Review: Business Lounge Moscow Domodedovo Airport

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We arrived at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport at around 7:15AM, well in advance of our 9:40AM flight to Houston.

Security at the airport seemed to be super tight, and not just in a “security theatre” kind of way. Even on the outside roadway there were tons of officers with machine guns.

In order to enter the check-in area you had to go through a security checkpoint. The problem was that the line for this checkpoint was so long that there wasn’t even room for everyone to stand (since there was maybe a 30 foot area inside the terminal before the checkpoint started).

There was a revolving door, and in front of us was an older lady who ended up falling because she was walking too slowly, and got hit by the door from behind. She seemed to be hurt pretty badly because I heard something crack as she fell. Fortunately the armed officers helped her right away, and paramedics showed up shortly after that.

I didn’t take pictures in the check-in area, simply because I didn’t feel especially comfortable doing so based on how vigilant the officers seemed to be.

Singapore Airlines check-in consisted of just a couple of counters, and they were mostly empty. It seems like most passengers on this flight are just transit passengers coming from Singapore.

The agent checking us in was extremely professional, and directed us towards the premium security queue.

They had one of the most impressive premium immigration and security areas I’ve seen. Rather than having to deal with the really long queue in the rest of the terminal, there was a private channel for premium passengers.

We were through both passport control and security in less than 10 minutes.

The security checkpoint let out right in front of the lounge that Singapore Airlines passengers use in Moscow.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 1
Domodedovo Airport Business Lounge entrance

Specifically, Singapore Airlines passengers have access to the Airport Business Lounge, which is a contract lounge used by many airlines. We were admitted after presenting our lounge invitations and boarding passes.

It’s worth noting that this is also a Priority Pass lounge. The following US credit cards offer Priority Pass memberships, and are a better value than paying for a membership outright, in my opinion:

Card# Of Guests Who Get Free AccessAuthorized User AccessCost To Add Authorized User
The Platinum Card® from American Express2Yes$175 For Up To 3 People, $175 For Each Additional Person Beyond That (Rates & Fees)
The Business Platinum® Card from American Express 2Yes$300 Per Person (Rates & Fees)
Chase Sapphire Reserve®2Yes$75 Per Person
Citi Prestige® Credit Card2Yes$50 Per Person. ($75 Per Person for Cardmember Anniversary dates after September 1, 2019)
Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card2No$0
Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card2No$0

The lounge itself was fine for a contract lounge. On the plus side, the lounge was really quiet, which contrasts to the last time I used this lounge many years ago. I’m not sure if it was just the time and day we were there, or if it reflects the overall decreased premium demand for travel to/from Moscow.

The lounge consisted of one main room with several rows of seating.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 2
Domodedovo Airport Business Lounge seating

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 3
Domodedovo Airport Business Lounge seating

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 5
Domodedovo Airport Business Lounge seating

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 6
Domodedovo Airport Business Lounge seating

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 7
Domodedovo Airport Business Lounge seating

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 10
Domodedovo Airport Business Lounge seating

Towards the back of the lounge there were even some areas with privacy partitions, which were the only areas of the lounge with any privacy.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 11
Domodedovo Airport Business Lounge seating

Past the entrance and to the left was the food & drink area, which was reasonably impressive for a contract lounge.

In the main room was a table along with two fridges.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 12
Moscow Airport Lounge food selection

There was chocolate mousse, profiteroles, cake, cubed cheese, fresh fruit, etc.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 13
Moscow Airport Lounge food selection

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 14
Moscow Airport Lounge food selection

Then there were cookies, chips, snack mix, nuts, etc.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 15
Moscow Airport Lounge food selection

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 16
Moscow Airport Lounge food selection

Next to that was a side room with a more extensive selection of food, along with drinks.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 17
Moscow Airport Lounge buffet

There was even some seating along a high-top bar here.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 18
Moscow Airport Lounge buffet area seating

There were individual cans and bottles of beer, soda, water, etc.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 19
Moscow Airport Lounge drink selection

Then there was salad, finger sandwiches, and all kinds of other things that actually looked quite decent.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 20
Moscow Airport Lounge buffet

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 21
Moscow Airport Lounge buffet

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 22
Moscow Airport Lounge buffet

There were also two types of soup.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 23
Moscow Airport Lounge buffet

Then there were also six hot dishes.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 24
Moscow Airport Lounge buffet

