Special LifeMiles Promo For OMAAT Readers – Buy Miles For 1.375 Cents Each!

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For the past week, the LifeMiles program has been offering a bonus on purchased miles. Their publicly available promotion offers up to a 125% bonus when you buy miles.

I’m happy to share that LifeMiles is once again offering a special increased bonus on purchased LifeMiles for readers of OMAAT. At each of the levels, OMAAT readers will receive an additional 15% bonus, meaning you can earn up to a 140% bonus on purchased miles.

Here’s what the bonus chart looks like for OMAAT readers who register:

LifeMiles ordinarily sells miles for ~3.3 cents each, so if you max out the promotion and buy miles with a 140% bonus, you’re paying just 1.375 cents per purchased mile, which is a fantastic value.

To take advantage of this offer you have to register on this page between September 6 and September 17, and then have to buy miles between September 7 and September 18, 2018.

You have to wait 24 hours from the time you register until you buy miles through the offer to get the better bonus. You should see the better bonus reflected on the purchase page once you’re eligible (only buy miles once you see the price you want).

I’d highly recommend registering now, and then you can always still decide if you want to take advantage of the promotion later.

Should you buy LifeMiles?

When it comes to redeeming LifeMiles, Avianca is in the Star Alliance, so check out the Star Alliance award chart for redemption rates. To give a few examples of one way premium cabin redemption rates (there are no fuel surcharges on any awards):

  • US to Europe in business class costs 63,000 miles
  • US to Europe in first class costs 87,000 miles
  • US to Southeast Asia in business class costs 78,000 miles
  • US to North Asia in first class costs 90,000 miles

With a specific use in mind, this promotion can be a great value, especially for first class travel on ANA or Asiana. ANA first class between the US and Japan for ~$1,240 one-way is a pretty darn good value, if you ask me.

Or business class between the US and Europe will just run you ~$865, which is an excellent value as well.

Everyone has to crunch the numbers for themselves and decide whether this makes sense or not.

The one catch is that LifeMiles doesn’t always have access to all the same space that other Star Alliance programs do. So you’ll want to do an online search to make sure the type of redemption you’re looking at is available. However, they have access to more space than in the past, so I don’t find this to be as big of an issue as it used to be.

Buying LifeMiles counts as airfare purchase

LifeMiles processes mileage purchases directly, meaning that buying miles with them qualifies as airfare spend. Therefore you’ll want to consider using one of the following cards for your purchase, since they offer the following bonus miles for airfare spend:

CardPoints earned on airfare spend
The Platinum Card® from American Express5x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Prestige Card5x ThankYou points per dollar spent
American Express® Gold Card3x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Reserve®3x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Premier℠ Card3x ThankYou points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card2x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent

So if you pay with The Platinum Card® from American Express then you earn 5x points. I value those points at 1.7 cents each, so to me that’s the equivalent of a further 8.5% return. That means that the real cost of each mile goes down from 1.375 cents to 1.26 cents, which is an even better value (this isn’t cash in your pocket, but rather points in your “pocket” based on my valuation).

Bottom line

Thanks to LifeMiles for offering this special bonus for OMAAT readers, and I hope lots of you are able to take advantage of it! This is an opportunity to book Star Alliance premium cabin tickets at a significant discount, assuming availability coincides with your travel plans. Furthermore, I’ve found that LifeMiles actually has access to more award availability than in the past.

While you can’t rely on LifeMiles for every Star Alliance redemption, I find the miles to be extremely useful, and they’re the Star Alliance miles I redeem more than any other. I’m down to about only 60,000 LifeMiles right now so I’ll be speculatively picking up some miles during this promotion, since I’m certain I’ll be able to get value out of this.

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  1. Thanks Lucky. I’ve been waiting for this! I’ve done quite a few redemptions on lifemiles recently and have found it to be pretty easy. Have cancelled flights and also used the screenshot method and each time have found the help center easy to get through to.

    My only bugbear is that lifemiles often struggles to put a domestic leg into a business class long haul eg Ord-iah-Syd. United often offers xn awards onnthe domestic leg.

  2. Have you ever asked your contacts at LM if the discrepancy of award space is LM’s doing or the other Star partners doing?

  3. not a good option! many problems with lifemiles, and they are going to devaluate the award chart soon! again!

    if you want to redemm now now now is ok. but if not, i recomend you o wait.

  4. Is there much discrepancy and which airlines see less award space. I have used them and like them and will buy more

  5. How does one add on an infant ticket to a redemption ticket? Do we call the lifemiles centre or the airline directly?

  6. The purchased price is still 3.3c though, yes? If I were to buy 100k I would still pay $3300 yes? I was expecting to spend $1375 for 240k miles. Now that would’ve been a great deal.

  7. How easy is it to book a non direct award flight using Lifemiles? If I want to fly TG from FRA to MNL via BKK would that be doable?

  8. @Michele I would recommend calling LifeMiles to make the reservation by phone and the agent will include the infant. The online reservation portal does not include the “lap child” or “infant” option. I have added an infant to an existing reservation (made online), but I had to call Lifemiles and it took just as long to “fix” the reservation as it would to have made the reservation over the phone initially. By the way, I have had good experience with the Call Center. I advise, if you don’t know Spanish, just be patient and respectful and speak just a little more slowly than usual.

