Marriott Bonvoy Promo 2024: Double Elite Nights & Bonus Points

Marriott Bonvoy Promo 2024: Double Elite Nights & Bonus Points

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A couple of weeks ago, Marriott Bonvoy unveiled the details of its first global promotion of 2024. I wanted to post a reminder that this offer is live for stays as of today. Marriott’s previous global promotion ended in early December 2023, so it’s nice to see that another offer has been rolled out. This promotion can earn you bonus points, and help you qualify for elite status faster.

Marriott Bonvoy 2024 promotion details

With Marriott Bonvoy’s current global promotion:

  • Members can earn 1,000 bonus Bonvoy points per eligible paid night
  • Members can earn one bonus elite qualifying night per eligible paid night
Marriott Bonvoy promotion spring 2024

Registration is required for this promotion, and as you’d expect, there are some details to be aware of:

  • The promotion is valid for stays between February 13 and April 29, 2024, regardless of when they’re booked
  • Registration is required prior to your first eligible stay, and registration closes on April 15, 2024
  • Only stays paid with cash qualify toward this promotion, so award stays (including Cash + Points stays) don’t qualify
  • The bonus points will post within seven business days of checking out of a hotel
  • There’s no limit to how many bonus points or bonus elite nights you can earn (beyond the limit of how many nights you can stay)
  • You must select Bonvoy points as your points earning preference (rather than airline miles)
  • All hotels globally are participating, with the exception of stays at Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott Executive Apartments, and owner-occupied weeks at Marriott Vacation Club, Marriott Grand Residence Club, Sheraton Vacation Club Westin Vacation Club, The Ritz-Carlton Club, St. Regis Residence Club, and Luxury Collection Residence Club
St. Regis Bora Bora, French Polynesia

How valuable is this Marriott Bonvoy promotion?

While not the most exciting thing on earth, this is one of the better promotions we’ve seen from Marriott Bonvoy in quite some time. A few thoughts:

  • I value Marriott Bonvoy points at 0.7 cents each, meaning that you’re earning an incremental $7 in points per eligible paid night; that’s obviously more lucrative for a stay at an inexpensive property than at an expensive property
  • Then you earn two elite nights per eligible paid night, which can help you qualify for elite status twice as fast
  • I like how you’re awarded per night rather than per stay, so it doesn’t incentivize constantly hopping around, like some other promotions we’ve seen from the program in the past
  • I appreciate that the offer kicks in starting with the first stay, unlike some of Marriott’s past promotions, which only kick in starting with the second stay
  • I find it strange how strongly Marriott is discouraging award stays now for the purposes of promotions, as they don’t qualify
W Hotel Verbier, Switzerland

Normal Marriott Bonvoy points earning rates

Not factoring in this promotion, Marriott Bonvoy members ordinarily earn:

  • 10x Bonvoy points per dollar spent at most brands
  • 5x Bonvoy points per dollar spent at Element, Residence Inn, and TownePlace Suites

Then there are elite bonuses:

The above doesn’t include the points you can earn for credit card spending at hotels:

As a Titanium member with a co-branded credit card, I ordinarily earn 23.5x Bonvoy points per dollar spent. At a valuation of 0.7 cents per point, that’s like a ~16% return on hotel spending.

Ritz-Carlton Kyoto, Japan

Bottom line

Marriott Bonvoy has launched its first global promotion of 2024, so make sure you register. With this, members can earn 1,000 bonus points plus one bonus elite night for every eligible paid night during the promotion period.

Marriott Bonvoy doesn’t historically have the most exciting promotions, so this is a pretty great offer. I think the double elite nights component of this promotion is also telling. Presumably it reflects the lack of recovery of business travel, leisure travel weakening, or maybe a combination of both.

What do you make of Marriott Bonvoy’s global promotion?

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  1. Derek Guest

    Nice... Need this at Hilton. I got to Platinum and am 6 nights from Titanium

  2. Avi Guest

    Considering Marriott doesn’t value their loyal customers and I’ve been bonoy’d too many times I won’t be going out of my way to stay at a Marriott or pursue status. Hyatt on the other hand gets it.

  3. Joseph Story Guest

    Lucky, your link doesn't work. Are they excluding platinums?

    1. Lee in Alpharetta Guest

      I'm lifetime platinum and didn't qualify for this "global" promotion.

    2. shza Gold

      I'm platinum and it worked for me.

  4. Sheff Guest

    Ugghh, these “promos” never show in my Marriott account…. I miss the good old days of Starwood double (sometimes triple!) points…..

  5. JohnHam Member

    Thanks Ben. For once this promo actually showed up in the app instead of me having to call/email. Looks like i'll be staying in hiltons until Feb then Marriott afterwards

  6. Jay Guest

    If I have a stay that begins before February 13 but ends after, will some, all, or none of the nights count? I don’t see that specified in the terms.

