Aeroflot’s New Livery: Gorgeous & Predictable

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Aeroflot will soon be taking delivery of their first Airbus A350-900. The airline has 15 of these planes on order, all of which will be delivered between 2020 and 2023. Not only is the A350 a joy to fly in general, but what’s most exciting here is that Aeroflot’s A350s will feature new business class suites with doors.

Aeroflot intends to start long haul service with the plane in March, and I look forward to flying it. As you might expect based on that timeline, the first Aeroflot A350 is already assembled, and it’s even painted.

Well, it looks like Aeroflot is introducing a new livery on their A350, which you can see in the below photo.

The new livery is no doubt predictable and follows the industry trend, whether we’re talking about Lufthansa, United, Aer Lingus, or SAS.

However, I also think this livery is especially beautiful. I love how boldly “AEROFLOT” is written at the front of the plane, and I love the contrast of the colors on the tail, the engines, and on the wingtips.

In fairness, I also quite like Aeroflot’s old livery for how distinctive it is. But I do think it’s starting to look a bit outdated, and like it could use a refresh.

So even though the new Aeroflot livery follows a similar design to other new liveries, it still stands out, in my opinion.

What do you make of Aeroflot’s new livery? Do you prefer the old or new one?

  1. The new livery isn’t perfect, but in my opinion it’s a perfect evolution of the current design. Apart from that I was REALLY looking forward to trying out their new amazing-looking Business Class in late April (JFK-SVO) but unfortunately plans changed so now I’m not sure when it’ll happen…

  2. I try to avoid the airlines that have individual cabins with door. I’m not claustrophobic, but I don’t like that closed in feeling

  3. I would have liked Aeroflot to reinvent itself a bit brandingwise and grow out of its Soviet past, when it was the only airline in the Soviet Union, at least internationally – by designing a new logo (the current one is still hammer-and-sickle with wings), and using the national flag may not be fair to other major Russian airlines that also have international flights, like S7. Their product itself is very good.

  4. When are they going to paint the rest of it?

    Several senators from Minnesota have run for President after being elected by the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. The hammer-and-sickle emblem, of course, represents the union of labor and farmers, and was used in Chile as early as 1895. The Russians fought the Germans under that flag, back when we were allies. I think they should be allowed to continue its use.

    Fun fact: SVO to LAX is only 350 miles farther than SVO to MIA.

  5. I believe you still can’t book Aeroflot with SkyMiles? If that’s the case I’m surprised it hasn’t been discussed further.

    There are decent fares CAI-SVO-MIA with the SVO-MIA in the new A350. The CAI-SVO is in a 737 and a red eye so …

  6. I hate engines painted a contrasting color…wat to cutesy. But the wing tips are nice and the tail is ok.

  7. I think the new livery looks great. I am a huge fan of Aeroflot, their intra-Europe Business Class is superb. It is a great airline, from their usually excellent service to catering that is on par with Turkish Airlines. They are streets ahead of any US carrier, that’s for sure. Would love to experience their service and soft product on the A350.

  8. I just flew Aeroflot this week and the inflight service was excellent. The FA’s uniforms have Soviet style anchors on the arms. Absolutely stunning. The food in economy on Aeroflot was better than the food in American flagship business.

    Ben you need to fly that A350 , pick up a jar of Russian caviar , and eat it at the Red Square.

    @Endre exactly my Russian Delta legs to IAH were good on the A220. There were a few Russians on the flight. They were confused about waiting to have to board in a specific order.

  9. A number of the non-main carriers really do showcase the alliance they are part of much more than the primary carriers for example China Eastern or Air China in their respective announcements. I think it shows a sense of trust and credibility and accomplishment or shows the airline is at a certain standard.

    The sliding doors also make it inconvenient for those that are not very mobile and also it really does not give you that much privacy.

  10. The beauty of the sliding door is that… *drumroll*… You can LEAVE THEM OPEN! Now no one needs to complain that they are immobile or feel too enclosed.

  11. Somebody mentioned Turkish Airlines and their comparable catering to Aeroflot. Doesn’t Turkish Airlines have one of the most boring liveries?

  12. Ross – You clearly know too many lighthearted facts about commies. Perhaps instead go read about the Holodomor…

    You can learn what the Soviets actually thought about farmers (take their food and grind them in to the dirt until they die). Some union of labor and farmers. Why not emphasize that in your post?

    Ah, how I miss the Russiagate hoax on OMAAT, there were some real tin foil hat wearers commenting on this blog. 2018 seems so long ago now…

    The important thing to remember is… that I was right, and they were wrong.

  13. Me as I clicked on this article: “Please don’t show me another flag carrier that just took its tail design and continued the line through to the body…”
    Me after scrolling to the photo: “fdnskjalfdsanfiejklancuielvcjfkslau”

  14. I prefer the old livery because at least it’s distinctive. Now every carrier is signing on to the same BORING basic design of white aircraft, tail stripe with logo, airline name in large font along side toward the front. So, it’s a big NO from me, dawg. Zzzzzzz,,,,

    Let’s get Patrick Smith in on this one! He can convey my above-discussed feelings about the matter in a far more eloquent and forceful manner than I.

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