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About a week ago LifeMiles launched their Black Friday/Cyber Monday promo on purchased miles. I posted a reminder of that, as the promotion was supposed to end yesterday.

Well, I’ve just been informed that the promotion has been extended until Thursday, December 5, 2019, so you have a couple more days to take advantage of this. Sorry for the frequent posts about the promotion, but it is the best offer of the year, and I was only told of the extension after my last reminder post.

LifeMiles Offering 150% Bonus To OMAAT Readers

Through Friday, December 5, 2019, LifeMiles is offering a special 150% bonus to OMAAT readers, which is the best promotion we’ve seen from them on purchased miles in a long time. Otherwise, the absolute best bonus is typically for 145%.

Not only is the 150% bonus as such the best we’ve seen from LifeMiles in a long time, but there’s no minimum purchase required to unlock that bonus. You can purchase anywhere from 1,000 to 200,000 LifeMiles (pre-bonus) and receive the 150% bonus. Otherwise, you often have to purchase a minimum of 101,000 miles (pre-bonus) to unlock the biggest bonus.

LifeMiles ordinarily sells miles for ~3.3 cents each, so if you max out the promotion and buy miles with a 150% bonus, you’re paying just 1.32 cents per purchased mile, which is a fantastic value.

To take advantage of this you need to register for the 150% bonus promotion, and then you should immediately see the increase when you try to buy LifeMiles. Make sure you see the correct bonus when you go to buy miles.

Buying LifeMiles Counts As Airfare Purchase

LifeMiles processes mileage purchases directly, meaning that buying miles with them qualifies as airfare spend. Therefore you’ll want to consider using one of the following cards for your purchase, since they offer the following bonus miles for airfare spend:

CardPoints earned on airfare spend
The Platinum Card® from American Express5x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Prestige Card5x ThankYou points per dollar spent
American Express® Gold Card3x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
American Express® Green Card3x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Reserve®3x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Premier℠ Card3x ThankYou points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card2x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent

So if you pay with The Platinum Card® from American Express then you earn 5x points. I value those points at 1.7 cents each, so to me, that’s the equivalent of a further 8.5% return. That means that the real cost of each mile goes down from 1.32 cents to 1.21 cents, which is an even better value (this isn’t cash in your pocket, but rather points in your “pocket” based on my valuation).

Should You Buy LifeMiles?

Avianca is in the Star Alliance, which means you can redeem LifeMiles on all Star Alliance airlines (which is what makes them so great). To give a few examples of one-way premium cabin redemption rates (there are no fuel surcharges on any awards):

  • US to Europe in business class costs 63,000 miles
  • US to Europe in first class costs 87,000 miles
  • US to Southeast Asia in business class costs 78,000 miles
  • US to North Asia in first class costs 90,000 miles

With a specific use in mind, this promotion can be a great value, especially for first class travel on ANA or Lufthansa.

Business class between the US and Europe can be a great option as well.

Everyone has to crunch the numbers for themselves and decide whether this makes sense or not.

Historically, LifeMiles doesn’t always have access to all the same space that other Star Alliance programs do. Avianca introduced a new website earlier this year, which seems to have solved part of their problem with booking partner award tickets, but in the process may have created a whole new problem.

Some have reported issues using the LifeMiles site, and specifically with pulling up partner award availability that is available through other airlines. So if you are going to buy miles, I’d recommend first doing a few availability searches to make sure you can find the space you want.

LifeMiles’ Credit Cards Also Offering Increased Bonuses

If you’re looking for another way to earn LifeMiles, note that LifeMiles’ co-branded US credit cards are offering increased bonuses at the moment as well. You can earn up to 60,000 bonus miles with one of these offers.

How to earn 20,000 EXTRA LifeMiles

Through December 31, 2019, you can get an extra 20,000 miles when you are approved for either the Vuela or Vida card, and meet the minimum spending requirement:

  1. Go to the application for your choice of Avianca LifeMiles credit cards — either the Avianca Vida Visa® Card or the Avianca Vuela Visa® Card
  2. Complete the personal information section of the card application
  3. At the bottom of the application, look under the “Additional Information” section to enter your Promo Code
  4. Enter “SB4060” in the box
  5. Submit your application

The bonus LifeMiles will post once you’ve spent $1,000 within the first 90 days!

Bottom Line

You now have a couple more days to take advantage of LifeMiles’ best promotion of the year on purchased miles. They’re offering a 150% bonus no matter in what increment you buy miles. Just make sure you register for the special 150% bonus, and then buy miles.

