(Good) mom-style housekeeping — love it or hate it?

I’m down in Bwenotth Ayretth Buenos Aires this weekend and am having an awesome time filled with four hour meals, cemeteries, and 60-foot plastic Jesus statues (more on all those shortly, I promise). I’m staying at the stunning Park Hyatt, which is easily one of my new favorite hotels. Park Hyatts simply never disappoint, and I love how they’re each so unique while delivering such a consistent experience.

But that’s not the point of this post. I’m traveling with a few friends, and got in a disagreement with one of them regarding hotel housekeeping. The level of housekeeping at this hotel is downright ridiculous. Not only do they service the rooms twice a day (as is the norm at luxury hotels), but they literally fold/hang all my clothes and place them either in a laundry basket or hang them up, place all my electronics where they should be, wrap all my cords, etc. While a lot of hotels do this in moderation, I’ve never stayed at a hotel that is as detail oriented with housekeeping as this place.

I love this. I’m a bit of a messy traveler, and when someone’s using an intuitive system to organize my stuff I sure am grateful for it. It drives one of my friends crazy, on the other hand, who doesn’t want anyone touching his stuff.

So I’m curious where you guys stand — do you love or hate when housekeeping gives you mom-style treatment?

And later today I’ll have a post about what was literally the most interesting tourist attraction I’ve visited. Ever.

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  1. Housekeeping should constrain itself to making the bed, vacuuming the floor and restocking the bathroom. Anything beyond that is unnecessary and borderline intrusive.

  2. I think American level of privacy is generally higher as compare to any other cultures out there (from my experience). I once traveled with a friend and spent a fortune on a hotel that only has 4 rooms and the service was very personal. Turned out she didn’t like it. She didn’t care about them engaging in a small conversation and just wanted to be left alone. It is the same as how many don’t care about First class and prefer Business class because they want to be left alone. However I am not raised in the US so I am totally comfortable having a mom-like treatment like this from strangers (as well as SQ F FA kneel down putting a slippers next to my feet)

  3. As Ben I’m also a bit of a messy traveler, and when someone’s using an intuitive system to organize my stuff I am too grateful, I wish someone would organise my cables here.

  4. I stayed at that hotel and thought their unsolicited gadget cord-wrapping was a bit intrusive. It’s also presumptuous of the hotel to assume I like my cables wrapped so tightly that they’re still kinked and bent after I unwrap them.

    Other than that, it’s very nice place to burn Hyatt award nights.

  5. Don’t touch my stuff. That’s all.

    Okay one more thing: Wrapping your apple cords that way will most definitely ruin them quite fast. So really…don’t touch my stuff.

  6. I am at a boutique hotel and returned to my room yesterday to find my Mac, iPad, and iPhone cables unplugged and wrapped. This only created more work for me. At least the hair dryer it is owned by the hotel but the Apple cord wraps were an intrusion.

  7. I could get along without the cord wrapping, but if they want to hang my clothes…. rock on.

  8. Did you go to the Jesus amusement park? I am from Buenos Aires and I can’t believe we have a them park like that.

  9. I’m fine with the level of service you had for the most part. I’m not sure I would want anyone touching my electronics/cords, though. I’m very particular with those.

  10. Personally I would either take the electronics and cords with me or lock them up and not leave them out.

    Twisting (especially tightly) the cord is not the greatest idea in the long run.

  11. Ben, I LOVE it. This was one of the things I highlighted in my written comments to the GM of the hotel and to Consumer Affairs. We Americans tend to be overly sensitive, I believe, to this level of attention. I’ve stayed in way too many NICE hotels where getting the bed made by 2pm was asking a lot. The housekeepers were lovely people…and they learn a guest’s preferences for such things quickly. We stayed for 8 nights. By the third, they’d figured out what we liked and didn’t like. I applaud them. God I miss that place.

  12. Do you really think that housekeeping washes their hands after cleaning the toilet and taking out the trash before they start handling your personal belongings?