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 25
Moscow Airport Lounge buffet

In the far corner of the buffet was the liquor selection, a coffee machine, etc.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 26
Moscow Airport Lounge buffet

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 27
Moscow Airport Lounge alcohol selection

Next to the buffet was a play area for kids.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 28
Moscow Airport Lounge kids play area

There was also a small business center.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 29
Moscow Airport Lounge business center

The lounge’s bathrooms, including the one shower, felt quite bare bones, however.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 30
Moscow Airport Lounge restroom

The lounge had huge windows in the far end of it, which had great views of the apron, as well as of the runway in the distance.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 31
Moscow Airport Lounge view

Eventually our Singapore Airlines 777 arriving from Singapore pulled into the closest gate to the lounge.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 32
Singapore Airlines 777 from Moscow Airport lounge

We decided to leave the lounge about an hour before departure and walk around for a bit, since there wasn’t much to do in the lounge. We started by looking at our 777 from a different angle (at least that’s what I wanted to do, and Ford kindly plays along with my airport desires).

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 34
Singapore Airlines 777 taking us to Houston

The terminal itself was fine, and had a lot of duty free shopping, as you’d expect.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 35
Moscow Airport terminal

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 36
Moscow Airport terminal

Eventually we headed to our departure gate at around 9AM, for a scheduled 9:10AM boarding time. While the queue to enter the gate area was extremely long for economy, there was no line for first & business class. At the gate there was once again a superficial luggage search, where security people went through our bags.

The gates at this airport are “enclosed,” and the one Singapore Airlines uses sure feels like it should be used for an A320 at most, rather than a 777. It was packed, with standing room only.

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 37
Singapore Airlines departure gate at Moscow Airport

At 9:10AM first class boarding was called, so on we went!

Moscow-Airport-Lounge - 33
Singapore Airlines 777 taking us to Houston

Moscow Airport Business Lounge bottom line

This was a solid contract lounge, better than I remember it being a few years back. No, I wouldn’t make a point of spending more time here than I had to, but as far as contract lounges go, this one is fine. There was plenty of space, the lounge was quiet, and the drink and food selection were decent.

The only thing I consumed in the lounge was bottled water, given that I wasn’t about to spoil my appetite before a Singapore Airlines first class flight with contract lounge food. 😉

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  1. Is that a BA lounge next door? I thought their lounges were called Galleries or Terraces or something…

  2. Thanks for this review lucky. I am taking this flight in about a month from Moscow in First Class after spending 3 weeks traveling around Europe. I can’t wait for you full flight review especially of the food.

  3. I think the luggage inspection pre-boarding is required by the US, covering all flights originating internationally bound for the US. Pretty standard.

  4. I think the Moscow airport is stoic, bland and I would not spend any more time there than necessary, either. We stop there on Singapore Airlines , from IAH to Singapore. I like not changing planes but I like to get off and walk after 10 hours of the 1st leg. It is more crowded from Moscow to Singapore.
    Moscow passengers are mainly, ladies going to the Formula One race in Singapore in August .

  5. Domodedovo tends to have very strict security the few times I have been there. Every airport in Russia has security checkpoints when you enter the terminal, even small airports such as VVO (Vladivostok). In Moscow, I almost always use Sheremetyevo, since I usually fly Aeroflot from Vladivostok to the US with a stop in Moscow. Interestingly enough, I flew out of Sheremetyevo on Tuesday and there was very lax security and I didn’t see many police. Even entering the airport, the security felt perfunctory, but not vigilant. Even I am sometimes amazed at the lack of uniformity in Russia.

  6. This looks better than the lounge I used at SVO ( Finnair , shared). I’ll be back there next week for an Aeroflot flight, maybe their lounge is better ( but won’t hold my breath).

  7. In response to my question above, I’m now sitting in the very same lounge, and there is free wifi. Although it’s pretty slow!

  8. This is not a priority lounge(Even thought its listed as such), tried to access it last time and was directed to other side of the terminal(But not too far). There are two priority lounges next to each other, not a big difference in terms of food or seating and arguably may even be better(Based on this review).

  9. This lounge is terrible: very rood stuff
    Beware Airport main business lounge is terrible: very rood stuff. There is qn old russian lady who works there she yells at the passangers all the time. This lounge is a big waste of money.

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