Marriott Bonvoy “Unlock More” Promo: Last Chance To Register

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In October Marriott Bonvoy revealed the details of their current global promotion. This promotion includes both one component that’s available to everyone, and then one component that’s targeted.

Anyway, this is a reminder that today is the last day to register for the Marriott “Unlock More” promo. While it’s still valid for stays through January 14, 2020, you can only earn bonus points if you register by today. So if you haven’t done so yet, you should now.

Here’s what you need to know about the promotion:

Marriott’s “Unlock More” Promotion

Marriott Bonvoy Unlock More is the Marriott Bonvoy program’s third-ever promotion.

With this promotion:

  • Earn 2,000 Bonvoy bonus points after staying two times
  • Two to three days after your second qualifying stay you’ll automatically unlock an additional offer; the details of this will appear in your online account, and you’ll receive an email about the offer
  • The promotion is valid for stays between October 29, 2019, and January 14, 2020
  • Registration is required by December 31, 2019
  • All hotels globally are participating

St. Regis Bora Bora

This Is A Weak Promotion

This promotion isn’t very competitive. I value Marriott Bonvoy points at ~0.7 cents each, so to me 2,000 points are worth $14, and you earn those after two stays.

That’s all that’s published as part of this promotion so far, though there is more to it (as we’ll get into below).

While there is another aspect to the promotion, the targeted nature of it suggests we shouldn’t get too excited.

Why? Because if this was a promotion Marriott wanted people to get excited about, they’d make that aspect of the promotion public so that people have a reason to rebook stays at Marriotts. With what we know as of now, I don’t think anyone is thinking that.

This promotion is especially disappointing when you consider the great promotions that are (or were) offered by Hilton, Hyatt, and IHG:

  • Through January 5, 2020, Hilton Honors is offering double points on all stays, and triple points if you have a Hilton Honors credit card
  • Through December 15, 2019, World of Hyatt offered triple points on Hyatt Place stays, and double points on all other stays, starting with the second stay
  • Through January 31, 2020, IHG Rewards Club is offering up to quadruple points on stays

Those are all excellent promotions. Meanwhile Marriott is offering a maximum of $14 of value after two stays based on the published promotion.

W Verbier

What Are The Offers You Can Unlock?

As you can see, with this promotion you unlock a second part of the offer after staying two times. So, what should we expect those offers to be? FlyerTalk member itisme has the details of what these offers allegedly are.

Note that we still don’t know who will be targeted for which offers, but rather just that these are allegedly the various offers available. So, what should we expect? Members will apparently be targeted for one of 12 offers:

  • 4,000 bonus points after two additional stays
  • 6,000 bonus points after three additional stays
  • 8,000 bonus points after four additional stays
  • 12,000 bonus points after five additional stays
  • 15,000 bonus points after six additional stays
  • Complete two additional stays for 2,000 bonus points, plus earn 2,000 additional bonus points after every two stays
  • Complete four additional stays for 2,000 bonus points, plus earn 2,000 additional bonus points after every two stays
  • Complete four additional stays for 2,500 bonus points, plus earn 2,500 additional bonus points after every two stays
  • 5,000 bonus points after one additional stay
  • 7,000 bonus points after one additional stay
  • 10,000 bonus points after one additional stay
  • 20,000 bonus points after one additional stay

Again, presumably each member would only be targeted for one of those offers, and there’s no way to know which one you’ll be targeted for. Earning 20,000 bonus points after one stay is of course awesome for the infrequent Marriott guest, while only having the potential to earn an additional 5,000 bonus points during the entire promotion is a lot less exciting.

I would expect that these promotions are designed to generate incremental business, so chances are that frequent guests would get the offers with higher thresholds.

Marriott Sometimes Has Targeted Promotions

Note that in addition to Marriott’s global promotion, Marriott is also offering some targeted promotions. Just log into your Marriott Bonvoy account and go to the “promotions” section to see if you’re eligible for anything.

