Making My Nigerian Aviation Fantasy A Reality…

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Long time readers will know that I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have a slight obsession with quirky airline startups. Air Belgium was perhaps the perfect example of that, and I was lucky enough to be one of the (relatively) few passengers to ever fly on their scheduled flight between Charleroi and Hong Kong.

Air Belgium A340

Air Peace: “When You Fly It, You Find Peace”

My current airline obsession is with Nigeria’s Air Peace, and I just can’t stop thinking about them. On July 5 Air Peace launched “long haul” operations between Lagos and Sharjah, and I think about it every day. Heck, I don’t just think about it every day, but there’s not a day that has gone by where I haven’t talked to Ford about Air Peace.

“Can you take this flight already so you can stop talking about it?”

Air Peace is flying former Emirates 777s that even have first class, and I need to take this flight so badly. What is the champagne like in first class? How is the service? And what about the food?

Now, I should probably note that sometimes my airline obsessions are a bit off base. For example, at one point TAAG Angola was my airline crush, and we saw how that ended

Making my Air Peace fantasy come true

I have a few days in early August where I could potentially take this trip. I don’t really care whether I fly Air Peace from Sharjah to Lagos or the other way around, though perhaps I have a slight preference for flying out of Sharjah, so I can enjoy their award winning inflight service on a daytime flight.

I’m trying to figure out some of the logistics, though:

  • I’m trying to avoid getting a Nigerian visa because my US passport is currently being renewed, so that would mess with my timeline
  • I have some reliable people telling me that you can transit Lagos Airport without a visa as long as you have confirmed onward travel, but I don’t see this officially published anywhere (even in the IATA travel portal), so can anyone point me to something definitive in writing?
  • My general plan is to fly Emirates’ new 777-200LR business class from Fort Lauderdale to Dubai, and Delta’s A330 business class from Lagos to New York, though that involves a really long layover in Lagos
  • How bad is Lagos Airport/how much will I hate my life if I’m stuck there for almost an entire day?

Air Peace’s magical 777

Then there’s Air Tanzania

Air Peace is one of two African airlines I most want to fly — the other is Air Tanzania, with their single Boeing 787-8. They’re launching flights to Mumbai with this plane as of July 17, 2019, so it will be entering long haul service in just a couple of days (up until now the plane has essentially been used as a decorative piece at Dar es Salaam Airport).

Air Tanzania’s 787

I’m not sure if it’s realistic to fit that into a quick trip as well, since there aren’t any easy links between Dar es Salaam and Lagos, and/or between Mumbai and Lagos.

I suppose I could fly Air Mauritius A350 and A330-900neo business class from London to Johannesburg via Mauritius, then Air Tanzania’s A220 business class from Johannesburg to Dar es Salaam, and then Air Tanzania’s 787 business class from Dar es Salaam to Mumbai.

Wait, I’m getting really sidetracked and that completely leaves out the Air Peace part of the trip.

So you guys tell me — where does an Air Peace review fall on the scale of “useless and dumb” to “useless and awesome?” Can anyone think of some epic itinerary here that I’m not thinking of?

I should clarify that I’m trying to be practical here. I love you guys to pieces, and especially how creative you get, but in this case “and then you should route via Kuala Lumpur on Air Mauritius, and then take Biman Bangladesh to Dhaka, and then fly Garuda Indonesia to Bali, and then fly Malindo Air to Kuala Lumpur, and then…” won’t be especially helpful in actually putting something together here. 😉

  1. Hey Lucky,

    Ethiopian would work fairly well, I think. There’s saver space in J for DAR-ADD-LOS on many days in early August. And ADD-LOS is on a 77W!

  2. useless and dumb on a scale of 0-2 I give it 11. As far as routing you should fly some to Africa and then a few of the other African airlines.

  3. It is super disappointing how poorly different parts of Africa are connected. There are major cities that you have to double connect just to fly to. BTW the Lagos airport is a dump. You will be miserable spending more than a couple of hours there.

