts hitting the arms of aisle seat passengers; warn me instead about the 5’0″, 250 lbs FA who is basically reverse groping me whenever she walks by.

  23. Tired of all this Political Correctness. He’s spot on. These younger FA’s are more energetic and more willing to learn, as well as better to look at. Sorry! But that does matter! And I dont confuse an airline flight to a strip club! All these union FA’s from the American companies are entitled, old, and unmotivated. Bravo to him for speaking the truth

  24. What a despicable comment!

    The age of the cabin crew itself has never been the issue with American carriers.
    Quality of service is what I value the most when I fly, not how “easy on the eyes” the crew may be. And in my experience, many older flight attendants are doing just great in that domain!

  25. @Lucky appalling for this guy to make a disparaging comment about his own partner airline’s staff

    Clearly a misogynistic one given that he refers to females rather than males
    QR may employ younger staff, but on lower salaries and with little job protection and with age comes experience

    Furthermore, as the staff get older I guess they get laid off or has qatar found a fountain of youth ?

    Many of us have also seen reports from ex Qatar staff about how appalling their work conditions are

    And he comments that American carriers provide ” crap” service.
    Then why partner with one ?!

    Several people I know have flown Qatar and they say once but never again. Horrible crew. Horrible service

  26. @iv figures of speech say a lot about a person. Google UK MP Ann Marie Morris for more info. I find I get great service from older attendants on legacy airlines. It might be because I treat them like humans and with respect instead of cartons of milk.

  27. While some may not like older FAs, I tend to find them much more favourable. You come across a grouch every once in a while, but for the most part they’re good at their jobs. On international legs, they tend to be the ones you can chat with in the galley and who really understand your passion for aviation. They may not be the most polished or the best looking, but it’s really the personality that counts with me. I want someone I can talk to, not someone who’s reading lines from some book they got while training.

  28. Wow lots of horny boys in the comments today that feel the need to tell us about how certain flight attendants make them horny. Interesting. Thanks for sharing @Tony, @Leon, and all the other special horny boys.

  29. Oh the audacity to suggest they may have attractive flight attendants…oh the horror.
    Now if they boasted about having a bunch of gay dudes FA’s I suspect that would go over gangbusters with your viewing audience.

  30. He’s not wrong. The old, overweight FA’s on North American airlines are so cranky and offer poor service.

    Just today I flew AC from YYZ to NAS and the average age for the cabin crew had to be 60.

    They weren’t able to assist a guy on a crutch with his luggage, they kept bumping me with their huge hips every time they waddled past (with nary an apology) and they couldn’t even tell me how many passengers could be on a form for Bahamas immigration (I don’t have my glasses).

    Compare that with Asiana that I flew last week!! Night and day difference! Young, energetic, and hard working cabin crew.

    I will continue traveling long haul with Asian / Middle Eastern carriers every chance I get.

  31. If you just be honest to yourself, you would see he is saying the truth but not in a nice way. The service of the American carriers are horrible comparing to their competitions i.e., the Persian gulf airlines, European airlines, etc.

  32. The last four times I flew with AA (DFW-HKG-DFW and GRU-LAX and DFW-GRU) I had some young and motivated FAs. They were such a breath of fresh air to the company.

  33. One thing I would say, is although that was his intention, the mention of grandmothers, shouldn’t immediately be linked to age! There are many young grandparents out there. As young as 40!

  34. The seniority thing is totally bshiit. I do prefer younger and fit FAs rather than nannies.

  35. Add me to the “I’d rather look at younger, more energetic, smiling and extremely polite” flight attendants on a 17 hour flight on QR, Ethiad, Emirates, and JL, CX and other Asian carriers, than deal with the nasty attitudes of the old, bitchy flight attendants who act as if your are interrupting their conversation when you ring the call button. You know, the ones that should have retired in 1985 that always seem to be working the AA, BA and UA flights.

  36. Flight attendants are glorified restaurant waiters/waitresses. Let’s not even take the physical ability during emergency into consideration.

    Do you see any old woman or horizontally enhanced woman in fancy restaurants? No, I don’t think so. Customer service industry favors younger people, it always was, and it always will be.

    Btw, I personally have nothing against older woman. Some have a great personality, fit and take care of their looks. But seriously, a lot of US3 attendants are … just serving their time and getting more horizontally enhanced by the day.

  37. May all of you who are smug, unsympathetic, and self-righteous live to be a hundred years old.
    And may each of you experience every single hardship and insult, pain and worry, that aging has to offer.
    And may you each be victims of younger, misogynist, misanthropic brainless sophomores of whatever age. Oh, and may every one of you be evaluated daily — at work — on your “hotness” quotient while you try to do your job.

  38. So, Lucky, why is it that UA, AA and DL _service_ generally sucks compared to Asian and ME airlines? Well, why?

    A Cathay Pacific flight attendant ran several hundred meters through a HKG terminal to deliver me a couple of perfumes I forgot in my first class suite. Yes, she was young, fit and beautiful, and clearly willing to go above and beyond to not only meet customer expectations but exceed them. Could you ever imagine a typical entitled, overweight and 60 years old UA, AA or DL flight attendant to do anything like that? I cannot. In fact, I don’t think 80% of them are even physically capable. And I bet 100% of them cannot even imagine ever doing anything remotely similar. Why?

    I routinely see UA, AA or DL flight attendants demonstrating their entitlement attitude, disregard for passengers and lack of empathy. Seeing walking whales moving slowly through narrow isles I am often tempted to offer them help with closing overhead bins and such instead of the other way around. And I can not even imagine how a grossly overweight 60 years old flight attendant would be physically able to assist passengers in case of serious emergency.

    Work experience is certainly valuable. But we have this situation because the US has become too politically correct for our own good. It would be discriminatory to lay off an out-of-shape grossly overweight 65 years old lady that can barely fit in most airplane’s isles and couldn’t run 100 yards to save her life. Given this situation I am actually surprised that Las Vegas shows are still able to employ attractive show performers. And that most Hollywood actors and actresses are still good looking. Because the was this politically correctness is going none of this should be acceptable now-a-days.