Thanks to LifeMiles for offering this promo. In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t get anything from LifeMiles if you buy miles through this link — I’m just grateful that they offer a better than normal bonus to our readers.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Lucky! Just thinking, can’t you just buy the miles at similar rates from LM when purchasing an award (like if you are short 40% or less) at checkout? This would eliminate the buy and hold risk inherit to mileage programs as well as LM wonky website award availability (it crashes all the time), since you would only be buying the miles literally at the secured moment (hopefully).

  2. Ben, or anyone else, do you know how to redeem a ticket for children (over 2 y/o) on Lifemiles? They don’t show this option at their website. Can I just select as If it was an adult and should be ok? Thanks!

  3. @ Alonzo — Indeed, they seem to have increased the sites that they offer these to, though as you’ll see, I’m not the one calling this “exclusive.” 😉

  4. @ Slinky — The cost to purchase miles at the time of booking is higher, though. I believe the lowest cost is 1.5 cents per mile, and you do need to have a portion of the miles already. So this is definitely a lower cost.

  5. Anyone who’s successfully registered and bought, please comment herein. I’ve done these before, happily redeemed the miles, counted myself lucky when so many were trashing LM herein, but this time I can’t get to first base with registration or purchase. Error error error

  6. If you received anything from Lifemiles I would still click your link rather than any other site including TPG sheller. You are best lucky!

  7. Nowhere did I see a bonus of 150% as you describe. This is the message:
    Get 145% bonus when buying miles in the best promo of the year!

  8. Lol @ Avianca trying to offer bloggers non-exclusive exclusives. The OMAAT says “Subscribe now and enjoy this exclusive promo for One Mile at a Time readers”, and yet they gave the same thing to TPG. Bunch of jokers over at Avianca’s PR team.

  9. I followed everything to the letter and still I only get a 145% bonus which was offered without the subscription anyway… how do you get the 150% bonus? It doesn’t pop up automatically as described.

  10. guys try to go to page where you enter the amount of miles you want to buy. I see 145% bonus as well but when i type the amount of miles it does reflect the 150% bonus

    LifeMiles to buy
    LM 5,000
    Bonus miles
    LM 7,500
    LM 12,500

  11. You get all the way up to the point where you are to submit the purchase and the breakdown of the points will show 150%, I also did use the link above to ‘subscribe’ my membership number so that helped. I bought 25k worth of points incl. the bonus amount for $440 CDN. Guarantees a booking on and Canada or US continental flight. Infact I may go back this weekend and put in another grand worth as I have trips coming up (including those on AV I’m looking at) and the redeem for the flights, esp in Biz class with this deal is probably the best one this year..
    Literally 2 for 1 Biz class.

  12. So I can someone clarify something for me. The website says “Valid until Dec 3rd, 2019”. So does this promotion go through the 3rd, or end at midnight on the 2nd? Please let me know as the deadline is import for upcoming travel.

  13. I was able to buy lifemiles but i can’t redeem anything. Before i purchase there was much better availability. Now is a disaster! Nothing. What can i do with my miles?? I boughr 85 +150 % bonus.

    Too sad!!

  14. I just got an offer to buy LifeMiles at 1.25 US cpm because I transferred Capital One miles this year:

    (translated from original Spanish)

    “Having transferred your Amex Membership Rewards points, Citi ThankYou Points or Capital One Miles to LifeMiles in 2019, we offer this incredible offer: Buy LM 4275 US $ 53.44”

  15. Of course, since it’s Avianca, you get an error page when you try and make the purchase… lol.

  16. hey Lucky – miles purchase will not complete, any chance you can contact them and get this cleared up for us? Looks like promo is extended until tomorrow. thank you.

  17. They should just make this the permanent offer and be done with it. It’s obvious they’re addicted to the cash.

  18. I took advantage of this (1.24 cents per mile net when buying with Amex platinum) and immediately redeemed them for 40k miles EZE-PTY on CM J. Cash price $1163. So cost with miles $581, literally half the price.

    People that whine about LifeMiles simply do not know how to get value in the program and/or do not do the proper due diligence before buying about their actual utility.

  19. Hi!
    I tried to buy several times avianca miles with the 150% bonus but always appear the same error code 999

    I tried with a 3 credit cards and always is the same (even with the credit card that i have with the club lifemiles)

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