For example, over the summer I was targeted for a double elite nights promotion for paid stays, though that promotion has expired. I know others have seen new offers since then.

Bottom Line

If you haven’t yet registered for Marriott’s “Unlock More” promotion, today is the last day to do so. Then you can continue earning bonus points for another couple of weeks.

Unfortunately the promotion isn’t much to get excited about — you’ll earn 2,000 bonus points after two stays, and then you’ll have the opportunity to unlock a further offer. Even most of the promotions that can be unlocked aren’t worth getting excited about.

What an all around disappointing promotion, especially since it comes at a time where Hilton, Hyatt, and IHG are offering great promos.

But I guess that’s not a huge surprise, since Marriott doesn’t feel much of a need to compete on the loyalty program front due to their global footprint.

What do you make of the Marriott Bonvoy “Unlock More” promo?

  1. Only of interest for people with planned bookings anyway. I suppose we’ll see data points soon enough as to what gets “unlocked,” but I agree if it was exciting they wouldn’t hide it behind something like this.

  2. It came together with a “Get two free nights after two stays” targeted promotion. I m two nights short of Titanium requalification and haven’t stayed at any of their hotels since about five weeks. Seems like they throw the additional promo into the basket to get me back into their hotels. Two free nights are limited to 35k redemptions only, so pretty much useless.

  3. Don’t understand this promo at all… It won’t entice anyone to stay at Marriott more than what they would’ve booked anyways. So essentially they “pay” people who would’ve stayed anyways, while failing to entice additional stays. They would’ve been better off literally doing nothing.

    Great job whoever is coming up with these “promos”!

  4. “Meanwhile Marriott is offering a maximum of $14 of value based on the published promotion.”


  5. I’ve been given double points as well. Worth checking the promos section. For what it’s worth, I’ve stayed a lot this year I don’t know if that put me in the right category for this additional offer when they were segmenting who they would offer it to.

  6. Very underwhelmed by this promotion. Even the follow-up offers (have leaked out) are not impressive.

    Also, Marriott forgot about me for many of the target promotions, including the free gift card.
    I had one double promo targeted promo at the same time as the spring double points, but was traveling in rural France for work without a Marriott in sight. So: useless. Tried to at least switch it for the double EQNs target promo, but wasn’t allowed.

    2019 is a bad Marriott year for me.

  7. Weak is right!!
    I remember the Suite promo SPG used to run. Stay in a suite and earn 3000 bonus SPG points + 2x points when paying with SPG card. Westin Lombard suite $134 + tax = 3300 spg points which today would be 10k Marriott points. Talking about a disappointing merger, Dios Mio!

  8. In a Marriott yesterday; in the elevator noticed one of those light box advertisements for Endless Nights promo ( 1500 points per 2 night stay). Isn’t that the one that finished a few weeks ago? It’s a bit weird that it’s still there.
    I’d bet money on the 20,000 for one stay will be targeted at the very infrequent guest, as a taster/incentive. Most readers of this blog will end up with some ‘ jump through hoops for chicken feed’ deal, as they’re regarded as a captive market, as high frequency guests. I hope I’m wrong.

  9. At the end of the year perhaps everyone is already focused on requalifying / qualifying so they don’t have to compete as much. Early next year when the counters are reset and minds are not on ‘5 more nights to Titanium’ they’ll put out some decent promos.

  10. @Mike

    And with SPG on their books, that is one less competition. (But SPG then didn’t have strong promo often either)
    Even pre merger, Marriott spits out good deals, remember the MegaBonus when it was still Mega?

  11. @Paolo, I’d bet most readers of this blog jumped ship this year, and if Marriott isn’t smart enough to realize that – oh well.

    ~750 paid nights 2014 – Q2 2018 for me…maybe 20 since then. Good thing this strong promo is convincing me to switch back!