  4. Your focus on exotic airlines like Air Tanzania and Air Belgium as well as Rwandair, MIAT Mongolia, TAAG Angola, and, happily, Air North, etc is one of the many reasons I enjoy following ‘On Mile at a Time’, I loved your review of Air North. have you ever tried Luxair, Bangkok Airways (blue ribbon) or Lao Aviation? happy and safe flying!

  5. SAA Airbus 330-300 Business Class with the reverse herringbone product from IAD-ACC (visa on arrival available in Ghana), then connect ACC-LOS-SHJ on Air Peace (or Africa World Airlines on ACC-LOS).

    I can also arrange visa on arrival for you in Nigeria (seriously) otherwise if you prefer to stay there overnight.

    Airside transit is a piece of cake in Lagos if your bags are checked through or if you have hand luggage only. I do it regularly, most recently last Saturday afternoon.

  6. You should not fly Air Peace unless you are totally comfortable with the company’s operation (meaning, ownership, safety, maintenance, and crew) and you should stay in Lagos airport and/or city for as little time as possible.

  7. My opinion would be to pass on Air Peace. It’ll be gone before you know it. But if you have to risk your life flying yet another dodgy carrier, go now and get it out of your system. As for the value of a review, I’d rate it beyond “useless and dumb”. Even those who love collecting airlines would probably stay clear of yet another Nigerian start-up.

    And as for being both Jewish and gay and choosing to fly between Lagos and Sharjah? Dancing on the precipice…

  8. Drive tourism in Nigeria ? Lol

    I think you can transit without a visa however consider if it’s the same ticket. If it’s a separate ticket the airline will consider Lagos your final destination Most airlines have security to escort their staff to /from hotels

  9. “so can anyone point me to something definitive in writing?”

    You could always Google the Nigerian embassy in the US and contact them directly…and also ask about visa requirements for German citizens too, while you’re at it.

  10. SAA doesnt operate reverse herringbone. The A330-300 has the Vantage XL seats. Note they fly the A330-200 on this route from time to time.

    Lagos airport is worse than what you can imagine. Time your travel to avoid any long stops, transit is possible.

  11. It is possible for something to be useless and dumb *and* awesome. This falls into that category.

    MTV made a ton of money out of the “Jackass” franchise catering to those of us who enjoy that category. This is just nichier.

    I have a family, so I have to live vicariously through your own idiocy. Otherwise I’d be up for it myself.

  12. LOS is the worst airport I’ve ever been to, bar none. The main road to/from it is mostly mud, which can be difficult even on a dry day. The terminal is falling apart. There is no air-conditioning in a lot of it. The bathrooms are horrifying. There are attendants posted at every bathroom to ask for tips, even though they clearly do not clean the bathrooms, give you toilet paper, or DO anything. They just ask for tips. The vendors are very aggressive. Just walking to a gate, you’ll get hounded over and over to buy stuff. The airport officials ask for bribes quite openly (though they call them “blessings”).

    I’ve flown Air Peace ACC-LOS. I had purchased a ticket on AWA (Africa World Airlines). I arrived at the airport to discover that the morning frequency of ACC-LOS had been canceled… five months earlier! (I had purchased the ticket less the five months earlier, so they were selling tickets on a non-existent flight.) There were a bunch of other people in the same situation. We ran over to the Air Peace desk. Given that AWA’s flight had been cancelled for five months, I have to imagine the Air Peace agents were used to having people try to get on their flight at the last minute. They did not show it. They insisted that we pay in cash, and sent all of us across the terminal to use an ATM. When we got back from the ATM, they said the plane had already left without us. (Why send us to get cash if we can’t catch the flight?) It turned out that the plane had not left. We boarded… and then waited at the gate for 20 more minutes. The flight itself was fine.

  13. Unlike TAAG – maybe try to go into the experience with realistic expectations? The plating and selection of champagne may be a little lacking.

  14. @Simon S – sorry you’re right. Don’t know why I said reverse herringbone. I’m supposed to be flying that product tomorrow, so really should know better since I just finished OLCI.

    My suggestion still stands though. It’s a product Ben hasn’t reviewed before and I can sort his visa issues out in both Ghana and Nigeria if he needs.