    Not to mention that it looks like they are trying to destroy your cables. Cords should never be kinked like that.

  13. Just on the way home from 7 nights at Conrad Koh Samui and remarked to my wife about the exact same thing. At first I thought she had wrapped the cords. I love the attention to detail!

  14. You lost me at the “2 services” part and it went downhill from there. Being a late sleeper messes with housekeeping’s timing. I hate making a short trip out to the gym or breakfast and come back to find my room being serviced. As such, the DND sign stays on my door until almost noon.

    I’m organized and have MY system for MY things.
    An un-hung shirt is one that’s finished for this trip/needs washing. If it’s on the floor of the closet it’s there because that’s where I want it. Unworn items hang on the right side, worn (but “re-usable”) items hang on the left.

    I HATE wrapped cords. They tend to want to stay “curly” afterwards. Unplugging my cords would be asinine; how do they know I’m not running a long job during my absence ?

  15. I almost never allow housekeeping in my room when I am on business travel, and rarely when I am on vacation… it is a trust thing with me…

  16. What did you tip?

    I would either tip $10 each (cleaning / turndown), or perhaps $10 for the cleaning and $5 for turndown.

    I like having my clothes all neatened up and folded when I return to the room.

  17. Ben,I am glad you finally stay at this property,the hotel service is one of the best,we had a butler and she was telling us they will even buy ice cream from the malls around the corner for us.(Make sure you try their ice cream we eat their ice cream daily).
    After we got back from horseback riding, she took our shoes and have it clean and return back like new on a fancy shoe boxes.
    Btw, if you are still in the property,go one block to the left on the corner has excellent enpenada there.

  18. Do most of you like housekeeping staff to make the bed when you have all your stuff on it, such as worn clothes, paperwork, laptop etc…? I manage a family business motel and I do not touch the guests’ stuff and won’t make the bed if there are stuff on it. I had instances where the guests claimed their personal belongings went missing in the room. But some were nice enough to inform me later that they had found them. When I stay at a hotel more than one night, I always put the DOD sign outside to give them less work to do.

  19. Love it!

    Even at less expensive hotels, like a Renaissance in the US, I appreciate it when they take my toiletries and arrange them on a facecloth neatly.

  20. @ Globetrotter;

    I don’t leave stuff on the bed. If it was work papers spread out, then I’d say leave it, but if it was a shirt or something, please go ahead and make the bed. I’d be unhappy if one or two incidental items (newspaper, socks) were used as the reason not to make the bed.

  21. I’m not a big fan, especially when they organize ALL my stuff. I’m not usually traveling with anything personal anyway, but I do have valuables (like electronics) that I’m worried about getting stolen.

  22. Ben, I’ll be staying at the Park Hyatt in June. Did you take a cab from the airport, hire a car from Hyatt, or something else? Any tips would be great. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your report. Enjoy your stay!

  23. Well, this is maybe a bit overkill, but I like it. Thing is, like you show that she even folded your wires, this I don’t like. Just because this increases the risk of damaging the wire or connection.
    It has to be done properly. On the upside, in your case it was done like it should be.

    BTW: 2 times a day cleaning? I’ve never seen it. Only if I leave the card, they do it.
    In my case this would be really overkill, just because I leave the room at 9AM and come back at 11PM. I hope that they don’t clean between those hours 😀

  24. @Lucky Your mom cleaned your room twice a day? With service like that, I can’t imagine why you ever moved out. 😀

  25. @ Dima — Well it was really cleaning once a day and then turndown service, but the turndown service was more thorough than I’ve seen anywhere else. In additions to towels being replaced, all my clothes was folded, wires organized, etc.

  26. @ Mariana — See my most recent post. 😀

    @ Lark — I don’t think tips are expected given that this is a luxury hotel outside the US, though I’m leaving $5 a day.

  27. @ globe trotter — That’s a toughie, and it’s a case where you can’t please everyone. Personally I’d like them to make the bed either way as I often leave clothes on the bed, but I realize for others that’s not the case.