  12. To be fair, I think they probably are short of ammos after Q1 as the promo was almost too good to be real. Thus all other promos after Q1 seem lackluster against competition.
    IMO Hilton has the best Q4 promo for Diamond members with a branded credit card, which is literally anyone who has an Aspire card.

  13. Well, I finally managed to register. I have one Marriott stay already booked for work, so the 2000 points MIGHT convince me to pick Marriott for a very cheap one-night stay I need to make, but that’s about it. Not particularly excited about their offer or the IHG offer this quarter.

  14. Lame. 1000 points per day is $7. and might not be enough to a tip for the bell boy. A friend of mine graduated from law school and I asked what he got for his money. He said the main thing he developed was a good BS detector. Likewise in this blog, you get clear eyed reviews of various promotions which calls out companies who to pull the wool over our eyes.

  15. I was targeted for 22k points after two stays in addition to the 2k.

    I am lifetime titanium elite with 100+ nights this year if that matters.

  16. I couldn’t sign up for the promotion, so I emailed Marriott and got the following response…

    “This promotion is targeted for guest that have only one stay on the account.
    We are trying to encourage them to travel more.
    As a Gold Elite member you are not eligible for this promotion.”

  17. I also received an error response “I wasn’t selected for the promotion or it had expired” … and I regularly stay at Marriott properties (silver earlier this year, on my way to gold). So what the heck is that about??? Phhhttt.

  18. @Erik

    Seems odd to give lots of bonus to people with lots of stays. I used to be if you stay a lot you get worse offers than if you stay once a year.

    Did you qualify the Ambassador spending? If so, how many nights did it took you to reach 20k.

  19. @Eskimo – lots of nights at lower end brands, so will very likely not hit ambassador this year despite hitting the nights requirement.

    And to your overall point, can’t say I disagree since I already will hit the bonus easily due to already planned trips for the rest of the year. Interesting others are getting far worse offers.

  20. Seems strange Marriott is not offering double elite nights to members in Europe. In my case, this will definitely make me switch ALL my stays for the rest of the year. Currently with the other promotions going on it makes more sense to stay in other chains. I think I will need to adjust to a “lower” elite life @marriott for 2020 🙁

  21. @Erik: impossible that the promo is only for people with only 1 stay. I’m Titanium Elite (although only 30 nights this year) and I was able to sign up without a problem. I suggest you call again until you hit someone more helpful.

    @eric: I could definitely use a targeted offer for double elite nights too. Some people got one this spring. The last time I got such a promo was in 2016, when it was for basically everyone outside of the US.

  22. How are people already seeing their follow-up offers? If I don’t see anything beyond the 2k points after 2 stays, does that mean I am out of luck? Woof. I have already moved many, many of my stays to Hyatt given their current promotion.

    Bonvoy is heinous.

  23. @Erik: how is it possible you already have a follow up offer? The promo started yesterday, so physically impossible to have completed (and posted) two stays.
    You might’ve had a separate targeted offer?

  24. Wish I had something positive to say about this promotion….
    As a Titanium Elite (135 Nights this year) , I was only given the 2K points after my first two stays.
    After which it said the promotion had ended and did not give me any additional unlocked offer….what a scam. Customer service was totally useless, and unable to explain why this happened.
    Hope everyone else is having better luck.

  25. @Jeremy: if you read more closely, you’ll see that you’re supposed to receive a follow-up offer 2-3 days after your 2000pts posted.

  26. Not an attractive promotion. Hilton says “double” which, even though I don’t like them as much since they let other people in my room at 2 am, seems like a lot. I’m at Hilton tonight, with a couch in front of the door.

    Marriott lifetime Titanium twice over, Hilton Diamond (might be lifetime but not sure they’re not as clear on these things as Marriott).

  27. It’s been four days since I received the 2k bonus and still no additional offer. I’m not surprised, this unlock more promo ‘unlocks more’ about as well as their mobile key unlocks your room ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  28. I got an email from Marriott with the following offer. Who in their right mind would book a stay based on this?