  39. Very badly written / biased article. Most of what he said holds true and the reason why our airlines arent competitive at the world stage. You cant change the ‘fact’ that these Gulf airlines have far superior customer service and first/ business class experience.

  40. Wow – seems the era of Trump has allowed all of the bigotry and misogamy to spread to travel blog comments.

    Personally I have found some of the more mature flight attendants to be friendlier than the younger ones (men and women). Regardless, maybe as someone else said it’s because being polite and courteous brings out the same from the person you are interacting with.

    Also I have personally found a mix of young an old in cabin crews on several carriers which is how it’s always been and I’ve been travelling for well over 40 years now.

    Also to all of the people that used the term “Stewardess” remember that we stopped using that well over 25 years ago. The proper term is Flight Attendant.

    Come on folks lets post some real thoughts and valid comments not macho bravado BS.

  41. When that in-flight emergency hits gimme a grey haired granny with years of flying experience anytime. Ditto the flight crew.

  42. I don’t expect FAs to be beautiful, I expect them to be competent. In a crisis, give me one of those grandmothers any day.

  43. Granted, the man is a clown (often funny, by the way). It seems to be the age of clowns.

    But isn’t it time one realizes that clowns can be good, even very good, at what they do ?

  44. Never forget a conversation with an old granny that was the flight attendant on a AA flight I got a while ago. She sat in front of me for landing and I asked how many hours she worked in a month (I was interested to know how they balanced work and life) and she replied: “I fly only enough hours to keep my benefits”. That probably validates what the guy said on this article.

  45. I much prefer the younger cabin crew on the ME3 and Asian airlines. They seem to take joy in the job they do. Though to be fair, I usually hate flying AC because the crews are normally old nasty people who appear to resent their chosen lot in life. However, my last flight had young, middle age and older ladies serving us and the young and middle age ladies were awesome, while the eldest fit the normal stereotype.

  46. @Hosea
    Your comments are deeply offensive and extremely sexist! Why do you assume I am a “boy” or assign any gender to me when you didn’t even ask? And rather than argue my points you decided on an ad hominem attack and you assume that only boys and men are horny? I stated that younger FA’s act entitled and are not motivated to provide top-quality service. Unless you can add substance to the conversation that keep the insults to yourself.

  47. I don’t care that the US FA’s are old. It’s the fact that they are jaded and protected by union rules that causes me to prefer the cabin crew of non-US airlines.

  48. Lucvky,

    Probably tit-for-tat for the atrocious rambling against the MME3 by this “Delta” FA (actually an actress and a pretty bad one…), which YOU found so boring, hysterical and full of lies that you provided two versions, the complete one and an abreviated. As the Great French humorist Fancis Blanche said in the 50’s about incivility: “When you’ve passed all markers, there are no boundaries”.

  49. I disagree with your first point that many of the best employees are those who have been there for decades. My dismal experience with the ‘grandmas’ on American carriers suggests that age and experience does not equal better service. Quite to the contrary, I met many young FAs who were inviting and eager to please customers. However, I do agree that the lack of longterm career opportunities is not something to brag about. Good point there.

  50. Personally I think they should put up young, hot camel drivers to serve me…..the hell with the women….well, maybe not camel drivers….don’t think they have them any more…..but, since I am the grandmotherly type, guess they don’t want my $$$$ any more. The hell with them.

  51. @Martin…indeed. If Akbar had any tact he would have better stated it. Of course he doesn’t. But yes, let’s face facts, the Big Three Intl. flight attendants, especially those working premium cabins, are burnt out, jaded, protected, and act as if they are doing you a favor by bringing you a bottle of water. While his comments were offensive in delivery he clearly hit a nerve given the comments you see here.

    Is there a solution? Hell if I have one. And it’s not my rodeo. I just act on the basic reality that most every other foreign airline (sans British Airways) has far more engaging and pleasant flight crews and spend my money with them.

  52. All this tells me is that US stewardesses have more experience. Strikes me as a positive over young and untested, but that’s me.

  53. Hes totally right though. As a guy would you rather be served by old cranky grandmas or young hotties? come on lets just be honest!

  54. I´m very impressed by the comments I´ve read on this post! When I read the note I assumed everybody was gonna against Akbar, but I see many agree with his statement. Personally, I don´t care about their looks nor age (although a bit of an eye candy is always appreciated on board), but I do care that they are physically capable of handling an emergency.

  55. US carrier’s crew are rude and yes… self-entitled due to Union protection … will avoid them at all costs… flew with them and won’t fly with them ever again their young and old F/A’s ruin the job body language and all…Hawaiian Airlines was perfect from reservations through to inflight and will only fly with them should I get the chance again in the future

  56. Those, who frequently travel overseas and experience service on Asian and ME airlines, know exactly what everything Qatar’s CEO meant with his non-PC words. Whatever your believes, keep in mind that not the whole world has bought into western liberal mindset.

    There are many reasons why American flight attendants tend to be much older that the ones on Asian airlines, for example. Median age of US residents is much higher than in Thailand, for example. Furthermore, the law here prohibits any discrimination based on age. So an older, even 65 year old, more experienced candidate will almost automatically win over a young, fit, pretty, …
    Also, we know that an average American is severely overweight if not obese. Hence, as one would expect, so are American flight attendants.
    In addition, as union members, flight attendants are protected and treated as a “class”. Hence we get the type of service that is more commonly delivered by goverment employees at your local DMV. They have little to no incentive to try too hard. Because they know they won’t be rewarded but will be fine as long as they don’t screw up too bad. So, not surprisingly, many American flight attendants share the attitudes of their DMV counterparts.

  57. Solution? IMHO post 9/11, all new-hire attendants should be young MALES with a prior military or police/security background, and older stewardesses could be gracefully exited with a (very incentivizing) severance package. You’re welcome.

  58. Imagine what would happen if Hollywood abandoned the idea that a Bond girl is young physically attractive girl?

    You can legislate and moralize as much as you want but research has shown that even babies respond more favorably to attractive people than ugly ones. Consequently, you see beautiful faces in your TV addsand attractive people in all sorts of public performances. How does a typical waitress in LA look like? Or waiter for that matter? This is good business. And ME and Asian carriers haven’t forgotten. While many US-based airlines will be literally forces out of business with this legislated denial of human nature and other anti free market socialist practices.