  15. Here’s a suggestion that I think gets everything in:
    First get to Lagos using the itinerary you suggested via Dubai. Then, to squeeze in Air Tanzania, from Lagos, fly to Johannesburg. South African uses an Airbus A330-300 to fly from Lagos to Johannesburg – I just flew on it a few weeks ago, and it was amazing, with their new Vantage XL seats. From Johannesburg, you can fly Air Tanzania’s A220 business class to Dar Es Salaam and then their 787 business class on to Mumbai. From Mumbai, to keep it simple, you could fly back to the US on Air India’s 777-300 business class, which I believe you haven’t flown on yet. Or from Mumbai, you could fly Egyptair’s 787s back to Washington DC via Cairo, although I haven’t seen much saver space on that route.

  16. @Matt – please contact me directly about your issue with the AWA booking. Email is sean(dot)mendis(at)flyafricaworld(dot)com. I want to see what went wrong there.

  17. Lagos is by far the worst airport I have ever been to. Ok any given day, half of the airport terminal doesn’t have power because the generators aren’t strong enough. Airport WiFi is pretty much nonexistent. Most ATMs don’t work and most of the places in the airport have credit card machines that don’t work.

    And policies on whether transiting is allowed or not are really not important. Bc whether you are allowed or not is not even slightly correlated with whether they will let you. Immigration officers repeatedly ask for bribes openly. There is in theory a process for international transfers but it’s so much worse than Cairo, which is already a pain. The staff don’t show up to staff the transfer desk, they will tell you to wait and disappear. And still ask for a bribe or tip before they even think of helping you.

    Honestly it’s not worth it. It’s an awful place to spend any amount of time.

  18. Totally impractical and completely dumb, but entertainment value is high so I say go for it!

  19. Good itinerary I would try:

    Some way of getting to London
    LHR-MRU-JNB Air Mauritius
    JNB-DAR-BOM Air Tanzania
    BOM-NBO-DXB Kenya Airways
    SHJ-LOS Air Peace
    LOS-JFK Delta

  20. Lucky, try get on SAA’s A330-300 business. Depends on schedule but I believe they are currently operating to Lagos, so you can go from Newark to Mumbai, Mumbai to JNB with Air Tanzania, and then onwards with SAA to Lagos – and then the Air Peace flight, and fly back into Fort Lauderdale with EK business.

  21. Should I give Air Peace a go? Is LOS the portal to Hell?


    Life is short. Have an adventure! Take up Sean M’s offer on getting you a visa and spend a day in Lagos. It’s a fascinatingly chaotic city. And the Wheatbaker hotel is surprisingly good.

  22. I like Julian’s suggestion. But we could spice it up abit. From Mumbai take FlyDubai business class to DXB, then EK to MRU. From MRU take Air Mauritius A350/A330Neo to London. From London find your way to either ORY or BCN and fly Level to somewhere in the US. From whatever point in the US you could take your new ‘sweetie darling’ AA including maintainance issues back to Florida.

    To recap.
    1. FLL – DXB EK
    2. SHJ – LOS Air Peace
    3. LOS – JNB SAA
    4. JNB – DAR- BOM Air TZ
    5. BOM – DXB FlyDubai business class
    6. DXB – MRU EK
    7. MRU – LHR Air Mauritius A350/A339
    8. LHR – ORY/BCN (If to BCN then try the hell that is Vueling)
    9. ORY/BCN – EWR/SFO Level Premium Economy.

    You get to review so many airline products and we will continue loving you forever.

  23. If you plan on going the Air Mauritius route, don’t expect to fly the aircraft type you booked. I live in Mauritius and have yet to fly on the same aircraft type as originally booked.

