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This is an update to a post from last week to note that the 15 elite qualifying nights from Marriott’s co-branded credit cards have now posted, just a couple of days before the deadline. Hopefully all members see the elite nights in their accounts, and if they don’t, they should post soon.

Below is the original post answering the question of when elite nights post from Marriott’s co-brand credit cards.

We recently saw the introduction of the Marriott Bonvoy program, and to go along with this, we’ve seen quite a few benefit changes, including to Marriott’s co-branded credit cards.

What is the Marriott 15 elite night benefit?

One of the great benefit of several co-branded Marriott Cards is that they offer 15 elite nights towards status annually just for having the card. The catch is that you can only earn this benefit once per year, so if you have two co-branded credit cards you’re still capped at earning 15 elite nights, and wouldn’t earn 30 elite nights.

This makes Platinum status quite attainable, as it puts you jut 35 nights from Platinum (which requires 50 nights per year).

In many ways this makes Platinum status too easy to earn in terms of managing expectations. Marriott is the world’s largest hotel group, so is promising everyone unlimited space available suite upgrades realistic when Platinum status is so easy to earn, or does that make upgrades as likely as a Delta One saver seat from the US to Australia before Christmas?

When do the 15 elite nights post?

I’ve received this same question literally dozens of times, so I figured it was worth addressing. As of this point, 2019 elite nights haven’t yet posted for the Marriott Card.

When should we expect them to post?

The terms state that the 15 elite nights will post by March 1, 2019, so that means they should post in the next week or so. Usually when loyalty programs set limits like that they post way earlier (I know with SPG in the past they’d post within the first couple of weeks of the year), but Marriott sure is taking their sweet time here.

There are a couple of other things to note regarding this:

  • You get your 15 elite nights for 2019 by March 1, 2019, as long as your account was open as of December 31, 2018
  • If you open the card during the year, then you still get the 15 elite night benefit for that year, and they will be credited to your account within 60 days of account opening

Which Marriott Cards offer 15 elite nights?

The following American Express and Chase cards offer the 15 elite night benefit (once again, this isn’t stackable, so each Marriott Bonvoy member can earn at most 15 elite nights with this benefit, regardless of how many cards they have):

Bottom line

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for your 15 Marriott Bonvoy elite nights to post, they should be posting within the next week or so. Historically these post sooner rather than later, but this year they’re sure taking their time.

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  1. After I unpraged my Marriott Rewards card to the premier card last year my 15 elite night credits didn’t post since it reset my anniversary date. Very frustrating at not worth the 10k points I received…. hopefully these actually post. But I learned to always read the fine print when upgrading.

  2. This is taking so long it’s preventing some people from reaching and getting benefits of status they would achieve.

  3. A bigger issue with this CF of a company is that they refuse to show you your spend until you are halfway to 100 nights. Opacity wherever possible is the name of the Marriott game.

  4. Same frustration as others on this needlessly slow pace from Bonvoy. Annual cc free night certs are also taking forever to post.


    This year I’ve had two FNAs post from Chase in a matter of days, and FNAs from AmEx take two months.

  6. It seems whenever I look at my account, something that is supposed to be there isn’t! Yesterday it was a missing 7 night stay credit from early last week (which I will have to chase) and of course, the 15 CC nights. Ayaaaahhhhh!!!!

    Well, at least the LT Titanium finally showed up.

  7. I have a question. If you get the Bonvoy Brilliant card and get the 15 days in May 2019. By the end of December 2019, you accumulate another 25 days needed to become a Platinum member. When does the Platinum membership start and end? Is it good for all of 2020?

  8. The delay in these 15 nights posting has kept me from booking Marriott hotels since January. Late last year I broke out of being an IHG loyalist and I wanted to check out the Hilton and Marriott programs. I accumulated 16 nights at Marriott properties in January thinking I would get the 15 nights from my cc and start getting upgrades for my gold status. Marriott’s lack of promotions and not getting the gold status right away has me staying at IHG and Hilton properties enjoying my top status perks (Spire & Diamond) and racking up promotional points as I go.

  9. The American Express Platinum card also gets you complimentary Gold Status… does it give you any nights toward platinum status?

  10. what a stupid post. you came to tell us when the 15 nights post but didn’t write anything more than is already published in their T&Cs. this is Marriott we’re dealing with here, i wouldn’t be surprised if the nights never post!!!

  11. I get that having 2 co-branded cards still limit you at 15 night credits. What if I Gabe’s Canadian AMEX Bonvoy cars and one of the US issued cards. I wonder if the system would still recognize it?