  59. Anyone who thinks age is not correlated with quality of service is down right ignorant. These old hags on US airlines don’t care and are rude. At least with international airlines they are young and ambitious to keep their job.

  60. @Ma,
    How about the fact that USA airlines have gone through many, many changes and consolidations over the past 30 years and with every one of those upheavals they have treated their employees miserably. (e.g. United destroyed all that was best about Continental.) Now, as the US3, they bleed every dollar of revenue out of the passengers. Managers expect their frontline FAs to administer rotten policies, deal with on-board crowding, and reduced service. Small wonder the FAs often have a lousy attitude. But folks, that pretty well pervades most American customer-service businesses at this point.
    Most of us who fly Thai or Singapore only do so on long-distance flights. You are comparing the worst to the best. Try flying Jet Airways Bangalore to Chennai in economy. On a recent Finnair flight of 3 1/2 hours within Europe — every seat full — the FA and I talked. She said “To be honest, I blame this crowding and Euro-squeeze on the American way of doing business. Anything to get every seat full. ” She’s right. Btw, she was gorgeous and based on the wedding ring and the way she talked, not at all interested in what men thought of her.

  61. People laughed because the man had the audacity to speak out loud what everyone thought but no one in the room dared to say.

  62. Wasn’t there a regulation at Panam, decades ago, stipulating that , to work as a Panam FA, you needed to have a child working for another airline?

    Probably not but it certainly looked that way.

  63. @ Mark F

    I’m not going to waste my time Googling… I know what I said and what I meant. If you want to receive it as cartons of milk go right ahead and cry all you want over spilled milk.

  64. Yeah Lucky I think you’re off-base. The seniority and by default age of flight attendants on U.S. carriers directly relates to their lackadaisical attitude. So what he wasn’t PC about it? America just elected a man specifically because he isn’t PC. People don’t want a processed response anymore

  65. Lol all you dumb people saying- “give me a grandma instead of a young FA anytime, they have more experience.”
    When your plane makes a water landing and Granny puts her back out while trying to open the emergency exit or help passengers escape, you’ll wish you had a young (and hot wouldn’t be a deal breaker) FA that can do anything.

    Akbar is 100% right. Sure there are some great and amazing older FAs on US carriers, no one is saying there isn’t. But there’s also some very bad ones.

  66. Poor service is a result of many factors. Too many to delve into during such exchanges. Often times a culture plays a role too. India is a good example. Even Thai flight attendants have adapted their attitudes to often somewhat unruly pasengers on their flights in and out of India. They are not as over the top friendly as one experiences on some of their other routes. I speak from personal experiences.

    Talking of full planes, overbooking, etc…
    I find AirAsia to offer overal better service than big 3 US airlines. And their average flight attendants are decades younger, presumably way less experienced, and dramatically less well paid. Not to mention we are comparing a low cost airline with airlines that compete with the likes of Cathay, Singapore, … on international routes.

    You are certainly right that what we see with legacy US airlines is just indicative of a much larger problem. How about we compare customer service in hotels. Asia vs. USA? How about we compare service in the US and middle eastern airport lounges? One can observe much of the same. What one can expect in the US in terms of service is far from the best in the world.

    I grew up in eastern Europe. And what I see more and more in the US is the same attitudes of customer service employees that I remember from my youth. How come? What are similarities and what is different? Is it lack of incentives? Artificial job security? Perceived low pay? Work pressure? I will let everybody to decide for themselves.

  67. Flight Attendant as a job is not really meant to be a career. It is interesting for young people who want to travel and see the world. Eventually when you have seen it all and have family at home it becomes an irritating job where you are always jetlagged and away from your family and the service attitude towards customers goes way down. Any other job with similar characteristics people would leave in their 30s and start a new career e.g. Its damn exciting to be a marine at 18 not so much at 35. However instead of moving on , due to unions, people stay on and expect career growth and when that does not happen they get grouchy. Its a young person’s job, let the youngsters do it.

  68. I am sure the flight attendants would like young eye candy, not old farts with hollowed out eyes, sagging bellies, bald heads, hairy noses and ears and breath like a dead bat.

  69. He is correct. They are [email protected] and old. The latter I don’t care about, the former is why I avoid US3 airlines. Yet both statements are correct.

    Oh and the labor practices at the US3 are absolutely horrible: those guys can’t go to work for another airline as the union contracts forces the new airline to pay them not based on their merits, but on “seniority”. And talk about a demeaning labor environment: if you perform extra-well, you get absolutely no recognition and your pay is identical to the deadbeat they hired on the same day. As un-American as it gets!

  70. @JZ: 100% mate.

    He’s damn well right. The snowflakes have come out in force because he’s hurt their feelings. Oh boo hoo bloody hoo. Lighten up.

    The man is running the Number 1 airline in the world. He’s entitled to have a joke at the expense of the Yanks. Because they are crap. They are woeful. And their flight stewards are old.

    So the S word appeared here. I’m surprised the poor darling snowflakes haven’t called him racist or homophobic, or a misogynist LOL. C’mon NY and CA, here’s a chance gone begging.

    Number 1 in the world, despite an electronics ban because of the 3 old and tired US carriers asking for it, despite the muslim recalcitrants from UA, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudia imposing sanctions, despite a constant barrage of abuse from the 3 yank carriers about how unfair life is.

    He’s still made Qatar Airways the number 1 in the world.

    So lighten up snowflakes get over yourselves and your sorry-ass feelings. Bugger off, we’e sick of you. It’s a new world order. PC is dead snowflakes. It died on Nov 8th last year, thank Christ!

    Give yourself an almighty upper-cut.

  71. Lets be honest he does have a point.

    And on the topic of being honest, I’d wager that fewer than 10% of the men on here are telling the truth when you say you don’t care if the FAs are young and pretty or old and overweight.