  24. As a Nigerian, I appreciate your enthusiasm and urge to fly Air Peace. Air Peace is an exciting start-up that, I believe, has a bright future given tremendous public support and patronage. I’d advise in your long layover in Lagos, you grab a visa-on-arrival (visit: and lounge in a hotel on airport road (there are so many options on airport road, and as the name implies, they are all a stone throw away from the airport). Unlike a comment I read on this thread, the airport road is not a mud/dirt road; in fact, recently, the new five lane airport road was commissioned. However, I must say that the Lagos airport is not the best, but it definitely isn’t the worst. A new terminal will be commissioned by the end of the year. I think you will enjoy the new Air Peace route to Sharjah from Lagos or vice versa. You’ll be treated with Nigerian hospitality on the route!

  25. Useless and dumb but amazing. Maybe try flying Asky (KP) to Lomé or Douala and then connect with Brussels Airlines (SN – maybe with the new product) or Ethiopian long haul (out of Lomé) back towards Europe or the US. Lagos airport is terrible and I think Americans/Germans need a visa even to transit…would love to read a Schadenfreude themed review of yours about the airport though! That said there are plenty of decent hotels in the Lagos area.

  26. You could try flying to Mumbai first, perhaps via DXB from FLL, and then take the Air Tanzania flight across the Indian Ocean to DAR. Then from there, go back to DXB with either Flydubai (although you wouldn’t be able to try their new business class because of the 737 MAX grounding) or Emitates, and transfer to SHJ for the Air Peace flight to LOS. From there, you could either brave a long layover in LOS airport to wait for the Delta flight, or connect somewhere in Europe (CDG, LHR, FRA, IST etc) to get back.
    That routing ends up being:
    FLL-DXB-BOM on Emirates
    BOM-DAR on Air Tanzania
    DAR-DXB on Flydubai
    SHJ-LOS on Air Peace
    LOS-JFK on Delta (or something else)

  27. You know you can get a second passport so you don’t have to worry about renewal timelines?

  28. Fort Lauderdale to Dubai with Emirates
    Sharjah to Lagos with Air Peace
    Lagos to London with British Airways
    London to Mauritius with Air Mauritius
    Mauritius to Johannesburg with Air Mauritius
    Johannesburg to Dar Es Salaam with Air Tanzania
    Dar Es Salaam to Mumbai with Air Tanzania
    Mumbai to London with Virgin Atlantic
    London to Miami with Virgin Atlantic

    You could also go via Kigali, Nairobi or Addis Ababa and cut out all of the Mauritius stuff, shortening the trip a lot.

  29. Hi Ben,
    of course I get your airline obsession. But the Air Peace leg is way too dangerous IMHO.
    Air Tanzania is a different story. I would go for that. And maybe Air Mauritius. That has value for you and your readers. Nigeria and Lagos are not places you would want to go to voluntarily. Be safe!

  30. I think this review would be awesome.

    For the Visa, it appears you can use a non-U.S. passport to get a passport at the embassy, in addition you could get a second US passport for these situations.

  31. Looks like there’s a bottle of Moet in the galley at 1:39. Probably just an inaugural flight special, but that bodes better for the onboard champagne than I’d have guessed…

  32. Question for either Lucky or Sean M.—how much demand can there be for flights between Lagos and Sharjah?

  33. Hello,

    All of the world’s airlines that are members of IATA use a system called TIMATIC. I am ex-Delta and have an active login as I own my own travel agency. Here is a link that will take you to the page that states:

    Nigeria – Transit Visa

    Visa required.

    Transiting without a visa is possible for:
    Passengers with a confirmed onward ticket for a flight to a third country within 24 hours. They must stay in the international transit area of the airport and have documents required for the next destination.

    Feel free to use me as a resource.

    I am a big fan.

  34. I wonder if any of the people saying flying Air Peace is way too dangerous have even flown on their triple sevens??? All the pilots were Type Rated at Boeing in Miami & Israeli & British companies handle the line maintenance of the B777’s B737’s & E-145’s.The company started in 2013 & has grown to overtake Arik Air & become West Africa’s largest airline.Sure,Nigeria is stigmatized by its reputation for corruption,but everyone in Nigeria isn’t corrupt!! Air Peace pay their bills on time & have an excellent reputation,in a country,that traditionally can be extremely frustrating in terms of commercial operation of most things. They are trying to buck that trend,& having survived for 6 years ,they at least deserve some plaudits.
    As for why Sharjah?well ,when Arik Air started operations to Dubai 4 or 5 years ago,they were subjected to all manner of dirty tricks ,in order to stymie,their operations,so,in order to avoid the same fate ,& since Sharjah is only 30kms or so to Dubai, Air Peace chose Sharjah.

