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We arrived from Los Angeles at around 10AM, while our connecting flight to Oslo was at 1:40PM. We could have booked a flight which left us just an hour connection, but decided to leave a longer layover, just to be sure we’d make it, and also so we could get caught up on work. In retrospect we didn’t get much sleep on the Los Angeles to Stockholm flight, so really regretted that long connection. A ~3.5 hour connection after a redeye feels like an eternity.

Our plane parked at the far end of the terminal, so it was quite a walk to get to immigration, as we walked past a taxiing SAS A330, as well as a Norwegian 787.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 1
SAS A330 Stockholm Airport

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 2
Norwegian 787 Stockholm Airport

Passport control and security were quick, and once back in the main part of the concourse we tried to find the SAS lounge. I found the signage in the terminal to be horrible, personally, and there didn’t seem to be any information desks. There was a sign that said “Lounge” that we followed, but once we made it there, we realized that was just the contract lounge at the airport. As it turns out, the SAS lounge is at the other end of the terminal.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 3
Stockholm Airport terminal

The SAS lounge is one level up from the main concourse, and can be accessed either by spiral staircase or by elevator.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 4
Stairs to SAS Lounge Stockholm Airport

Upon exiting the elevator, the lounge was located to the left. There was a monitor advertising that this is a “new” lounge.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 5
Entrance to SAS Lounge Stockholm Airport

SAS has automated gates at most of their lounges, so you simply scan your boarding pass, and then it lets you in. That’s sort of brilliant, given the number of times I’ve incorrectly been denied lounge access by humans who didn’t understand the rules. Might as well automate that process! While it wouldn’t help in this lounge, Stockholm does have quite a few Priority Pass options, if you wouldn’t otherwise have access. So, a credit card with lounge access could be very beneficial here.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 6
Automated entry to SAS Lounge Stockholm Airport

For what it’s worth, this even works if you’re bringing a guest into the lounge. If you’re a Star Gold and are bringing in a non-status guest in economy, you simply scan your boarding pass and enter, and then they scan their boarding pass after you, and it automatically lets them in.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 7
Automated entry to SAS Lounge Stockholm Airport

The lounge felt very IKEA-esque, which I suppose you’d expect in northern Europe. Near the entrance by the buffet were some circular communal tables.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 8
SAS Lounge Stockholm Airport dining area

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 10
SAS Lounge ARN Airport seating

Past that were some benches with small tables.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 9
SAS Lounge ARN Airport seating

The lounge was partitioned into several zones to add a sense of privacy.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 11
SAS Lounge ARN Airport seating

In the far back corner of the lounge was a small business center with a high-top counter, as well as a couple of PCs and a printer.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 12
SAS Lounge ARN Airport business center

The lounge is sort of in an “L” shape, so as you walk further into the lounge it curves, which leads into the bigger part of the lounge with more traditional lounge seating.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 13
SAS Lounge ARN Airport seating

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 14
SAS Lounge ARN Airport seating

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 15
SAS Lounge ARN Airport seating

As the lounge continued there was a ramp leading to yet another seating area, located near the TV. We ended up sitting in this section, given that there was no one else using that area.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 16
SAS Lounge ARN Airport seating

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 17
SAS Lounge ARN Airport seating

I loved the amount of fresh and simple food the lounge had, rather than the packaged garbage you’ll find in US lounges. I wasn’t hungry so didn’t eat much, but the food looked quite good.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 18
SAS Lounge ARN Airport lunch spread

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 19
SAS Lounge ARN Airport lunch spread

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 20
SAS Lounge ARN Airport lunch spread

There was also a self serve espresso machine, as well as a soda fountain, beer tap, etc.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 21
SAS Lounge ARN Airport buffet

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 22
SAS Lounge ARN Airport soda fountain & beer

I ended up having some tomato soup with croutons, which was delicious.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 23
SAS Lounge ARN Airport soup

One interesting thing about the lounge is that rather than having separate restrooms for men and women, they instead have about half a dozen individual restrooms, each with a toilet and sink. I quite like that design.

We spent a couple of hours getting caught up on work in the lounge, though the Wi-Fi quality was pretty bad.

Then about 40 minutes before our flight to Oslo we headed to our departure gate. Enroute we saw the Thai Airways crew headed to their gate.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 24
Walking to departure gate ARN Airport

We also had a great view of the apron, including the SAS 737 that would be taking us to Oslo.

SAS-Lounge-Stockholm - 26
SAS 737 Stockholm

SAS Lounge Stockholm bottom line

While not the world’s most luxurious lounge, the SAS lounge in Stockholm is exactly what you’d expect in northern Europe — it’s functional, bright, and simple. The food and drink selection was also great for a regional lounge. While I wish we had booked an earlier flight so we didn’t have such a long layover, the SAS lounge wasn’t a bad place to kill some time.

  1. I also like the SAS lounge in ORD, albeit small, it has everything you need to pass an hour or 2 in a lounge. And it’s usually quiet unless you’re close to an SAS departure time.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Nice report!
    I can’t agree more about the non-existing signage to the lounges. I had fellow travellers who missed a lounge visit or ended up in a small “summer version” lounge on the other side of the terminal.
    As i can guess from your pics you guys ended up in the SAS Plus/Business class lounge (located on the right of the main entrance). For SAS Diamond/Gold as well as Star alliance gold there is a separate lounge located just on the left of the main entrance (the automated doors on the background of your 6th and 7th picture).
    Pretty much same service except for the shower rooms which might had been something for you during the long layover.

  3. There is a separate *G Lounge next door that is soo much nicer in terms of food and drinks. You turn left exiting the elevators to access it.

  4. Why not make a right turn for the *G lounge?? Much nicer and you would have liked to get a nap in the comfy chairs overlooking the B pier

  5. @petros, I don’t really know how the signage is as Arlanda is my home airport, I never look for signs, but the Summer version of the lounge you mentioned was probably the temporary lounge they used while they renovated the ordinary business and Gold lounges located by the A-pier (next to gate 1.

  6. Ben, enjoyed this report and it looks and sounds very similar to the SAS lounge in CPH.

  7. That’s sort of brilliant, given the number of times I’ve incorrectly been denied lounge access by humans who didn’t understand the rules. Might as well automate that process!

    At least you then can argue your case or call the supervisor…what happens, if your barcode is not correct, because some guy did not register your frequent flyer status?? Then you are left out in the rain!

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