Park Hyatts make me love hotel points

Let’s be honest, accruing miles and points can be a bit of a pain sometimes if you’re an addict. For example, all the torturous domestic redeye flights I take with the sole intention of earning miles suddenly become worth it when I find myself in Cathay Pacific first class headed somewhere warm.

Similarly, I’ve done a countless number of hotel “mattress runs” over the years, and while they’re hardly “painful,” they do still require quite a bit of effort. And similar to redeeming miles for first class on a premium airline, Park Hyatt stays make earning hotel points so rewarding.

This past weekend I stayed at the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, and had a flawless stay. I’m a pretty tough critic when it comes to hotels (many call it whining, I call it sharing the positives and negatives), though I don’t think there’s a mainstream chain that delivers as consistently as Park Hyatts. And my favorite thing about the chain is how unique each property is. The only thing they have in common is a modern decor and consistent treatment and benefits, while each property is unique and local.

I’ve stayed at the Park Hyatts in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Istanbul, Melbourne, Mendoza, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo, and just about each stay has been as close to flawless as possible.

And my stay this past weekend at the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires (a category five property for which I redeemed 18,000 Gold Passport points per night) may just have been one of my favorites.

The hotel itself is stunning, with both a historic wing and a contemporary wing, which are separated by a beautiful courtyard and an underground walkway (which in reality is an art gallery).

Historic wing lobby

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires courtyard

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires courtyard

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires pool

The rooms were stunning. The service was spectacular (including housekeeping!). And the hotel was even super generous with Diamond benefits. You could have breakfast in either of their restaurants or via room service with no limits (at least not any they mentioned).

8AM check-in? No problem. 8PM check-out due to a late flight? No problem (though in fairness they weren’t totally full and I had no expectation of this, as I’ve never had a hotel be so generous before).

I hate to say it, but I think hotels are giving me my new points redemption “highs.” Redeeming points for Park Hyatts makes me just as excited as snagging a Lufthansa first class award ticket.

The other funny thing about Park Hyatts is that with every stay at one I’m reminded why Gold Passport is my favorite hotel loyalty program. Hyatt is lacking in terms of the number of properties they have (though they’re growing quickly), but they more than make up for it with their reasonable redemption rates at some of the world’s most aspirational properties.

I love other programs for the ability to convert points into miles or for mid-tier property redemptions, but I think Hyatt is the winner by far for high end redemptions.

Don’t change a thing, Gold Passport (actually, if you’d like to introduce cash & points, allow suite upgrades to be used on award stays, and count award stays towards elite status I wouldn’t mind, but other than that…). šŸ˜‰

Anyone else as addicted to Park Hyatts as I am?

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  1. Yes…. it’s a little sad, but I try to plan my vacations in places where there are Park Hyatts! I get a little upset when there is only a grand or regency to choose from šŸ™‚

  2. Regarding PH and Gold Passport I couldn’t agree with you more! Have you ever had any success in getting a Diamond status challenge a second time by signing up for another Gold Passport number and then requesting the match? Going to the Park Hyatt Paris this summer and would love the breakfast benefit that the Diamond status offers.

  3. @ runnergirl — The policy is one match per person. Then again if you make a new account and use a different address or slightly different name, chances are you’ll be able to get away with it. Not necessarily ethical, but I believe that’s how it works.

  4. there are limits to the room service BF.
    I tried ordering an extra omelette to test it out and was billed for it.

    The suites are great here.

    I also had my iPhone cables tied up like that

    Try the French onion soup at Piano Nobile restaurant in the hotel. It’s incredible.

  5. Did you see anyone from The Cure? I am guessing they were staying there, since there were fans standing in front of the hotel.

  6. Park Hyatt’s are AWESOME !!!
    with one exception, stayed twice very disappointed at the Park Hyatt Hamburg.

  7. Now just to get Hyatt to give Lifetime status on nights/award nights and not just for base points…but I do love me some Park Hyatt.

  8. I love Park Hyatt and Gold Passport used to be my favorite, but Total Rewards by Caesars blows Gold Passport out of the water. I mean its not even close. Granted its a different type of program and they only have about 45 properties, but this summer we should be able to redeem at properties outside the program.

    The best thing is that I never have to use my points for my suites – so I use them for food and beverage at great restaurants like Gordon Ramsay Steak and Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.

    My last comped room at Rio was fantastic and when I called my host to ask for a rollaway for my friend, she responded by opening up the second bedroom (the connecting room) to my suite which also added a 4th and 5th flat screen TV, and a second in-room Jacuzzi.

    I’m actually writing this response from a fantastic suite I was comped at Harrah’s Rincon in San Diego where they also gave me 6,500 points (can be redeemed for $65 worth of room/merchandise/food&beverage/show tickets) for my birthday.

  9. I plan on doing a Park Hyatt “tour” this fall, with trips to the Park Hyatts in Toronto, Paris, Milan, Zurich and Tokyo.

  10. I agree with you on the PH BsAs. Didn’t stay in it myself but was in and around rooms during Cow Do years ago and it was one of the focus points for me trying Hyatt.

  11. “The only thing they have in common is a modern decor…”

    Well I love the SERVICE at the PH Aviara but it ain’t modern. But then that’s because it’s a converted Four Seasons (that was ready for an update).

  12. I think I’m the only one who has reviewed more PHs than you have. šŸ˜‰ Yes, I love them–by far my favorite chain!

  13. They certainly look very impressive with very reasonable award rates, but it looks like you get quite a bit of value being a Diamond member. How would lowly Platinums fare at the same hotels?