  12. This is not accurate:

    If you open the card during the year, then you still get the 15 elite night benefit for that year, and they will be credited to your account within 60 days of account opening

    Here are the full terms:
    On or before March 1 of each calendar year, a maximum of 15 Elite Night credits will be credited to your Marriott Bonvoy member account operated by Marriott International, Inc. in accordance with Marriott Bonvoy terms and conditions. To be eligible to receive the 15 Elite Night credits with this Card, you must be the primary cardmember, your Card Account must be open as of December 31 of the prior year, and you must have an active Marriott Bonvoy member account linked to your credit card account.

    In other words… You will not get the 15 elite night credit until the year after you open the card.

  13. I’m also missing the 15 nights on my accounts, but… more pressing issue…

    I exceeded $30,000 in spend in 2018 on my SPG Amex Biz card. This is supposed to give me Gold Elite status this year but the status has not been updated on my account. Trying to get a resolution, I’ve been bounced around between Amex, SPG, Marriott, and Bonvoy. Everyone says it’s someone else’s issue but I’m also hearing that I should allow 8-12 weeks for the status update. So I’d miss up to 25% of the year! I have a 4 night stay scheduled for next week and they cannot promise to updating my status before that stay. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

  14. My nights posted. Here is a basic question – let’s say I have 35 hotel nights to spend over the rest of the year. Is it worth it to divert these all to Marriott, or is it a better choice to book based on convenience, choosing Marriott, Hilton, independent, Hyatt, whatever based on location, price, promotions at the time, etc?

  15. I’m not quite sure why people are complaining or holding off on booking until the 15 nights are credited.

    I see the terms as follows from SPG luxury card anyways:
    “A maximum of 15 Elite Night credits will be credited to your Marriott BonvoyTM member account within 60 days upon opening your Card Account. On or before March 1 of each subsequent calendar year, a maximum of 15 Elite Night credits will be credited to your Marriott Bonvoy member account operated by Marriott International, Inc. in accordance with Marriott Bonvoy terms and conditions, as long as your Card Account is open as of December 31 of the prior calendar year.”

    So new card gets it within 60 days, the year after, it credits near March 1st. I just account for the 15 days and book my stays accordingly so I’m not sure why people wait or depend on the 15 days when you probably wont hit 50 or 75 until later in the year anyways. If you’re booking so many rooms early on the year that somehow you might exceed your 50,75, or 100 threshold because the 15 night didn’t post, you’re probably an elite already and you wouldn’t need to depend the the 15 nights right away anyways.

    I’m probably in the minority because I actually haven’t had any issues throughout this whole process. Everything posted and refunded as they should but most of my stays are with Marriott and not SPG though.

  16. Useless card. Only gives gold status which is useless at Marriott. Will keep staying at Hilton with my diamond status , Hilton has a lot more perks with their Amex cards.

  17. They did post into my account and, interestingly, the 15 nights were also added towards the Lifetime Nights. From my understanding that should not be the case as only actual nights stayed should show up here, right?

  18. “This makes Platinum status quite attainable.”
    The change makes it much LESS attainable.
    That’s why I just canceled my SPG Biz, and am taking aim at my other four Marriott/SPG cards. I’ll keep the Ritz-Carlton Card.

  19. Anyone have their 5 night elite stay platinum benefit post yet? I received my 15 nights from my spg Amex but not the 5 elite night credit I signed up for last month.

  20. Nice to see them post early this year. My Chase card always used to post in early December – card anniversary date.

    Not sure why it matter though. 120+ nights last year/ambassador – still can’t get an upgrade.

  21. I have Gold Elite now through Amex Platinum. If I get the new Bonvoy card that offers 15 elite nights. Does that mean I will just need 10 nights to reach Platinum Elite?

  22. This is either incorrect or out of date, I enrolled in this card in March, and after not seeing 15 nights for 5 months I called and they confirmed that the 15 night bonus would not be provided for the first year.

  23. I have a question regarding this 15 credit.
    is this gonna be a free night at any Marriott hotel regardless of price and hotel?

  24. If we have the Ritz card and get 15 EQ nights and it automatically gives us gold status, do we only need to stay 35 nights total to get Platinum status?

  25. Nicolas,

    You might as well try…worst case you don’t but you’ll get them for 2020 either way. If they post quickly, you might get in under the wire for 2019 unless, as someone posted above, you only get the 15 the calendar year AFTER you get the card.

    In that case, definitely get the card in 2019 so you can get the 15 for 2020.

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