  35. LUCKY !!!!

    Take a deep breath (or / and a cold shower…) and DROP IT.

    With no disrespect to Sean M, I can guarantee that, compared to Lagos, your trip via Luanda on TAAG will suddenly feel like it was Qatar F on the A380. (I could have told you in advance about Lagos, actually I think I did).

    Landing in Lagos, a purser on my Pan Am flight NBO-LOS-ROB-DKR-JFK 747 flight made the announcement “Passengers continuing with us may disembark if they wish to do so but we strongly advise them not to”.

    Countless times, on the Cameroon Airlines 737 between Douala and Abidjan via Lagos, I have seen passengers not returning, even one once forcibly removed in Lagos, all this most likely on account of accomodation guaranteed with a bribe in an overbooking situation.

    Admittedly, this was 20 years ago but things have gotten worse by all accounts.

    You’ve been warned.

    Statistically, in addition, your safety level on a one Nigerian airline flight is way below that of repeaded flights on a 737 MAX BEFORE the software changes. Emirates doesn’t maintain those planes anymore.

  36. Never having been to Lagos, I would certainly enjoy seeing your review of the flights!

    When I lived in Namibia (admittedly 27 years ago) a company I did some work for wanted me to go to Rwanda to help with a contract. Turned out the cheapest way to do the trip was going to be something like WDH-FRA-NBO-KGL with an overnight in NBO both ways (don’t quote me, it’s been a while, but I do know it involved transit in Europe). Turned out to be cheaper to send someone from the company’s home base in Boston than me up from WDH. Oh well – would have been an interesting job.

    I hope and gather that intra-Africa aviation has improved somewhat since then.

  37. I wouldn’t call it dumb for wanting to experience Air Peace. I say go for it. I hope to try them out once they start services from Atlanta to Lagos. I flew Arik when they were still around against my dad’s advice. Maybe I’m biased since I’m originally from Nigeria and want to support national carriers.

  38. I’ve flown air peace many times, albeit domestically. For a while, they along with medview (which I believe has or and a flight to Gatwick) were the only domestic airlines that would ever leave even remotely close to on time.

    As for the Lagos airport, it is horrible (although an interesting fact is that it is a carbon copy of the original Schiphol airport, although not maintained to the same standard). There are a few reasonable lounges, including a BA lounge that is apparently ok. I’ve only ever been to the Lufthansa contract lounge.

    Good luck with your journey. I highly suggest you make it – and try the pounded yam while your at it.

  39. Seems a lot people here haven’t been to Lagos recently and are just talking a bunch of gibberish.

    First of all, Lagos airport is not hell. Yes it’s got its peculiarities but it’s far better (and busier) than a lot of airports I’ve been to around the world.

    There are a bunch of airline lounges that accept priority pass so you can actually stay there through your transit if you choose.

    I will however advise you grab a visa on arrival when you get in and spend a night or 2 in Lagos. I promise you will never regret it. I have never met a westerner that visited Lagos and didn’t want to go back. Just be open minded and understand that cultures are different. Nigerians are very hospitable which some people might find suspicious (“or aggressive”) which to me is just dumb.

    There are a bunch of international hotels (Radisson, Sheraton, Marriott) around Ikeja GRA and the airport road (I would recommend Ikeja GRA because you get a more authentic experience and it’s only 20mins away).

    Anyways I haven’t thought about taking the Air Peace flight LOS-SHA yet but give us your take. Maybe it’s time to make a switch.

  40. I’m amazed at all the negative comments from ignorant people using the old stereotype that “Africa is dangerous”! No doubt, these are people who have hardly traveled or only stick to their “safe” Caribbean All-inclusive resorts. Geez people, live a little! I would wager it’s more dangerous transiting in Atlanta, Chicago, or New York.
    Lucky, please review this! It sounds awesome.