  28. I, too, am quite a messy person, so this is something that I appreciate. I will be staying at the PH in upcoming travel as well, and look forward to this. On a related note, though I am sure a room review is in the works, I’m curious as to whether you’d recommend booking a deluxe “terrace” room (which is what they put me in using 18k points) or “splurging” for a suite? Also, which of the two buildings are you in?

  29. @ Matt — I’m in a Park Deluxe King room and really like it. It’s not huge, but it’s beautifully decorated and well designed. If you plan on spending a good amount of time in your room I might splurge on a suite, as the deluxe rooms are a bit on the small side. I would probably do that next time if I were staying three or more days, though I think you won’t be disappointed either way.

  30. I was amazed when they bundled my cords and ironed my shirts while staying there. This is my favorite Park Hyatt and perhaps the most beautiful–I love the old building.

  31. I guess it all depends on your style. I prefer Cathay over Singapore for I find the service of Singapore overwhelming. And I guess it would be the same for this hotel.

    Personally I rent an apartment in Buenos Aires whenever I go (usually 1 week). They have very good luxury properties in the best neighborhoods.

  32. Way too intrusive for my taste. I often work in the room during the day and don’t mind if it’s serviced while I’m there, so I’ve seen housekeeping in action (unfortunately). I can assure you they go straight from cleaning the toilet (and probably several other toilets before mine) to making the bed without washing their hands. So I would not like them touching, let alone rearranging, my clothes and especially my toiletries. For that very reason, every morning after I get ready I put all my toiletries back in my hanging toiletry case and zip it up. It only takes a few seconds and is worth the peace of mind.

  33. I had the opportunity to stay at the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt last August and loved it. Diamond benefits, confirmed suite upgrade, the works. I’m a big fan of the housekeeping. That really is one of the details that puts the lux in the luxury of that place for me.

  34. I find it annoying. Stayed at the Hilton Sydney for a week and it got tiresome having to move my MacBook power adapter and other items back to the desk, unwrap the cords, and plug them in every day.

  35. I’m grateful for housekeeping to e o detailed….I think it adds a personal touch to their service. It makes me feel that they do care about what they do for the hotel guests.

  36. LOVE IT. At least you have all your items in 1-2 places. Maybe the purpose of this detail-oriented cleaning helps remind travelers of their items. I am sure people tend to lose their cords, headphoness, etc. I am sure most hotels have tons of cell phone chargers. Putting all the items in 1 spot is great if you have an early flight the next monrning.

  37. I had this type of service at Peninsula Chicago and actually liked it for a change as it is not my norm

  38. Depends – I had a disaster from too much service at the St Regis Monarch Beach. I went for a Spa appointment and the cleaning person came in to clean the room, re-arranging my electronics as well. In doing so, the person dropped and cracked the glass on my iPad. I came back to find the iPad broken and moved. After the formal complaint and review went through insurance they denied my claim because the cleaning person lied about it. I had to continue fighting with the hotel before being reimbursed for the replacement cost. Agree with what others have said about potentially ruining your cords with tight wrapping, unplugging charging electronics, etc. as well.

    The one thing I do appreciate is when they rearrange my toiletries to properly clean the bathroom – nothing to worry about there.

  39. The best rooms at the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires are the ones in the Palace. Service is stunning and I would have a hard time saying whether the Park Hyatt in Tokyo beats the one in Buenos Aires or the other way around: Whenever I returned from breakfast in BA, my suite was already done by housekeeping (including my cords). Loved it!

  40. I don’t want my computer equipment touched nor anything in the bathroom. I have poor vision without contacts and I need to know exactly where everything is when I get up in the middle of the night or am trying to take a shower without putting in the contacts. I convinced the Ritz-Carlton to not touch anything even when they want to feng-shui the bathrooms and mix up my husband’s and my stuff neatly on one side of the sink. It ruins my whole pattern.

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