    It may not be politically correct to say but the reality is men prefer to be served by young pretty girls – we may have put on a suit and sit in a skyscraper but biologically we are no different from cavemen (or cave women) – evolutions simply hasn’t caught up.

    As men make up the majority of business class passengers he is simply catering to his target market.

  72. Forget about the age issues… Is the overall American service really better than the ME carriers ?

    Yes the truth hurts, especially when it comes from a man who knows what he is doing, true he can be rude, sarcastic, but he can afford to.

  73. While it might not politically correct, he certainly has a point.
    I simply don’t understand why American airlines constantly go the extra mile not to provide any service and they get away with it.

  74. Hang on – so older equates to unfit?? Since when? My Dad is nearly 70 and still runs 16kms a day, does 200 push ups and pull ups etc.

    Bloody lot of ageist idiots on here. Older does not equate to unattractive or unfit all the time! There are many young unfit overweight people out there.

    I prefer my FA to be polite, smiley and helpful – what the HELL has looks got to do with skill? I don’t care if you’re younger or older – just be good at your job. These comments have angered me so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. We are all very familiar now with this narcissistic man and his ridiculous utterings and although I can accept that Qatar’s flight crew are some of the most pleasant, hard-working and youthful in the sky, his claim of “wide seats and plenty of legroom” is totally wrong. Economy seating in the economy cabins of Qatar Airway’s Dreamliner is the most uncomfortable experience imaginable. I understand that the manufacturer suggests a maximum of 8 seats across whereas Qatar have squeezed in 9 – not even the services of an attractive and attentive young FA can distract or alleviate from the discomfort and misery of being jammed into the rear cabin of Qatar’s aircraft.

  76. I think that Grand Moff Tarkin, I mean Akbar Al Baker might be wise to realize that he may be on top of the Airline world now, but the airline is wholly owned by the government and more than one occasion there has been evidence that they are heavily subsidized by the Qatari government, including allegations from both Delta and American. This combined with the draconian work contracts including pregnancy clauses as well as the requirement to notify if you wish to marry, should make Americans, and people who believe in freedom think twice about giving them their business. I don’t care if they have a flying Igloo with a dog track and ski hill inside where they will allow you to hold the next World Cup Downhill, the fact is they have a reputation for repressive work environment and less than responsive management team.

    Perhaps the legacy carriers in the US would have younger workers as well if we trampled on workers rights like reproductive freedom, just to name one. Perhaps we have older employees because we value our employees knowledge base, and experience, not just the figure in a suit, or smile on the face. United, American and Delta have senior crew because there is some loyalty, and something called workers rights. Perhaps if you looked as his comments the same way, and consider them less from a fan boy perspective and more from an informed human being perspective you would see his misogynist ageist statements for what they are. A Fascist does not always lead a country, but sometimes he works for one. His reprehensible remarks should be noted for what they are not brushed aside because his position as CEO of the “Best airline in the world” lets him get away with it.

    We vote every day with our wallet, so vote against this sort of close minded thinking. Choose a different airline.

  77. I may not agree with everything the CEO said however I am tired of all the Damm PC BS in this country and note that he at least had the balls to say what he felt. As far as the American carriers go they need to implement a height and weight restriction for safety reasons. I did not say age restriction for all you haters out there

  78. “He may be politically incorrect but he’s not wrong.”

    This was in fact my observation last year when flying Delta LAX-SYD. The motivation level seemed unusually low for Delta, and I somehow ascribed that to the average age of the flight attendants appearing to be at minimum 65. Just saying, not hating.

  79. @Kurt: But do you mind? I don’t. I had older AA FAs that treated me like I’m at home and made it a great flight. I had to chuckle when she asked “Do you want some ice cream, young man?” Still great service though.

  80. People forget history. Years ago there were only female flight attendants. They went through a rigorous interview, which consisted of extensive beauty evaluations–their figure, weight, teeth, hair color, pose, their walk, you name it. And, they knew their career was over at age thirty! That was fact.
    Finally, either by a lawsuit or other pressure, women were not fired any longer because they happened to have another birthday. We came a long way! Eventually, men were allowed to become flight attendants, too.
    It’s appalling that now someone from a foreign country is introducing the macho, sexist viewpoint going backward fifty+ years. I say he needs to walk, or fly, in the flight attendants shoes!

  81. The longer the flight the more they get paid. Flight attendants that work a flight from LAX to Sydney or Hong Kong have earned their stripes . Who would you rather have assist you in the event of an emergency ? A 70 yr old who has flown for 40 years or a 26 yr old child who is busy updating her facebook status inflight and taking selfies ?

    I will be boycotting the 2022 Qatar World Cup . Who’s with me ?

  82. Let see to all those who have posted rude condescending comments about the flight attendants….How would you like to be evaluated on your job not by the quality of your work but on your age and weight? Heck if you feel that there must be a severe dress code and weight…what about the passengers needing a dress code and weight restrictions (it does use more fuel so it cost more) Maybe passenger should pay by weight

  83. What if he said he only hired young gays or lesbians at QR?
    Would all the snowflakes complain?

  84. I hate to say it but he is spot on….all the Asian carriers probably have young, capable and motivated FA’s as well. It isn’t an ME versus US thing. Although I must admit that my first Transatlantic trip a good while back on a now defunct US airline reminded me of an episode of the Golden Girls and that the width of isle was just as equally geared to zimmer frame width as food and beverage cart width (just kidding on the latter but they were all seriously senior)

  85. Hmm,well old or young ,as long as they look presentable,and excellent hospitality service is what counts for me,ya but I love Qatar airways;)

  86. I think he is spot on. The doddering old grandmothers US air lines employ are so very often hapless, inefficient, and seemingly pissy they’re still flying rather than enjoying retirement . For sure, there are some brilliant ones – but by and large I 100% agree with him.

  87. I don’t make too many comments here, but this time I will. I fly to Asia quite often and the flight attendants on the Asian airlines ARE beautiful. AND they are for the most part quite personable. The eye candy feature is a bonus. I am tired of looking at so many fat-ass overweight US carriers’ female flight attendants. UGH !!