    Get 2,000 additional bonus points after four more stays.* Then keep earning 2,000 bonus points every two stays through January 14, 2020.

  29. 141 nights this year. Lifetime Tit elite. And my unlocked offer was the worst of the bunch – 4000 after two more stays. I travel every week and been throwing all my business to Hilton and other brands. Marriott has lost their minds.

  30. Wow what a crock. Here is what my email said when I woke up this morning. 123 stays this year.

    Get 2,000 additional bonus points after four more stays.* Then keep earning 2,000 bonus points every two stays through January 14, 2020.

    So I guess we all have been fooled. You unlock 1 more tier and that’s it. The whole promotion read like it was going to have multiple unlocks. I guess I’m going to stay at Choice as bad as I hate to say it. You at least get 8k points every 2 separate stays. Plus I get a $5 Starbucks card. 8k > 2k.

  31. As titanium member (184 nights) I received the 2,000 points for two stays and unlocked the new promotion which for me is 15,000 points for 6 stays, valid until 14 January 2020….. So, I guess I will check in and out each day for the next week and then I guess I am done with promotions till next year.

  32. I just got an unlocked offer for 15K points after 6 more stays. … And I just so happen to have 6 stays booked between now and year end. Hmmm.

    17K (15+2) ain’t something to complain about. I think it’s a pretty good offer to cover a 3mo span. Just wish everyone got the same deal.

  33. So after my 1st of 6 more stays to unlock the 15k, it gave me 2k and is now becoming clearer that it’s 15k in addition to 2k per stay, for a total of 29k for the promotion (Stay twice earns 2k, plus 2k x each additional stay, plus 15k bonus after 6 stays). That’s pretty good IMHO!

  34. Lifetime titanium with 100+ nights this year and seems like Marriott are giving a lot of people the same terrible bonus offer of 2000 points after four more stays. Hilton does start to sound appealing given Marriott seem to treat lifers as a cash cow at times.

  35. My second offer is COMPLETE FIVE STAYS. GET 12,000 BONUS POINTS.

    Where there be a third offer after the second offer is met?

  36. I can’t believe I was offered this as my bonus:
    You’ve unlocked your offer: Get additional bonus points.

    Are you kidding me? I just received 2,000 points for two stays so what is the incentive here? I had other stays planned at Marriott properties but I cancelled them

  37. 5,000 for my next stay. Have one already booked during the offer time frame , so where’s the incentive? I’ll take the 5k points, but nothing to aim high for.

  38. OK, an update …
    I had the 2k offer followed by the 15k for 6 stays. This I did (I booked back-to–back single nights for a week stay … 5 mins at front desk each morning doing checkout/checkin).
    I have now received my next promotion
    2 more stays. 7k unlocked after first stay and 15k unlocked after 2nd stay. gave me 3 months to complete the challenge. Thats 22k for 2 stays … not shabby!
    I have already done 1 stay and had the 7k credited …. next stay after the weekend.
    Will update further.

  39. Got mine,

    Offer unlocked: Now stay once to get 20,000 additional bonus points

    Marriott is always generous with me to be honest

  40. I stayed 7 nights in a hotel in honolulu hawaii,PRINCESS,;then 2 other nights at ALAMOANA, 1 night at Halifax courtyard and 2 nights at Halifax Weston and believe it or not i have 16000 points,;there is absolutely no incentive for staying at a marriott property!!!!

  41. So many complainers. Marriott’s points aren’t what they used to be, but If you’d read this thread you’d think there was a comparable hotel chain with as many options as they had. There just isn’t. I can’t even count the number of free nights I’ve had over the years. Those saying they can find the same elsewhere, good luck to you!

  42. Mine was “15,000 Bonus Points after 6 more Stays”. But it says it ends on 14th Jan. I have a booking for 13th-15th. Would that one count too? Thank you!

