The Most Popular OMAAT Posts Of 2016

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As the year comes to a close, I thought it would be fun to look back at the past year on the blog, and highlight the most popular posts.

These aren’t necessarily what we would consider the best or most useful posts of the year, rather these are the stories published this year that have been read and shared the most.

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As I wrote last year, this type of data is interesting, but isn’t going to change what One Mile at a Time is about. The best data comes from reader feedback, and hopefully you guys will continue to enjoy trip reports and tips on redeeming miles, as those are our favorite things to write about.

Did you have a favorite post from this year? What are you hoping to see more of next year?

  1. “The best data comes from reader feedback” does this mean you’ll ditch Daniel and his lousy reviews?

  2. The comment about Daniel is obnoxious. Give the guy a break. He is 19 years old. And his reviews are perfectly fine.

  3. Lucky,

    im on your site so many nights my wife is convinced I’m looking @ adult sites.

    CNN and omaat almost every morning with coffee just became the norm since 2015, seriously, thanks for a great travel blog

  4. That Uber Amex post was golden. Ive been getting ticked off at bloggers posting Uber promos given that 99% of the time it’s expired five minutes afterwards. Just a way to promote their own code for credit IMO. But flew SMF-IAD and sister flew DEN-DCA to visit family for Christmas. Gave us seperate free rides, and upgraded them to XL. ~$55 each down to $0 thanks to promo.

  5. Just continue with Daniel. He is doing OK and more relevant for those who have no access to all the CC benefits, essentially all of the world except US.

  6. Yeah another thumbs up for Daniel. He seems to do more accessible reviews that don’t require the hundreds and thousands of points its so easy to get in the US… and whilst you are a US blogger you clearly have a worldwide readership. Keep up the good work Daniel (and the rest of the OMAAT team).

  7. Lucky – will you do a yearly wrap up? For example:

    Total miles flown
    Total points spent
    Total points earned
    Total cash spent on flights
    Total cash spent on hotels
    Best/Worst redemptions

    It may help put some perspective on the “points and miles travel is free” comments.

  8. Ben, my wish for you is that you begin to evolve. That your travels begin to open your eyes and your soul to how different our world is and the people of other countries.

    You’ve encountered spirits in hotels and you are afraid of them. Try praying next time to the Light, things might get better. And for you, you will begin to evolve and grow into new spiritual areas.

    Good New Years !

  9. Ben, I’ve really liked the reviews of smaller airlines this year, looking forward to more of those in 2017. Would love to see Vietnam Airlines in particular, and (because suffering is good for the soul, or so I’m told) Biman Bangladesh.

    Since a lot of people seem to be chiming in on Daniel, I will too: he rubbed a LOT of people (including me) the wrong way early on, but his last couple of posts were solid, if not spectacular. I think the thing he needs (and think this even more strongly after watching a couple of his videos) is editing, and (as I’ve mentioned before) I do think he’s skated the edge of your disclosure policy a few times and needs instruction there too.

    And no, I don’t have the slightest idea what the Hell, Norway* Kent is on about either.

    *yes, blatantly cribbed from Leif Pettersen

  10. So you’ve joined the click bait fad. Why?! It’s such a waste of time for the reader to click through 10 times. I for one can’t be bothered and won’t be reading the top 10

  11. Hi Lucky,

    Happy New Year and thanks for all the info this year. I started avidly reading this site in the spring, and managed to snag 15 new credits cards in 2016 ( wish I had know Chase 5/25 rule) and I couldn’t get the Ink or Sapphire preferred after I had my first 5.

    However, the total sign up bonuses was an astounding 780,000 points and miles for year. Needless to say I am being denied (Avianca, AA World elite Platinum personal, Aeroplan TD) now for too many new cards, but did get the AMEX Business Gold on New Years eve as the 15th for year.

    In a few weeks I will try for AMEX Blue OPEN for the 2x points on first $50,000 spend and 10x on dining.

    It will be 2019 before I can attack Chase LOL

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