    AND, the food on the foreign carriers is to truly appreciate. And served with good dishes with metal cutlery too. USA airlines (Delta, American & United in particular) win hands down in low quality food with their plastic picnicware. For those of us old enough to remember, their meals remind me of lunch counter food at an F.W. Woolworth’s !!

    Without a doubt, the best food and most attractive girls are on Japan Airlines (JAL). And their economy seats are wider with excellent leg room compared to the casket size seating room given to us economy flyers on AA, DL, & UA. JAL tickets are a function of the Yen exchange rate, so I don’t mind paying more for one of their tickets…. the extra benefits are well worth the higher cost.

  88. Honestly I don’t mind the eye candy on ME and Asian airlines. Despite their youth, I’ve always received good service from them, I was attended to well beyond what I felt would have been reasonable, and they are always just pleasant to have small talk with. Hell I can even do playful banter with them, such as on Emirates first class when they ask me “would I like a date and Arabic coffee”?, to which I can jokingly respond (assuming a female flight attendant) with “sure I’ll go on a date with you”. Always breaks the ice and gets them smiling and giggling. I could never imaging that reaction with a flight attendant on US airlines.

    Anyway, here is my ideal of flight attendants:

    One day I have to fly on VietJet lol.

  89. The range of responses from the guys who appear to hate women over age 30 is pretty interesting. I’m seeing lots of projection and defensiveness, but expressed in a lot of different ways. Seems like an unpleasant way to live life.

  90. While being a flyer for over 50 yrs, I have seen many changes, and not always good. FA’s are overworked and stressed to the max. You never know who will cause a problem on a flt today. Everyone is looking out for their job. Years ago FA’s were required to be attractive, well mannered and SINGLE. It started that way as most ppl flying were men on business trips. Each airline wanted the prettiest women and best service to attract customers.
    Fast forward to the new millennium. Everyone, well almost everyone tends to fly now. Adults & kids alike. We no longer respect each other it seems. Even though these FA’s are in the service industry, they are not just waiting on you. They are babysitters, psychiatrist, doctor, police and in some cases judges and referees. Everyone, passenger ,pilot and FA should be treated with respect and I think things would go much better. But shoving us in like cattle is not helping. Try calming 300 ppl on a hot tarmac on a delayed flt. Not an easy job.
    As far as the weight issue, America’s girth has widened across the board. How may out there commenting are a good weight with a perfect BMI?
    Sure pretty women and men are a joy to look at but do they handle the job better, more competent? Doubtful.

  91. Just a few highly personal thoughts.

    I’m 55 and although I think the concerns about the fitness of older FAs in an emergency is very valid (I often think the same about the cops I see at donut shops), I actually enjoy interacting with them more than I do with the younger FAs, probably because we’re broadly of the same generation and seem to ‘get’ each other. It’s true that some are jaded and prickly, but that hasn’t been my consistent experience. The best service I ever had was on AA in First GIG-MIA last year, from an American (ie, US citizen) FA about my age. She was professional and funny and responsive, and not the least robotic.

    Also, and maybe this is because I’m gay and not likely to get all stirred up by a pretty female face and manner, but I find the overly solicitous service on some foreign carriers intrusive and irritating. I don’t like being fawned over or faux-flattered, I just want efficient, competent service. And since we’re all dealing in broad generalizations, I’d add that probably the worst FAs I’ve experienced are the gay male divas, of any age. One on UA (what a surprise) actually slapped me once, playfully I suppose (???) but all I can say is if you saw a picture of me, playful slapping would generally not come to mind.

  92. I can’t believe all of the ignorant generalizations being made about age and service. Some of the very best flight attendants are the oldest with the most experience. They are enjoying the last years of their careers, flying the best routes (48-hour layovers in Venice), for the highest pay, working part-time (5-12-days a month) to keep full-time benefits, while drawing social security at the same time, knowing they can retire at any time and draw on their lucrative pension (frozen for most back in 2006 during bankruptcies, but still paying out a lucrative $65 per year of service a month–up to $30,000 or more a year for those at the very top). These men and women have that glow that comes with being happy and in a very good place in life, and have the knowledge, dedication and passion to serve the elite-tier of passengers in international business class who are paying up to $8,000 or more one way. That’s likely why many here don’t recognize these flight attendants–you simply never see them. You’re the perv in the back ogling the 23-year-old new-hire, who’s texting her friends in the galley how you shouldn’t be allowed to wear flip flops in public.

  93. @Brad

    I am surprised you assume followers of this blog are such an inexperienced bunch that “never see these fabulous flight attendants serving these ultra expensive premium cabins”. You think so, ha? Really?? I bet there is no shortage of highly experience travelers on this blog that have plenty of first hand experiences with a large number of airlines including their premium cabins. I happen to be one of them.

    There is a reason why US airlines are consistently rated among the worse in the airline industry. This applies to most hard products as well as service delivered by flight attendants. I would extend this to most of our airport lounges and their staff as well overall airport experience. And anybody with eyes to know that these flights attendants, on average, happen to be overweight unionized senior citizens. This is not an opinion. It is a fact.

    You may dispute that there is any correlation between these facts and the level of customer service these flight attendants render. I remember a warm old lady who raised me. She was my grandma. She may have been slower, less agile, but she made it up in many other ways.
    Air New Zealand flight attendants, for example, are an older bunch too. Yet their service is typically a far cry from what their US counterparts offer. Their ATTITUDE is completely different. So I seriously doubt the issue this CEO brought up is not so much literally the age but a whole lot more. He just expressed himself in a way that is not considered PC in the western world and highly offensive to liberals that dominate in certain locales. But, in my humble opinion, there is plenty of truth in it.

  94. I just had an older cabin crew on CX and they were excellent. That being said i find american cabin crews to be quite lousy at customer service.

  95. Reminding everyone that statistically it has been grandma aged flight attendants who saved passengers by effectively managing an evacuation when USAir went into the Hudson River. It was a grandma aged flight attendant who reported the 9/11 terrorists accurately to dispatch which saved other flights and passengers. Another grannie discovered the shoe bomber and saved that entire flight. The list goes on.
    Grow up you entitled males who are still living in some decade long gone except in your tiny — brains.

