OMG: Man Climbs Onto Wing At Lagos Airport To Hitch A Ride

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As you guys know, I’m ready for my Nigerian aviation adventure, though I’m not sure I’m quite ready for this…

An Azman Air flight this morning from Lagos to Port Harcourt was delayed after the plane gained an extra passenger shortly before takeoff at Murtala Muhammed Airport.

A video shows a man who illegally gained access to the airside jumping on the wing of a Boeing 737 with hand luggage. Allegedly he put his bag into one of the engines, thinking that’s a good place to store it during the flight.

The aircraft was holding short of the runway at the time the incident occurred. As you’d expect, there was commotion in the cabin, and the pilots ended up shutting down the engines, to avoid the man being sucked into one of them.

The man has been arrested following the incident. Allegedly he claimed that he wanted to travel to Ghana, so I’m not sure what exactly his plan was for redirecting the plane to his desired destination.

Here’s the video:

While this doesn’t happen all the time, I would note that Lagos Airport is known for security issues. For example, early last year I wrote about how robberies of aircraft cargo holds at Lagos Airport were apparently quite common.

Africa World Airlines’ Chief Safety Officer even explained how things like this only happen in Nigeria. Check out that video:

Frankly it amazes me that the US allows direct flights from Lagos, given that you’d think they’d have security concerns over these types of incidents. They’ve “downgraded” airports and countries for issues that I can’t imagine even begin to compare to this.

In this case I’m happy that the pilots acted so quickly to turn off the plane’s engines, or else this could have ended much worse.

  1. @stuart: that was good. as a dad, i actually did LOL to that.

    @lucky: curious…if this plane was “holding just short of the runway” (aka about to take-off), why is EVERYONE standing in the aisle? there are A LOT of safety concerns taking place in one video.

  2. You ask why the US allows flights and yet European carriers have been operating to LOS for years

  3. lucky you sound really silly…how many knuckleheads at us airports go unreported or make the viral twitter hashtag list, but US cities are not on the banned list.

    you are not an aviation or safety expert dude….because you know much about a flight cabin, doesnt mean you are able to determine what a bilateral aviation agreement looks like.

  4. OMG, I worked in Lagos for a while about thirty five years ago and I remember still how many Nigerians I met who longed to get away because they believed in other places there were magic money trees and streets paved with gold. Not a day went by but I was asked to sponsor a visa which of course I couldn’t and didn’t.

    This guy is a demonstration of how desperate people still are and what they will do to chase their dreams.

    As for LOS, it’s was hell hole at the best of times and no doubt you are still asked to hand over cash or goods at every one of the many security check points to speed your passage. There is no where else like it in the world. Back when I was there the route to London was operated by British Caledonian and boarding the 747s and DC10s with the golden lion rampant on the tail and the welcome of the bonnie lassies in their clan tartans was always enough of a relief to bring tears to my eyes that I was through the airport and on my way to London.

  5. He likely figured if he was on the wing, he could just use his body as aileron and direct the plane to Ghana rolling around as needed.

  6. Maybe he’s a fan of Gary Leff’s blog “View From The Wing” and wanted to go all the way!

  7. @ AJ – It’s possible they were all seated, but when the commotion started about the man on the wing, they unbuckled their seatbelts and got up to look.

  8. Presumably the bag would have been OK in the engine. The pressure of the air entering it would keep it in place within the cowling.

    But the reverse thrust upon landing might eject it. Not that he would have any use for it at that point of course, since he’d be spread across several miles of countryside.

  9. Aj

    If you want to see people standing in the aisle upon takeoff and landing, take a domestic flight in China.

    You get to smoke too!

  10. It’s really nice they put the translation of what he was saying in English, in writing in English at the bottom of the video. I don’t think was done for deaf people.

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