SAS Unveils Stunning New Livery

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SAS has today launched a brand new visual identity for the first time in 21 years. The livery will debut on newly delivered Airbus A350 and A320neo aircraft. SAS says that this is a modern and new upgrade to their livery, just as they’re updating their fleet to add modern and more fuel efficient planes.

The intent is that the new livery matches the SAS cabin and onboard concepts that they introduced in 2015, so that the interior and exterior of the planes match.

The plan is for all SAS aircraft to feature the new livery by 2024. This is because planes will get the new liveries the same time they undergo heavy maintenance, which is every 5-6 years.

Here’s how SAS describes the new design elements of the livery:

  • The previous grey color used on the fuselage has been updated to a fresher shade of grey
  • A big proud and confident SAS logo has been placed at the front of the plane, in a silver grey tone
  • Analysis and customer feedback showed that the unique SAS blue color is strongly recognized by the community of SAS travelers; the new SAS livery embraces this unique relation between SAS and true travelers by enhancing and extending the blue color of the tail further down the belly of the plan
  • The earlier red engines have now been turned into silver grey and dressed with SAS blue crowns to harmonize with the SAS current visual identity, and to also embrace the connection to the SAS blue for SAS true travelers
  • The word mark “Scandinavian” is still located on the engines, but it is now in dark grey, in order to provide sufficient contrast to the light grey and silver color of the fuselage and to flirt with the SAS interior design color scheme
  • The word “Scandinavian” has also been largely and proudly placed under the plane on the belly as a symbol for SAS’s Scandinavian heritage and for clear visual identification from the ground
  • The Scandinavian heritage is also shown in the three Scandinavian flags that have been updated in a modern, elegant way

Rickard Gustafson, CEO of SAS, had the following to say:

“The new livery design is a symbol of our future, a more sustainable and competitive future for SAS, but one that also embraces our heritage. Travelers from Scandinavia will recognize their home, while global travelers will encounter the renowned feeling of the Nordics.”

Here are some pictures of the new livery:

As a point of comparison, here’s SAS’ old livery:

Usually new liveries take some getting used to, and I’m opposed to them at first. But I actually think SAS did a spectacular job with this rebrand, and I instantly prefer the new livery. The new livery is bold and beautiful while also being elegant.

Really, really well done, SAS!

What do you make of SAS’ new livery?

  1. Give it a decade before every livery is the exact same as each other, EI unveiled a similar tail recently and they were hardly the first

  2. +1 to @Ameya

    Colour and style wise, Lufthansa, LOT and SAS look very similar.
    Icelandair is the northern European airlines with real stunning liveries, they fly around with glaciers on their planes. Now, that is STUNNING.

  3. Somehow I do not quite like silver liveries like Aeroflot, American and SAS. A wasted opportunity to move away from silver.

    Note that SAS is the only Star Alliance member with a non-white livery. Compare that with SkyTeam (KLM, KE, Vietnam and AR are blue, SV is the colour of sand and Aeroflot is silver).

  4. Well, I will say that it’s an improvement over their current, very dull, livery. And it is sharp as new liveries go in 2019. That said, it still demonstrates this current fetish that airlines seem to have with the tail swoop while the remainder of the aircraft is monochromatic.

    Personally, I prefer many of the classic liveries with the nice cheatline and evenly applied titles. China Southern is the best current example of such a design and it’s really nice. This? Not so much – though it is better than Lufthansa or Aer Lingus. That’s not saying much though.

  5. I personally like United’s 2019 livery best out of all the newer ones. This isnt bad though but it would be better if they kept the red engines.

  6. It’s pretty good, certainly much better than Lufthansa’s recent update, but I wouldn’t call it “stunning”. Would have preferred something that breaks up all that white to the front of the tail.

  7. It’s conventional for a 2019 livery, but how on earth do you get “stunning” out of this?? ….it’s almost a verbatim copy of Lufthansa.

  8. It looks like a partner airline of Lufthansa.

    The big SAS in front is a little too not understated.

    I like the very old dragon livery. The current one is too childish. The new one is “just ok” to me. Not ugly. They also need to choose SAS or Scandinavian. SAS is best for Japanese or Chinese. Scandinavian is better for UK or USA.

  9. Dull. Prefer the old one. The change will be at the insistence of shyster consultants : “ You must have something crisp and fresh to resonate with millennials “, here’s our bill for € 1 M.

  10. For the young folks that weren’t around some decades ago, the washed out silver SAS in the fuselage is a Sabena revival. The stripe on the engine is a Swissair tribute and the tail, well, you all know it…

  11. So what, it’s the same thing almost every airline has now. No Designers needed for that, i’d say. Slightly different colour than the others, slightly different font than the others, that’s it.

  12. This is not actually a rebrand – they were rebranded as a whole by the agency Bold Scandinavia, but as part of that they proposed a livery that didn’t go do too well (a blue gradient going from the tail into the main fuselage), see below.

    The brand on the whole was stunning and but the general feeling was the livery let it down, so I think Bold went back to the drawing board and came up with what we see here – and I for one am glad they did! It’s stunning, and more truly goes with the overal brand touch points!

  13. How do you actually pronounce the airlines name? Is it by the initials S-A-S or as SAS as is ‘sassy?’ I’ve flown with them once (or rather twice as part of a return journey) and both ways were used by various crew members.

    I like the second way better.

  14. This looks everything but unique. If anything I will miss the red engine covers, which is what made their planes stand out the most

  15. What is so bloody “stunning’ about it? Just another bland, uninspired livery that we have been fired to endure since the late 70s.

  16. Well, they are just following the current (and quite boring and outdated) trend of Tails á la Qantas and big billboard name.

    By the way, it doesn’t take much effort to improve the forgettable previous livery.
    Nine of them compare to the originality of the 80’s colors.

  17. Design is not everything. SAS is the worst airline I have ever used. In Europe any cheap airline is better. I will never fly with them again – doesn’t matter how nice aircraft looks like.

  18. It is elegant but not stunning.
    To those who think SAS copied United or Lufthansa, Google a bit to see what UTA widebodies looked like, hint : Qantas even copied it save for the color and the roo.

  19. Kudos to Bob for finally mentioning the term Eurowhite.

    And I really hope that Andrew (Personally I prefer AA’s livery. World best.) is being sarcastic

  20. I like the billboard SAS titles on the fuselage. It reminds me of the scheme once used by Sabena. The tail is similar to LH but looks good from the underside. And I do miss the red engines. At least the fuselage is not pure white like too many airlines these days.

  21. Dull AF. The colors are dull and the font of “SAS” doesn’t match somehow.
    I miss the red accents.

    No. Not an improvement.

  22. The Swedish Navy has painted bar codes instead of numbers on the side of their ships so when they return to port they can scan da navy in.

    The new design is lagom yet modern. Well done.

  23. As usual, SAS follows the trend that was new and innovative many years ago. And still everyone believes that it’s superior because it comes out of Scandinavia, it seems. It’s pretty tame, conventional and 3 steps behind the rest, as usual with SK. A clone of LH at best.

  24. Boring, unattractive, convensional. Not stunning at all. Such good airlines, and SAS somehow always manages to betray superb Scandinavian design. This is Lufthansa minus, and the SAS logo looks like a decoloration of the equally boring white. Sleek? Professional? Serious? No, just cold, forgettable. AER LINGUS is a beautiful livery, as is THAI, AIR TAHITI NUI, HAWAIIAN. SAS could have used the colourful three flags, the nordic culture, but failed… again.

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