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This is a reminder that Marriott Bonvoy’s first global promotion of 2021 launches today. For context, Marriott’s previous global promotion ended in November 2020.

We had first learned about the details of this promotion back in January, when positive changes to the Marriott Bonvoy program were announced, including elite guarantees being restored.

Marriott promo: double points & double elite nights

Bonvoy members can register for Marriott’s “Better Two-gether” promotion, offering double Bonvoy points and double elite nights for stays of two nights or more:

  • The promotion is valid for stays between February 16 and April 27, 2021, regardless of when they’re booked
  • Registration is required prior to your first eligible stay, and registration closes on April 13, 2021
  • The promotion kicks in starting with your first stay
  • Only paid stays qualify towards this promotion, so award stays don’t qualify
  • There’s no limit to how many bonus points you can earn
  • Bonus elite nights will post 3-7 business days after the qualifying nights post
  • All hotels globally are participating

St. Regis Bora Bora

How valuable is this Bonvoy promotion?

This is easily the most lucrative promotion we’ve seen from Marriott Bonvoy in quite a long time:

  • Bonvoy members can earn 5x bonus points per dollar spent at Element, Residence Inn, and TownePlace suites
  • Bonvoy members can earn 10x bonus points per dollar spent at all other brands

I value Bonvoy points at 0.7 cents each, so to me that’s like an incremental 3.5-7% return on Marriott spending.

The bonus elite nights should also help to make it even easier to earn status with Marriott Bonvoy in 2021, though the truth is that it will already be quite easy:

For example, as a Titanium member with both of the above cards, I’m starting 2021 with 68 elite nights. Unless I go for Ambassador status (which requires $14,000 worth of spending in 2021), I won’t have much need for the double elite nights.

W Verbier

Normal Marriott Bonvoy points earning rates

Not factoring in this promotion, Marriott Bonvoy members ordinarily earn:

  • 10x Bonvoy points per dollar spent at most brands
  • 5x Bonvoy points per dollar spent at Element, Residence Inn, and TownePlace Suites

Then there are elite bonuses:

  • Silver Elite members earn 10% bonus points
  • Gold Elite members earn 25% bonus points
  • Platinum Elite members earn 50% bonus points
  • Titanium Elite & Ambassador Elite members earn 75% bonus points

The above doesn’t include the points you can earn for credit card spending at hotels:

As a Titanium member with a co-branded credit card, I could be earning 33.5x Bonvoy points per dollar spent. At a valuation of 0.7 cents per point, that’s like a ~24% return on hotel spending, which is solid.

Stack this with targeted Marriott Bonvoy promos

In addition to this global promotion, Marriott is also offering some targeted promotions. You’ll want to check the promotions section of your account to see what you’re eligible for. For example, I have a targeted promotion for up to 22,500 Bonvoy bonus points after two paid stays.

Bottom line

Marriott Bonvoy has launched its first major global promotion of 2021, which members need to register for. With this promo, members can earn double points and double elite nights for stays of two or more nights this spring. Earning an extra 5-10x points per dollar spent, plus bonus elite nights, is quite generous.

Marriott Bonvoy status should be quite easy to earn in 2021, and it’s nice to see Marriott offering something quite compelling.

What do you make of Marriott Bonvoy’s first global promotion of 2021?

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  1. Sadly all these promotions are so US centric. It is still a struggle to earn even revised nights in Australia. I have a booking to check out the new W in Melbourne on Feb 4. Might have to change it!

  2. @ Ben – So that means you can earn 10x points for Residence Inn, Element and TownePlace and 20x points for all other?

  3. These promos are great, but it’s getting to a point of benefits overload. Between this, the Aspire card and Hyatt promo, I should easily achieve Hilton Diamond, Hyatt Globalist and Bonvoy Platinum this year. I also now have 14 free nights that I hold currently or will receive soon, most of which expire by the end of this year. I certainly don’t want to waste them, but it’s going to be tough to utilize all of them before they expire. A petty complaint, to be sure, but it’s going to be a juggling act.

  4. I’m in the same exact boat, @MattR, with the same statuses. Can’t complain, but can’t take advantage of all those statuses yet, either. I’m also sitting on United 1K, Alaska Gold 75k, and American Executive Platinum (thanks to the Hyatt Globalist offer last winter) with nowhere to go! Glad to be healthy and able to stay at home, but I miss my days on the road.

  5. I’m Titanium with a Ritz card, so it looks like I’ll be earning at least 43.5 MR. I bought points when they were on sale for $0.0078, so this is like a 34% rebate and roughly equivalent to the Hyatt offer. Sweet.

  6. @ben does the double point apply to only one room or would it apply to multiple rooms booked under one reservation? thanks

  7. @ ZIM — That’s a great question, we’ll have to wait for the full terms. My guess would be that all eligible spending charged to a folio would earn the bonus (which could include multiple rooms), but I could be mistaken.