  41. @Jan, have you seen Boeing’s safety record and cover ups? You better stop flying Boeing if you are that paranoid.

  42. OK Ben, I have changed my mind. With all the conflicting info re. Nigeria and Air Peace, I feel you have to do the trip now. Use Sean M. as a wingman/information source- he knows the area.
    The fact is, that travel broadens our mind and our perspectives. And that’s what we all get from your trips. I hope it will work out for you and we’ll all have a better ( first hand ) account on what is going on in Africa.

  43. You won’t need a visa for Nigeria if you are in transit.

    I am a travel agent in Australia and this is what our visa company has said you would be visa exempt for up to 24 hours you must have six months validity on your passport and one blank page and hold proof of funds, hold a confirmed onwards ticket.

    So if you fly Delta to Largos and then connect with Air Peace to Sharjah
    Then fly from Dubai or Sharjah back to the states would be your best option that way you won’t need visas.

  44. How about this Ben

    JFK to LOS on Delta
    LOS to SHJ on Air Peace
    DXB to DAR on Fly Dubai
    DAR to BOM on Air Tanzania
    BOM to CAN on Rwand Air 5th freedom A3330
    CAN to LAX on China southern.

  45. And today Air Belgium also announced that they’ll start again with commercial flights under their own name.
    They’ll fly Charleroi to Guardeloupe/Martinique from December.
    Will at least work better than HKG given the demographics of southern Belgium.

    Exciting times!

  46. suggest you bite the bullet & get a visa – stay 1 night at the Curio by Hilton Lagos which is connected to the airport. Supposed to be the best hotel in Lagos and would make a great review…plus great views of the private jet terminal/runway.

  47. I like your reviews of obscure airlines, but generally I prefer you to do well-established obscure airlines, not start-ups. For example, your Air North review was one of my favorites, your Air Belgium not so much. There’s little point to doing a review for an airline like Air Belgium which just folds up the service after a few weeks. However, there is value to reviewing an obscure airline that is likely to be around in the same form for years to come (ie. Air North).

  48. My former boss is a good ole boy from Louisiana, went to Harvard, and moved to Lagos after graduating Harvard, and was a successful business man there, living there for 15 years before coming back to the US. He travels all over Africa for work now, and even in some places that give me sleepless nights he doesn’t bother with security. When he flies to Lagos, even to switch terminals, he has a security team meet him and transfer him. Literally just switching terminals, and he knows Lagos well and lived through the civil war there, and he still doesn’t trust even the airport. Safe travels.

  49. LOS is indeed scary airport but with a non nonsense attitude you will manage.
    I however do not recommend a long transit the pain aint worth it.
    I fly in and out of LOS every 3 months or so for the last 15 years and although not up to international standard it has improved significantly.
    On a good day from aircraft door opening LOS to entering my apartment in Victoria Island can be less then 60 minutes when arriving on SAA @ 20h10pm ( they fly the sectors JNB-LOS-JNB daily.

  50. I’d love to see a review! I personally wouldn’t transit Nigeria without a visa. If your ongoing flight is cancelled, you may not be allowed to leave the sterile area of the airport and Lagos airport is not one you want to spend a lot of time in.

    Given the tight timeline to get your US passport renewed, why not get the Nigerian visa in your German passport? It’ll probably be less expensive anyway.

  51. LHR-MRU Air Mauritius
    MRU-RUN-JNB Air Austral
    JNB-DAR-BOM Air Tanzania
    BOM-SEZ-JNB Air Seychelles
    JNB-LOS Arik Air (?)
    LOS-JFK Delta

  52. Reviews like these are why your blog is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures.

    Please do this review, and let us know how it goes. For extra fun, bring one of your collaborators. Andrew with the puny grin and bear it that only comes from being a government employee, Stephanie’s can-do optimism, or Tiffany’s ability to bail you out of anything. On second thought, leave Tiffany stateside just in case that visa thing bites you.

    What I’m saying is yes, you need to do this review.