  14. Ughhhh, stayed at the BA Park Hyatt a week ago for 5 nights in the Palace side, was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!! 2 free nights with the CC plus 18k each night in addition, no brainer!!!! $850 rack rate currently…

  15. I’ve only stayed at Park Hyatt Paris, and it was the best Diamond breakfast I’ve ever had and most luxurious stay ever. How do US Park Hyatts compare? I’m looking at PH Aviara but doesnt look half as nice as international PHs

  16. Am at Park Hyatt Tokyo at the moment and Im loving it! The service is immaculate! I used to be a Diamond HHonors member, but since the devaluation, I decided to become Gold Passport member and asked them for a status challenge. I can tell you, I never looked back since then. Hyatt is the way to go!

  17. But Hyatt points are so difficult to obtain that is why I keep staying at Deltas( I meant Hiltons ). Can you suggest some ideas how to obtain point efficiently?

  18. A year or so I got upgraded to the Boudoir suite at the BA PH as a Diamond. Can’t beat free breakfast in a private open air courtyard internal to the room.

  19. The Shanhgai and Seoul properties are excellent. I find the Tokyo property dated and overrated but the service is great. Any plans to try Paris and Zurich locations?

  20. @ jorge — While it’s tough to earn points directly through Hyatt, I think Chase Ultimate Rewards points are among the easiest points currencies to quickly rack up nowadays, and they can be transferred at a 1:1 ratio to Hyatt.

  21. @ Jason — You get free internet either way as a Platinum, though it’s worth noting that internet is free for all guests at this hotel. They hotel has a lot of deluxe king rooms, so you’d probably get upgraded to one as a Platinum member. Minus the breakfast should be an equally awesome experience.

  22. @ romsdeals — I actually haven’t done any US Park Hyatts. I doubt they’re quite as good as the top foreign ones, though are still excellent compared to most US properties.

  23. @ Nic — Ah, is that who they were? Noticed the fans standing outside, so was curious who it was.

  24. @ Lucky-the DC location is great, Blue Duck Tavern is a great restaurant too and a few years back was the place to be seen in DC. Haven’t stayed at Chicago, Beaver Creek or Aviara but the NYC location should be very nice.

  25. 1. Is Hyatt the best way to spend UR points in your view?

    2. If there were no such thing as Hyatt points would you still love Park Hyatt hotels enough to pay cash?

  26. Hey Lucky
    Will be staying at the Park Hyatt Ho Chi Min City later this year. I can get a corporate rate of $240 night plus tax. Or I can use 15,000 points per night. I’m leaning towards paying with cash and saving my Ultimate Rewards for airline tickets. Any thoughts? And have you stayed there?

  27. @ Jeff W — I value Hyatt points at 1.6 cents each, so 15,000 points are worth $240, making this breakeven. Therefore I’d book a paid stay since you’d be earning points and stay credit, and can use a Diamond suite upgrade (if you have any). Haven’t stayed at this property, but have heard good things.

  28. @ Dax — I’d say both United and Hyatt are great ways to spend Ultimate Rewards points. Depends on what you’re looking for, but I’m happy transferring points to either program.

    As far as whether I’d pay cash for Park Hyatts goes, I really can’t afford to spend $500+ a night for hotels, so unless it was a special occasion I probably wouldn’t. That makes me love the even more, since it’s one of the few high end brands at which you can efficiently redeem hotel points.

  29. Thanks Lucky. That’s what I was leaning towards. Don’t have Diamond status and won’t for this trip. Saving up to go for that (with a challenge) prior to a trip to Paris most likely as we’ll get more value at that property.

  30. Great pictures, really impressed with the lobby area / park, the room didn’t look that delicious, though!

    But come on – Hyatt has just over 20 properties in Europe (where I’m based) and very thin presence in SE Asia. That basically means I won’t even try them, because maintaining status would be way too difficult!

  31. After staying at Vendome 4 nights for free, I became a total PH addict. For example, summer family vacation to urumqi, china couldl include a layover in either hong kong or tokyo, so the kids can take in one more locale, and while the gh in hk is certainly a very nice property, I have decided on tokyo because I have to swim in the ph pool and enjoy a drink from the bar as I haven’t done that yet….

  32. Hi Lucky,

    Can Diamond members enjoy their benefits in a property stay that is redeemed by points?

  33. @ Pablo — Absolutely, all elite benefits apply, though you don’t earn stay credit on award stays.

  34. @ Travelista — Totally agree, that’s my main complaint with them. Fortunately they have lots of properties in the US, so maintaining status isn’t too tough for those of us in the States.

  35. No suite upgrades in free stays (other than the credit card) is the only thing holding me back. That’s when I want them most.

  36. @ Beachfan — And while that’s a valid point, for what it’s worth I’ve always been upgraded to a “deluxe” room at Park Hyatts, and in almost all cases they’ve been very nice.

    Also keep in mind that you can redeem points for a suite at just a 50% premium, which is the most reasonable upcharge for suites of any hotel chain.

    Lastly keep in mind that almost all Park Hyatts participate in Virtuoso/FHR, and in many cases offer a third or fourth night free. In many cases this makes them very reasonably priced on paid bookings as well when you factor in the added amenities, and then you can also apply a suite upgrade.

  37. I stayed at BA Park Hyatt in February, and I have to say that I thought the service was the best I have ever experienced anywhere. Love that hotel.

  38. We have stayed Park Hyatts a few times: Milan = great hotel/fantastic location & Melbourne = lovely/quiet/limited dining options. But neither beats the Grand Hyatt Singapore, one of our favourite hotels = fantastic staff, services and amazing dining options! For CHAIN hotels, we do prefer Mandarin Oriental.

  39. Agree this one looks great. Sadly they have extremely limited coverage in Europe (I think maybe just a couple in the UK) and no credit card over here so pretty much next to useless for earning points. Sadly (esp given the recent deval) Hilton have all the other programmes trumped for those of us over here.

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