  96. OMG! The comments here! I am clutching my pearls and passing out!

    Such divisive dialogue, so intolerant. Does it not resonate with the disenfranchised, adipose challenged FA’s as bigoted, misogynistic hate speech? Despite paying top dollar for first or business class shouldn’t we above all be rernewable, sustainable, carbon neutral, vegan and gluten free in our discourse? Coexist for wellness! Pfffffft!

    It’s a service – I vote for pretty, young, non-fat and pleasant, non-entitled attitudes…. basically – non-US carrier FAs. That CEO maybe non-PC but he’s absolutely freaking correct.

    After all, “it’s for the children, our future!”

  97. Fact – you will have to try really really hard to find a western european/american/australian et al ‘stewardess’ working for Qatar around the ‘average age of 26’. All these BS claims that ‘oh they LOVE to serve passengers at QR’. Please. 90% of them hail from India/Bangladesh/far east/eastern europe/ukraine. Most have ended up at QR as a LAST RESORT after being rejected by the carriers that have a better employment reputation in the UAE (EK and EY). Have a look at the number of western european/australian/americans ‘first world’ employees working for the others. They wouldn’t stay five minutes at QR as the ‘regime’ is so severe. Curfews on time to be back home every night. Monitoring down route. Sent home if you become pregnant. Yes, they are smiley and helpful on board….BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO BE. They are economic migrants that need to keep their job. End of.

    ‘Qatar is the number one airline in the world’. By Skytrax rankings maybe. And that’s not from the making of their CEO, believe me. Anyone could run an airline in one of the richest nations in the world, throw a sh*t load of money at it and make it ‘number one’. But for how long? Where is its ranking in terms of profitability? Social responsibility?

    Emirates was number one last year…

  98. That is funny. Same goes for BA. The problem is the older FAs have more problems remembering names, which seat number they’re bringing a special meal to, etc. Plus the less recent training shows up in a lack of uniformity of service. And I also attribute BA’s poor labour relations to their older FAs. You should try flying Cebu Pacific – average age of their FAs seems closer to 20. They probably have one of the lowest FA wage bills in the industry, yet their staff are probably well paid by PH standards.

  99. Surprisingly workers don’t exist for your sexual pleasure and some of the comments on here have to be the most tasteless and classless comments I have ever read. It just goes to show you can afford to move up to first class without any actual dignity or class yourself.

  100. I remember the BA review were you commented on the cabin crew member for both her age and looks? Why the fake outrage now?

  101. @Henry Young – That’s probably true about the ages of Cebu Pacific FAs, and yet, I’ve seen them deliver quality service, not just to me but to all passengers. They also seemed to really love their jobs. Heck even PAL they were pretty young but excellent FAs.
    I love all these PC commenters pouting that the old FAs are being dismissed because of their age, while dissing young attractive FAs for the very same reasons – their ages lol.

  102. Henry Young do you live under a rock?

    The NEW HIRE flight attendants (the young pretty ones) at BA are striking for 28 days out of this month.

    Why is that? It’s not because they are feeling all delightful to serve and motivated in their jobs.

    People have to take into account the completely different ideas of what is considered ‘culturally acceptable’ in different parts of the world. The west has moved forward. It was only ten years ago that BA crew had to have mandatory retirement at 55. This is still the case in much of asia (or earlier).

    The western countries also fare differently from the far/mid east when trying to recruit young and cheap.

    Pay a bunch of young people peanuts and work them to the bone and all you will get (in the west) and you’ll get monkeys. You get zero loyalty, a ‘i’m here for a good time not a long time’ mentality and lots of trouble. This is what BA have found with their new hires. They aren’t really that bothered if they get the sack for getting into mischief down route of for telling a customer to ‘f— off’. The older staff have far far more to lose.

  103. If the older staff in the US has so much to loose how come they tend to deliver the crapiest service in the sky?

  104. sean a, no one here talked about using FAs for sexual pleasure, except you far left misandrist feminists who want to criminalize ALL male sexuality such as yourself. Nice try, but you epic fail there. In all the decades I have been flying, while I’ve seen passengers rude and disrespectful to flight attendants, even a physical assault, I’ve yet witnessed a case of a male passenger attempting to harass or sexually assault a female flight attendant.
    And if a female flight attendant wants to get more acquainted with a passenger after a flight, that is none of your damned business lol.

    Folks, this here is why so many parts of the world are pushing back against western values.

  105. Dear Duck Ling (your real name I presume) – I may not live under a rock, but I certainly avoid BA at all costs and have done for 25 years, except in extreme cases where I simply can’t get those Avios to spend themselves. I am aware of the strike (I guess the novelty of union representation didn’t wear off yet), and think it’s hilarious that BA customers will be seeing Qatar’s regional product which is superior to BA’s long haul offering. Regarding mandatory retirement, sure policies differ around the world. You may be aware for example that SQ FA’s are retired upon their second uniform size-up. Stick that in your PC pipe and smoke it 😉 As another poster commented, Cebu Pacific’s 20 somethings do a great job, but of course in PH most front line service staff get to work for 6 months only before being shuffled off contract for reasons of labour legislation in PH. Of the joys of a virtually unlimited workforce and low wages (relative to many other countries).

  106. To me it’s less about age than it is about enforcing standards and requiring staff to uphold the airline’s brand image and have a little bit of pride in what they do.

    Go somewhere like Frankfurt and watch a Lufthansa crew walk by. Many of their longhaul crews are equally as senior as those on American or United, but you’ll see spit-polished shoes, salon-quality hair, freshly pressed uniforms and professional attitude. Then watch as the American or United crew comes in behind them. Uncombed hair, wrinkled ill-fitting uniforms, scuffed shoes; generally a bunch of disheveled messes waddling through the terminal.

    Al-Baker didn’t say it tactfully, but his underlying point is valid – senior crews on the US3 often feel no compulsion to provide high-quality service, as they know their seniority shields them from any consequences if they don’t. You wind up with a bunch of clock-punchers on the most premium routes, doing only the bare minimum. Many of them simply don’t care, and the airlines have no power to make them care.