  7. iamhere Guest

    If you have 40 nights because of the credit cards then it will not take much to get to 50. This said, it is not strange that they discourage redemption nights with this promotion because it costs them something as compared to when people pay.

  8. AD Diamond

    Of course I have a full week stay starting on the 3rd checking out on the 10th.

  9. humptydumpty Guest

    If I have two rooms booked for the same period at the same hotel, do I earn double for both rooms or just one?

    1. GB Guest

      Even without this promotion, you would only get credit for 1 night stayed, even if you have multiple rooms. You'd get points for each, but 1 night stayed is 1 night stayed, regardless of room count.

  10. Iowan Guest

    This could turn out bad. A better approach would be to checkout on Feb 13th or 14th and have a second reservation to guarantee double elite credit.

  11. kei Guest


    A double stay promotion has been announced and I am considering staying at Marriott group hotel.

    The promotion period starts from February 13th,
    but if I stay for 30 nights from February 10th,
    am I correct in understanding that 27 nights will be counted as a double stay?

  12. Nate nate Guest

    If you stay one night at a City Express, do you earn a full night credit under this promo

    1. Lee Guest

      Register for the promotion. Read the terms and conditions.

  13. Ken Guest

    Will this work with the Kris flyer gold promo? Which means to upgrade one only needs 5 nights rather than 10 nights?

    1. Ben Schlappig OMAAT

      @ Ken -- The KrisFlyer promotion is based on staying a certain number of nights rather than being based on earning a certain number of elite qualifying nights. So I think you'd still have to stay 10 nights to unlock Platinum status with that offer.

  14. Dominic Kivni Guest

    This is supposed to be a global promotion (for all Bonvoy members) right? It doesn't show up in my app and the link doesn't work

    1. Ben Schlappig OMAAT

      @ Dominic Kivni -- It could be that it's still in the process of being rolled out. There are often quirks with promotions showing up in all accounts immediately.

    2. Dominic Kivni Guest

      As an update, I called in and they told me they could manually add the promotion for me, though it still doesn't show up in the app for me

  15. MrCashIsKing New Member

    Does the bonus elite night also count towards lifetime elite nights?

    1. Ben Schlappig OMAAT

      @ MrCashIsKing -- Historically all elite nights earned with Marriott Bonvoy count toward lifetime status, so I'd assume the double elite nights do as well.

    2. Tim Guest

      It did during last year’s promotion.

  16. Karthik Guest

    Registration link does not work

    1. Ben Schlappig OMAAT

      @ Karthik -- It's the correct link. Otherwise try logging into your Bonvoy account and seeing if it shows under the "promotions" tab?

    2. Karthik Ramachandran Guest

      Thanks Ben - nothing appearing in the account yet. I tried that first before clicking on the link in the post.

    3. Iowan Guest

      Try calling the Bonvoy desk. I had this problem in the past and they were able to register me (for global promos that are not targeted).

    4. Lee Guest

      Just log into your account. Go to promotions and click "Register." It's that simple.

    5. VladG Diamond

      @Lee: That doesn't work for everyone, courtesy of Marriott's notoriously bad IT.

  17. Anthony Diamond

    Bro, you gotta fix these headlines and the post content when new promotions come out. I’m sitting at a hotel bar right now, buzzed, interested in the new Marriott promotion. I open the post and see stuff about fall 2023.

    1. Ben Schlappig OMAAT

      @ Anthony -- When you open the post you're seeing stuff about 2023? That's really strange, if so. Could you try to do a hard page refresh and see if it changes?

    2. AG Member

      I was seeing this too for a couple hours - while the headline on the homepage was correct, clicking on it brought me to the fall 2023 article (Marriott Bonvoy “Go Your Way” Promo: Up To 2,500 Bonus Points Per Stay).

      Tried refreshing but it still didn't work for a while.

    3. Joe Guest

      Whoever is hosting your website may need to just restart their webserver. That's the server side equivalent of us refreshing our browser. Your web page has an older copy cached and needs to be purged. Restarting the webserver will do it. But they should understand that.

  18. Jim Baround Guest

    Thank you for reusing an old blog post with a new headline.

    1. Jum Paround Guest

      Thank you for reusing an old comment with a new name

    2. Ben Schlappig OMAAT

      @ Jim Baround -- Correct, when there's a new promotion I update the previous post about a promotion to reflect the new one, so that I don't have dozens of posts about Marriott promotions from over the years. Is there an issue with that?

    3. Amritpal Singh Guest

      Ben if you wrote a new article, they’d complain about that too.

    4. Lee Guest

      Ha. Why are you writing a new article when you could have simply updated the post?

    5. Joe Guest

      That would retain the old creation age of the page and can show up on search engine with an older year leading you to think it's an old article.

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Sheff Guest

Ugghh, these “promos” never show in my Marriott account…. I miss the good old days of Starwood double (sometimes triple!) points…..

Derek Guest

Nice... Need this at Hilton. I got to Platinum and am 6 nights from Titanium

shza Gold

I'm platinum and it worked for me.

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