  8. @ Joe Schmo — I might be missing something, but how do you arrive at 43.5x points? Does the Ritz Card offer 16x points per dollar spent at Marriotts?

  9. What do you mean by “Only stays with at least one paid night will count towards this promotion”

    I thought only paid nights are eligible. Are you suggesting that all nights in a stay double if at least one night is paid?

  10. @Ben, I noticed this wording in the terms that you posted
    “Only stays with at least one paid night will count towards this promotion”

    Does this mean that if i book a two night stay with points but during booking, it gives the option to pay one of the nights with money instead of points, then would that be eligible for the double nights?
    I also got the targeted “earn 22500 points with two stays”. Earlier i was planning to do a one night staty for the first stay (to get the 7500 points) but if I make it a two night with one “paid” and one “point” night (especially if you can find an off-peak night), then you may be able to leverage both. Would be good to check/verify

  11. @Ben – please ask them to bring back a path to Lifetime Titanium. Will keep some of us on the hamster wheel.

  12. @Ben – sorry! I left out a key detail. My targeted promotion is 2x on weekend stays and I confirmed it’s on unlimited uses during the promo period.

  13. I have no doubt that moving forward at some properties upwards of 50% of guests will have platinum, titanium or ambassador status. If anyone the platinums and titaniums should be most annoyed by free giveaway nights since there is no dollar threshold for those statuses.

    If club lounges every return they will need to seriously consider stripping complimentary lounge access for platinums on every stay. It is unsustainable.

  14. No targeted promotion here. What did you mean half the elite nights would be credited? When does that happen? So far I only have the credit card nights that have posted.

  15. Ben, I have the same question as Kai above, and I think it’s quite important to clarify.
    What does “Only stays with at least one paid night will count towards this promotion” exactly mean?
    Can you have one stay with just one paid night and the rest on points and still get double QN for all nights?

  16. Ambassador Elite, Lifetime Titanium. 3.5 million points in my Bonvoy account. I never received the promo that is stackable with this. I guess they think they don’t need to incentivize me.

  17. I just noticed I made lifetime Silver this year! I know that’s not a huge deal for most people here, but I only really started the whole miles/points/status hobby a few years ago, so this is my first lifetime status 🙂

    I’m currently on a 14 night stay in Hawai’i, so add in 15 cc nights and 38 Titanium bonus it looks like I’ll have 67 nights before the double nights promotion even starts! Based on all the additional promotions, I’m guessing the travel industry has scaled back their predictions for 2021, at least through H1.

  18. Unfortunately, in Canada, the Elite nights earned through cards is still capped at 15 nights (I have a personal and a business Amex Bonvoy card).

  19. I’m currently in the status match promotion which is 15 nights in 90 days for Platinum. Does this mean I only need to stay 8? Crazy.

  20. Add me to the list of people who wants clarification over the situation with paid nights vs redemption nights.

    If I book a stay with one paid night, and then add (say) two redemption nights onto that (second reservation that will be merged into one stay), does it count as a stay of 3 nights and therefore earns 6 nights?

    This is the one thing Ben hasn’t given any answer to so far.

  21. Marriott’s system is pretty archaic in the way stays are coded into the system. It’s either a paid stay or redemption stay. There is no option for a “hybrid” stay.
    In my experience, most of the time the hotel will code it as a paid stay. To increase your chances, make sure the first night is a paid night. Fairly sure the entire stay will then count as a paid stay, so double nights for everything.

  22. So, if the new ‘double points & double elite nights’ promotion begins Feb 16th, what about stays checking in on Feb 15th and checking out on Feb 20th?

  23. @pm – I have the same question and if you get an answer, please let us know. I have a weeklong stay checking in on the 14th. The FAQ isn’t entirely clear on this. It says: “If a member’s stay crosses over the promotion earning period dates, will their stay count toward promotion credit?” and the answer is “If you are registered prior to your stay, your stay is eligible and if at least one night of your stay falls within the promotion period, it will count toward promotion credit.” I can’t tell if the final “it” in the answer refers to the “stay” or the “at least one night”.

  24. I called Marriott and also separately messaged them on Twitter, and I got the same answer from both: The nights that fall within the promotion period would qualify for the promotion, but the other nights from the stay that fall outside the promotion period would not.

  25. The way stays are coded in MARSHA, there would be no automated way to separate nights from the same stay into separate stays. Historically, nights have been never separated for a promotion. If the stay touches the period, all nights are counted.

    So, unless Marriott has revolutionized their system….
    (But this is solely based on my own experiences.)

  26. Registration for the promotion is open or at least I was able to register. Got to the promo section after you log into your account and click on “show all promotions.”

  27. Like Marlene asked, any idea when the 50% of elite nights will be deposited? Right now I am at exactly 0 nights as a Gold Elite. Also, I don’t know if this promotion will be of any value, since we don’t know when we will be allowed to stay at hotels.