  107. Henry Young i’m sure BA are not missing you. They seem to be doing A-ok with the passengers they are attracting and are raking it in by the billions I believe. How are SQ’s finances doing btw? CX’s? Dare I ask -PAL’s? All that ‘virtually unlimited workforce and low wages’ does not seem to be quite cutting it for them these days does it? So where will the next cuts come from to reverse their ill fortunes? It’s not like they can pay their staff much less than they do.

    I absolutely believe that having uniform standards, taking pride in the way you look and treating those as you’d like your mother to be treated are essential to a customer facing role. Your age is not. And if that makes me ‘PC’ I shall happily puff away on that pipe you mention. In fact the BEST in flight experiences I seem to have is when there is a healthy mix of older and younger crew. One seems to get a more efficient and calmer service from the more experienced crew whilst the younger inject a dose of enthusiasm and youthfulness. Perfect combination.

  108. I’m going to guess Emirates4Ever that you neither understand “Western values” (the very ones you complain about) nor the irony in having your name being for an airline in a Muslim majority country run by an autocratic Emir.

  109. God help me if I ever have to be a seatmate to some of the leering, sexist pigs who came out of the woodwork on this thread.

    And god help any of the women (and men) who certainly have to deal with your harassment and gross behavior on a daily basis.

    I have female and male relatives who work as pilots and cabin crew. They are all professionals who are there to keep you safe and make sure you have as pleasant a flight as possible. Do they have bad days? Absolutely. Does your dirty old man stare make it better? Absolutely not.

    They aren’t there for your visual sexual edification.

    Go away.

  110. So Al Baker’s only thinking of MEN who fly and about how they’ll appreciate his 26 y.o. flight attendants. So sexist. Women pay good money to fly but he doesn’t even consider that.

  111. Since when did age and attractiveness become a factor when it comes to being a flight attendant? To some of the commentators who feel that a person working a job should be “easy on the eyes”, my guess is you probably have a job as well and I hope your clients, customers, etc can deem you “pleasant to look at”. It’s always easier to point the finger at someone else, but be exempt from the rule right?

    Working as a flight attendant I can assure you grumps and bad attitudes come in all ages and appearances. The whole younger is more willing to learn , motivated, and capable of assisting in emergencies is such bs. I’ve worked with plenty of lazy people who are in their early 20s, and being in my 20s myself I can say I’ve at times felt my older coworkers are more capable than I am in terms of experience and even physical fitness.
    Perhaps sometimes people project different behavior in age because we live in an ageist society. An older person who is aloof could be precieved as grumpy or lazy and a younger person is just shy or made an honest mistake.

  112. Age & attractiveness have been around for a long, long time Dear. In the 1960s & 70s they WERE a requirement on US carriers. Today, not so much. Except on the foreign carriers. With them, IT IS a requirement to be young & attractive. Ugly, old (>30) and/or fat girls need not apply. You should see some of the ads for new FAs in the foreign newspapers. These ads would never get printed in a USA newspaper with all the USA discrimination laws and regulations. The probability of foreign carriers hiring an American Caucasian FA is pretty close to zero…..

  113. LOL Sean S I know more about Western culture, non-western cultures, and the web of cross-cultural dynamics in my pinkie finger than you will ever know in ten lifetimes. And I can claim there is a big pushback and resistance against your raving leftist/feminist man-hating social justice “western values” all over the non western world. In short, the men there don’t want to be self-hating males and the women there like being found attractive by men. It’s you who are clueless about the outside world of your dogma. The UAE is hell of a lot less repressive than you leftists. LOL

    Some of you here hating men for enjoying being around attractive women, well, you should worry about women assaulting you – and practically getting away with it.

  114. Wow !! How come a Heidi girl never sits NEXT TO ME on a plane ?? Ha !! I certainly wouldn’t complain !! Hubba-Hubba !!!!!!!!!! Malibog kaba ?? (Tagalog)

  115. @ James
    “Age & attractiveness have been around for a long, long time Dear. In the 1960s & 70s they WERE a requirement on US carriers. Today, not so much. Except on the foreign carriers. With them, IT IS a requirement to be young & attractive. Ugly, old (>30) and/or fat girls need not apply. ”

    Lol – Agree. Here in the State of Kalifornia, old, ugly and fat (as well as bad attitude) is a requirement to work for the government.

  116. I hope @James and the rest of the creeps up thread aren’t in any position of power over any of their coworkers or fellow employees.

    He is clearly the kind of dirty old man who wouldn’t think twice about hiring and firing women (who he calls “girls”) based on their physical appearance and age (“>30” is apparently “old” to him).

    And I’m sure he pines for (or is deluded enough to think he still lives in) the days where he could rape his secretary (hired only because he finds her attractive) and get away with it.

  117. @REED
    Oh my heavens! You sound ever so disenchfranchised by the intolerant comments the aesthetically adaptive American FAs (translated non PC speak: old, fat and ugly)

    @Emirates4Ever and James:

    RIGHT ON! Tired of all this anti-man, PC crap – time for American men to take their pair back and keep them away from the hairy legged, Birkenstock wearing, fat uggos.

  118. I’m not disenfranchised, dude, I’m a man who doesn’t have to deal with the gross sexual stares from creeps like you. But I work with and am of course related to a lot of women, and they have ALL had to deal with harassment from Neanderthals that think women’s only value in the service sector is to be a walking certerfold.

    Go back to the last century where you belong, or better yet, go live in Qatar where horny old men dominate society and it’s much more accepted to treat women as sexual playthings and possessions. You’ll be right at home.

  119. So sad that this generation of American “man” has been emasculated into what exactly what the progressive feminists want: cute hipsters.

    You can stop wringing your effeminate little hands, unclutch your pearls and move to NoCal after you tearfully leave mom’s house at age 39.

  120. If your definition of “emasculated” is “doesn’t want to sexually harass all the young women I see” then that definition is fine by me.

    I don’t live with my parents, nor do I live in California, and I’m much younger than 39. Sorry you’re so old that the concept of feminism is such a threat to your psyche.

    I am sure, however, that I have a lot better relationships with the women in my life than you do.