  9. I personally am still trying to get rid of the miles I got when I signed up for a credit card well over a year ago. I guess everything must depend on award redemption patterns because I simply can never find a seat when I want one, even if it is available by searching United, Aeroplan, Singapore, and ANA. I’m probably going to redeem for a hotel for under 1 cpm value before they expire since I have no use for LifeMiles for air travel.

  10. Thanks Lucky!!! Had lost faith after the first few days of the promo went by…

    @rob 200000 mile limit per year. You’ll end up with 480000 miles for $6600 and another 33000 membership points if you charge on an AmEx plat or 19800 thankyous on the Citi preferred/prestige.

    Works best for out family travel to Europe every year on TK.

  11. Does your LM expiration reset if you buy miles?

    Further, does it reset if you transfer miles from MR/UR?


  12. Two questions:
    1. Is this correct: 2 people, 4 biz one ways US-EU @ 63k miles, buy 105k miles for $3,465, get 252k miles.

    2. Traveling SFO to Sicily in mid to late Oct. 2019. Fairly flexible with dates, destination airports. Too far in advance to purchase miles?

  13. Good question about reset.
    Anyone know?

    I used Lifemiles to buy YVR-SYD direct in J
    And SYD-ICN (J) – LAX (First)
    Pretty awesome deal

    But it takes some leg work as the website is clunky (understatement)

    I have 30k Lifemiles just sitting there…

  14. The expiration for new purchase after April, 2018 is 1 year. The old miles still expire after 2 years. You can extend them with miles purchase or transfer 1,000 miles between two accounts x $35 but not with redemption. And while 140% is still a good deal, the last one trough OMAAT was for 150% as I remember. I just bought tickets for my wife FRA-DEL RT for 60,000 Avianca miles each way LH 1st class, actually for the return flight she only had 40,000 miles remaining, so we had to pay additionally about $240 which is a great option and a good deal in my humble opinion, so I am going to buy again the max amount for her account…
    I have a question, too. Do we get 5 miles per $ with Amex Platinum Business card or just with the regular one?

  15. The lifemiles search engine is still sooo eratic. It’s mostly useful for non-stop flights, but even then they seem to be blocking a fair amount of star alliance space. Whenever you try to add a simple connecting flight that is readily available via United and Aeroplan, the lifemiles website often comes up with zip. Recent examples include using Asiana airlines to fly to TPE or HKG on a simple 1-stop connection in ICN that has lots of availability but somehow LIfemiles can’t see any of it.
    I would also encourage that you put a disclaimer in the post that: LIFEMILES EXPIRE AFTER ONLY 12 MONTHS, and redemptions do not reset the clock. This is really an important caveat that should be emphasized…

  16. DONT DO IT. Longtime Lifemiles user but that’s all over now, they’re gone completely crazy with devaluations. Sorry won’t be taking advantage.

    Here’s some recent downgrades
    a) Stinking high cancellation fees of $200 per person for ling haul
    b) The thieving crooks will cancel your miles (“expiry”) after 12 months, no exceptions
    c) Dreadful new booking engine…

    For example JRMW your YVR-SYD award, I bet that was on the old website cos the new one will never book that. All good AC awards will fail during the booking process. The site is blind to SAS awards, and many many routes aren’t in their database – try selecting TG from LHR to SYD or AC from BNE to YYZ, the lousy new website will tell you the route doesn’t exist and can never book it for you.

    Once a month they take down the stinking new booking engine for repairs and bring back the old one for a few hours, that’s really the only time you can usefully use your Lifemiles.

    I’ll be very happy buying UA miles in future at a little higher cost but with all the available flights on there.

  17. I think the same as harry. I am a “distancia” frecuen flyer, 5 years before lifemiles.
    Is a disaster this!
    Don’t buy

  18. I registered but it’s still not showing the additional 15% bonus (only the regular promo, i.e. $6600 for 450,000 miles). Is anyone else having the same problem?

  19. No, I did it last night for 101,000 miles x $3,333
    Try to register once again, perhaps? need to wait 24 h after that…

  20. Do Lifemiles bought with the Chase World of Hyatt card trigger the 2x bonus for tickets purchased directly from the airline?

  21. Sorry if the following question has already been asked/answered. I understand that the Lifemiles points expiration date is reset once miles are earned (rather than through redemption as it used to be).

    Will the expiration date be reset for 12 months (or xx months?) from the date the miles are earned (or from my current expiration date which will be on June 2019)? Thank you.

  22. Hi I bought some Lifemiles with Myb Amex business Platinum card.
    I purchased directly from the Avianca website
    Amex are now saying I don’t quality for the 5x points rewards because the purchase was not made via their travel site?!
    How can I. Purchase Lifemiles via Amex Travek site .
    Surely they owe me the reward points ?
    Help Appreciated

  23. @ FlyerP — Only the personal version of the Amex Plat offers 5x points on airfare purchases with airlines. The business version only offers 5x points on flight bookings through amextravel.com.

  24. Unfortunately for you, I think that they are correct. The problem is your Business Amex plat. card, that’s my case. You only make the 5 points per $ on their/Amextravel.com website. Only the regular Amex plat. card is OK for direct purchase on the airline website, sorry.

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