Mileage Running…

As I mentioned a few days ago I managed to find a good fare so am mileage running today. Because I booked inside of the 1K upgrade window I guess some upgrades were already gone, so I’m only confirmed in F for two of the four two cabin flights I’m taking today (or schedule to take, big difference). The other two flights should still clear, and even if they don’t I think I’ll survive.

I figured that since today was a weekday traffic would be bad, so left earlier than I usually would. As a result I got to the airport 75 minutes before departure, a new record for me. The TSA agents were actually all friendly, so I had to be nice back. The guy checking ID’s was saying “thank you” and asking how I was today. The lady at the end of the belt was talking to the people in front of me about how she loves her job and defending her country, which I couldn’t hold against her since she was just clueless, and ultimately her intent was good. She was saying to me that some passengers get so frustrated with security that they say they won’t fly again, and I couldn’t help but respond “well, while we have a choice of airlines, we don’t have a choice of security.”

I see some police officers standing behind the podium at a gate, probably the new “gate screeners.” I’m very tempted to walk in circles and take pictures, and see what law they try to tell me I’m violating.

I’m bound for Chicago in a few minutes, where I’ll check out the “incomparable” RCC, and I’ll be sure to take pictures and write a quick review. I’ll get them up as soon as I can, hopefully even from Chicago.

I can already tell the boarding process will be fun, since I see about 100 people with rollaboards bigger than they are.

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