  121. Surprising how many folks here feel offended that male passengers prefer to be served by young, attractive and smiling cabin crew instead of old, grumpy ones. These are the folkscwho consider that complimenting a woman on her nice smile is a sexist comment. Time to get REAL!

  122. Just FYI, more than half of the population in the US is fed up with this PC speak. We are fed up with the leftist agenda. We are fed up with this man-hating feminization of the society. And time has come to speak up and let these virtue signaling hypocrites know they are neither a majority nor do they hold a moral high ground.

  123. No, but I sure am glad that I’m never going to be a leering, predatory harasser like you, James, and the other creeps up thread.

    And I love that after your repeated assertions about how much you wish to be only surrounded by beautiful, sexually servile women (on aircraft, in the office, and apparently everywhere else), instead of denying it, you can defend your sexist attitude by calling others… women. In your mind, being a woman is actually the biggest insult of all. That says it all.

    Guess what? The rest of us, who aren’t creepy weirdos, can actually have fulfilling professional and personal relationships with women, when we treat them as equals, whether as friends, employees, clients, coworkers, girlfriends, partners, or wives.

    Unlike you, we don’t have to fork over thousands of dollars to strip clubs, hooters restaurants, and Qatari to buy female attention and fill a hole in our empty, lonely lives.

  124. @REED

    LoL! Wow – pretty worked up are we? Suggest you have a caffine free latte and a light vegan, gluten free snack joined by one of those wonderful female relationships in your life.

    Me? Am I a creepy weirdo because I prefer relationships with women who are youthful, beautiful and servile? Mea freaking Culpa!

    No, I don’t defend my sexist attitude: I embrace it – ergo the digusting types of objectified albiet young and beautiful women I do involve myself with. Sorry but attractive, fun loving women are not the exclusive domain of strip clubs or Qatar. I’m not kidding here.

    It’s no wonder you think so if your circle of female relationships are granola grazing feministas.

    Aren’t you frustrated getting relegated to the friend zone every time you actually stumble and bumble into truly attractive FEMININE woman?

    TipReed: hot chicks don’t want relationships with pussified men. – spot an attractive female, ditch the elitist male bashing persona for a moment and fake like a real male… (just little goes a long way). You might surprise yourself. Good luck Reed.

  125. Yep, I get worked up by gross, sexist creeps like you. People like you give all men a bad reputation, and there are far too many of you in the world – in our workplaces, and our schools, and businesses, and on our aircraft – making all of our lives worse.

    The most frustrating part is that your addled mind *can’t even recognize* how horrible you’re being.

    “Am I a creepy weirdo because I prefer relationships with women who are youthful, beautiful and servile?”
    YES, you are a creepy weirdo. What, do you dispose of your concubines once they reach 30 and quit making you sandwiches on demand?

    You hate women. It’s clear. You’re obsessed with their bodies and how they can make you feel good. But its obvious from the way you talk about women that you barely view them as people, and if you don’t perceive them as a potential sexual target, they disgust you.

    Jesus Christ.

  126. What kind of crapola reply is this Reed? Please go back to your house, close all the doors and windows, shutter all the shades and curtains, and remove yourself from the presence of all men…..

  127. James, if you think “all men” are predatory creeps like you and the others up thread, you’re seriously mistaken. But that’s part of the disease you guys have – a blind arrogance about how you think you’re such hot stuff, that women must just fall all over themselves to be around, and how your gross attitude about the world must be “normal” (far from it). Guess what? Most people, and virtually all women, find the sexist, boorish behavior you display to be pretty disgusting. But when you’re often the paying customer, they usually have to put up with it and grin through their teeth while you leer and grope at them. You’re blind to that. Open your eyes some time, zip up your pants, and maybe realize that women – especially those in serious service industries like flight crew – are actual people with jobs and lives, and not playthings there for your tittilation.

  128. James… you seem to be a classic dirty old man who I hope nobody here will never have to deal with in public, let alone on a plane. I know plenty of men like you – thankfully you’re the minority, completely deluded into thinking you’re behavior is acceptable to women (it’s not). And your continual hatred and disposal of women who longer arouse you will soon catch up to you… I’ve seen plenty of guys like you eventually destroy all the female relationships they have, crash through multiple divorces, and eventually end up so undesirable to anyone that your only recourse is to pay for the attention you desire. I feel sorry for you… but only a little bit.

  129. According to an international labour organization report (2015):
    ‘Qatar Airways female employees are no longer automatically fired for becoming pregnant however other restrictions in place include a ban on females being driven by male friends and a night time curfew at their mandatory accommodation even on their days off.

    There is a bar on marriage during the first three years. Following this period permission to get married is at the discretion of the airline management. Female employees are prohibited to enter their accommodation with a man that is not their father, brother or husband if marriage is approved’.

    It’s no wonder they cannot wait to get on the jets and fly away and serve.

  130. Selling your airline by bashing another…catch that tail Akbar. You’re just a slave to those paying your salary. Most airlines can hire and employ mostly natives, QR can’t.

  131. Amazing and stupid remarks here about women who have a job at an older age. Let’s see, women are passengers in those airplanes too, should they be asking for hot young dudes as FA’s instead of women? And maybe the pilots need to be young and hot too. Who cares about experience, or the right to continue to work a job after the age of 30. You want all those older women to lose their jobs? Really disgusting. When I see them on an airplane, it makes me happy that they are in a fairer workplace. They had to work hard to get the right to be employed at older ages. Why can’t we apply those same standards to everyone, regardless of gender and just off the people who have the lack of consideration to age in place, or in fact continue to live.

    There are more mean and stupid people in this world than I ever realized. Those are the ones that need to disappear.

    How many of those hot young FA’s would even look at the male chauvinists who posted on here?

  132. Binyamin stop being a douche, the dude has a point. I already had two grand mothers, they were kind and nice to me. Never refused to serve me the whole can of soda or more pretzels, never gave me the worst seat in the house. These old hags are scary, they make me misrable, as if flying wasn’t bad enough. Remember the good old days when flying was fun, and being a Stewardess was not a “Profession”? Oh wait, you don’t remember!

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