  43. I think we would need insight from someone familiar with Marriott system to get a definitive answer. However, it seems an easy problem to solve. Change your stay to two single nights back to back (13/14 and 14/15). Tell front desk at check-in what you are doing so you get to keep same room. Just check-out and check back in after the first night. The bonus is for stays, not nights, so makes no difference if one night or two.

  44. The booking is of course non-changeable and non-refundable. Lol. I actually called Bonvoy and they confirmed it would count. To make sure, I asked them to create a case and left a trace.

  45. Yesterday I got the additional offer for “20,000 bonus points after one additional stay”. I booked a local Fairfield Inn for $85 incl taxes (non-refundable) in 3 days’ time. Hotels even 50 miles from Nashville have become expensive, but I think it is worthwhile for me.

  46. I got 15000 bonus points after 6 stays. Are your frigging kidding me. This is after I had to stay twice to unlock this. So I needed 8 stays over the last 3 months to earn not even close to half of a free night at a low need property for those stays.

    After 112 nights with Marriott as an ambassador in 2019 I realize they don’t appreciate my business. I never get a welcome email from the property anymore or even some water/fruit in the room when I arrive. It used to be standard with SPG but don’t feel like my $20K in spend means anything to marriot. Never an email from my ambassador. Stays never post correctly. Resort fees are ridiculous and out of control. There are no real additional benefits after hitting 75 nights. The whole loyalty program is a mess.

    After the merger I gave them all of 2019 to convince me to stay. Instead they convinced me check out what else is out there. They may have the biggest footprint but that’s the only value in marriott for the masses.

    This was the Bonvoy moment for me. Bonvoy Marriot.

  47. Guys. Here is my story. I booked a meeting room at Sheraton Laval. There are two Suites on the website list as meeting/event venue. Before I booked one of the room, I called the hotel to confirm those suites will be counted as event on my statement. I asked about 5 times, the answers were all yes. After I completed my meeting, it shows a normal hotel stay on my account. The hotel management refuses to reward me as event. The staff lied to me. I had to contact customer service. I’m waiting for the case result. What a scam that is!

  48. Hi Mark,

    The best is always to make sure it’s written down in the contract that you’ll be receiving 10 EQNs as a “Rewarding Event.” Marriott is very picky on it. If you join us over at Marriott Insiders, you’ll find a ton of frustrations and some member-written guide to make sure you’ll be successful.

    If you really can’t get them credited, stick it to the man and contest your credit card charge stating the 10 EQNs as a “mattress run” was your whole reason to stay there and they won’t honor it.

    Don’t have it stand in the way of having some fun tonight though. Happy New Year in advance / bonne année ! 🙂

  49. Marriott gave me “Q4 2019 GLOBAL PROM-BUSINESS UNLCK OFR2 3,000 Points” today, 12/31/2019, after my stay at the Vancouver Sheraton that ended 12/29.

    Maybe because I am only a lowly 8-year Platinum with Marriott (I was SPG Platinum for 7) I didn’t get a better offer.

    For the next 3 days Hilton will give me double points while in San Francisco (I am Diamond).

    I am not sure what Accor will give me for next week’s Siem Reap stay but two weeks ago Hyatt gave me bonuses for my time in Chicago.

    As long as I get lounge access, free water and early checkin/late checkout consideration, hotel chain status means little to me (except for my sad Platinum IHG status, which only gives me free water).

  50. I also got lucky and received the 20K bonus offer. Only problem is I didn’t have any Marriott properties in the areas I’ve traveled since then and it looks like this offer ends tomorrow. Does anyone know if I make a booking for 1/13, tonight, and get charged 1 night cancellation for no show, does that still count as a stay?

  51. @Sue you could try booking a property with mobile key, then use mobile check in… they will check you in and charge your card when they send the key to your phone.

  52. @tc Thank you, I’ll try that if I can find a cheap property. Otherwise I’m not sure if it’s worth the 20k points since I would basically be paying for them.

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