Mileage running in true style — on a private jet!

Many of you may have heard by now of Lufthansa’s crazy private jet promotion whereby they’re offering 50,000 status miles to each passenger on a chartered jet, as opposed to the usual 10,000, from May 1 through June 6. They also seem to be offering a 5% discount on private jet flights booked beyond Germany’s borders.

So what does this mean? Six roundtrips will get you Lufthansa’s coveted HON Circle status. Just find others that are interested in this promotion as well, and do some nice sightseeing from above on some quick flights.

And that’s exactly what some are doing. My friend Chris emailed me with a breakdown of the numbers of the trip he’s doing. A Cessna Jet for six passengers costs €11.178. Divide that by six and you’re looking at €1.863 per person for a roundtrip between Frankfurt and Strasbourg (and apparently also includes limo transfer between your home and the airport, along with FCT access since the ticket books into “F”). And that will net you 100,000 status miles, possibly more if you already have status.

HON Circle status for under €12.000 is most definitely a deal if you have the money, and there’s no easier way to do it than this!

Although I’m also being told that Lufthansa is changing terms and conditions somewhat to limit availability, so this works best for those that are already ticketed.

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  1. I was already wondering why it took you so long to post about this 😉 Anyway, great promotion and I’m really looking forward to my ride in ja CJ3!

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