  28. Oh, okay, just saw your latest posting about this. So Marriott just started posting elite night credits.

  29. Get the following —

    We’re sorry, but there was an error in directing you to this promotion.

    The reason for this error could be:

    You’re trying to access a miles promotion and are a points-earner, or vice versa
    You are not eligible for this promotion
    This promotion has expired

  30. Same error here, just like everytime Marriott has a promo. Always takes at least several days for me to finally be able to actually sign up.

  31. Can you book through AMEX Travel / Fine Hotel & Resorts and receive the Double Elite Nights and Double Points?

  32. I just went to register and it says I am not eligible. Not happy with this. It did not say it was targeted

  33. Yes, it says I’m not eligible either….but….this has happened to me before. Either the glitch gets fixed and you can register later or if it’s still not fixed by the start date, contact Marriott and they will fix it for you.

  34. I have 2 promotions do both promotions stack?
    Exclusively for You: Earn Double Bonus Points

    and the new promotion

    Earn double points and double Elite nights on each stay.

  35. For everyone like me who is experiencing errors registering for the promotion…

    I just called Bonvoy to see if they could help me. I was told that the promotion was being suspended until 31 March…

    When I told the representative that I had only recently gotten the email from Marriott that the promotion was open, and that Marriott’s website was advertising the promo from 16 February to 27 April, she told me that the promotion was suspended BECAUSE OF COVID…

    When I told her that the promotion was launched precisely because of COVID and to lure people back, she went silent and said she was “registering me but it hasn’t gone through yet,” and that she was going to get a manager. Then she hung up.

    I called back, irate, got a profuse apology, an acknowledgment of the issue (for which there was still no explanation), and promise that I was indeed registered. I thanked her, hung up, waited an hour, logged into my account, and – guess what – I still wasn’t registered.

    I’m giving it until tomorrow morning to see what happens. Will try again. If that still doesn’t work, I’m just transferring all my Marriott points to one of my airline accounts and bidding a permanent adieu to Marriott.

    PS – @Lucky, not to step on toes, but there’s a good hunk of your readership that would absolutely love if someone with your clout could reach out to Marriott and get an accounting from them of the problem with registering for this promo, and then report back…

  36. My offer is 2x points all days through 3/31. That would result in a return similar to Joe’s so almost a 50% return since my personal 2x offer is in addition to the 2x one everybody gets.

    Anyone who hasn’t checked their promotions should take a look. 4x points is a nice offer.

  37. @BobbyJ — Error registering almost without a doubt means that you are not eligible, at least not initially.

    The promo has definitely not been suspended until March because I just registered with no trouble at all, and it immediately appeared in my Promo Central.

  38. Just to reconfirm – As long as you pay for at least 1 night, you will still get double elite nights if you use award certs/miles for other nights?

    Also – For a mattress run – How do you do it? I mean do I need to actually check in and go to the room every day? Can I just tell them when I check in that I dont really need the room?

    Doing this tonight

  39. @Jeremy:
    The way that stays are coded in the Marriott system, there is no way to code “mixed” stays. It’s either a paid stay or an award stay. 99.99% of the time it’s coded as a paid stay if there is at least a paid night. To increase the chances of this happening, I usually make the first night the paid night (also increases chances on getting a good upgrade.) Keep in mind that, in Marriott language, a stay is defined as consecutive nights at the same hotel, independent of check-in and check-out activity (so: different reservations will tally up to one stay.) Marriotteers have been known to hop between hotels during stay-based promotions.

    As for the mattress run: you will physically need to check in. You don’t need to sleep in the room. You can just undo the bed to give the impression, put the toilet seat up, moisture a towel and throw it on the floor, and that’s it. Put the “Do not disturb” sign on the door. Especially during COVID, housekeeping won’t be coming in each day in most properties.
    According to the rules, if you want to get your points and EQNs, you’ll need to stay at the hotel. Hotels have stooled on clients and made sure they wouldn’t get the Bonvoy points/nights, while keeping the money. But other hotels can help you with making a custom rate for clients that just want to complete the promotions, but they are in big trouble if they get caught, so it’s rare to find those properties.

  40. @yogi:
    Thanks! I Will be doing this tonight – Any idea how long it takes the nights to post and the status to change to Platinum?

  41. Generally, a stay will post ~2 days after you’ve checked out. (You’d be surprised, but it still happens manually by printing out reports, sending them by fax to Marriott HQ to be manually added into the Bonvoy accounts, hence so many errors!)
    Once the nights are posted, the status will be instantly upgraded.

  42. Weird question. I started my Marriott stay on the 13th (I couldn’t wait until the 16th bc I needed somewhere to stay and the Marriott was the best/cheapest option). Does the promotion only apply for stays started on or after the 16th or will the nights starting the 16th apply for this promotion?

  43. If you are not eligible go to your Profile –> Earnings Preferences and ensure “Points” is checked off. Then go back and see if the promotion is available.

    I was collecting miles and it showed the error. When I changed to Points the promotion appeared.

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