  53. Lucky,

    Beware of those comments which entice you to go. It looks like some will stop at nothing to get a juicy report on OMAAT or simply to get you there. I would also not trust some of the “Help” offers. It’s YOUR well being, it’s YOUR safety, and if you get arrested and fined for any “irregularity”, it will be YOUR discomfort and YOUR money.

    Some of the messages look like those scam offers (always from Nigeria) “I am Mr. so and so from Bank X and need your help to allocate $ 10 Million from the estate of Chief Y. 6 Million for you, 4 for me. Please send your bank identification and the personal information required, and be prepared to come and collect the money within 6 weeks. I shall have a visa waiting for you on arrival”. HA…. Those stupid enough to do it were invariably arrested, abused, fined and whatever.

    DO NOT GO, especially now that scammers may have become interested in you. Especially in Nigeria, the experience could be VERY unpleasant.

  54. To do both in one:
    -Emirates FLL-DXB
    (On ground transfer to SHJ)
    -Air Peace SHJ-LOS
    -Rwandair LOS-DAR via KGL
    -Air Tanzania DAR-BOM
    -United BOM-EWR then connect to FLL assuming RT?

    Could do LOS-DAR via ADD/NBO/JHB but Rwandair is so much cooler and direct per the map.

  55. My view.. Lagos can be chaotic and stressful but it’s a ton of fun. Definitely worth a visit, and there are a few decent hotels too. If you really can’t get a visa though, I would try to find some other flight out of Lagos that minimizes your transit time. My experiences with that airport have been horrible. Priority Pass lounges might make your stay slightly better but I am not convinced. If you ask me, the airport is the worst thing about visiting Lagos so I wouldn’t make that the entirety of the stay.

    If there’s anyway you can get a visa and go (even it’s a later date) do that! And try to visit Accra as well if you can. Really loved both cities.

  56. I fly for Delta and work the Lagos flight quite often. It’s not the airport you would want to spend almost an entire day in. There is a VIP lounge, I believe, but I couldn’t comment on its quality. A/C in the airport is non-existent except for immigration and the jetbridges. I can try and ask on my next visit exactly what the visa policy is.

  57. i lived and worked in Nigeria and traveled through Lagos many times, and agree with the comments above that it isn’t the best airport to spend a lot of time. I have been asked for ‘blessings’ (bribes) in almost every section of the airport – security, check-in, passport control, arrival, trolley service, and customs. The airside after check-in is also not the greatest as the seats are not that comfortable and limited power outlets for passengers. There are multiple lounges that range in quality and price.

    I have also flown AirPeace many times – you can check out the review on my blogs – and I would say they are more reliable and friendlier than their competitors but overall the flight was alright – most of the time we were just glad the plane took off and generally around the schedule time.

  58. Hi Lucky,

    I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now and I love it. I’m a Nigerian, I currently live in Lagos (I lived in the US for 7 years and then the Caribbean for 1.5 years – interesting story I actually lived at the Marriot short stay, no points though).

    If you do decide to come to Lagos (I recommend you do) I’ll be happy to take you round and be your “tour guide”. Lagos is one of those cities where it’s easier to have a “local”.

    You can reach me by email and I’ll be happy to connect

  59. I’ll be very frank about this. Traveling through Lagos isn’t that much different from traveling through JFK. It’s perfectly fine, but there will be delays and patience will be required. It’s not dangerous nor is it unfriendly in any way. I have sometimes been asked for “donations” but a firm attitude and some patience will get anyone through. Lagos is a busy metropolis and like any metropolis, it is busy, loud, and masses of people congregate everywhere. It’s also a wonderful experience.

  60. A Mauritius detour could be interesting : Air Mauritius has a brand new A350, and the new terminal has opened in 2013. Plenty of luxury hotels there too.

  61. I can’t wait for this review. If people think it’s all about Lufthansa first trans Atlantic then I’d much prefer to read this trip 🙂

  62. Lagos airport has its own website which states: “We advise passengers that Lagos Airport International Terminal is known for its poor facilities, lack of air-conditioned, problems with food and dirty bathrooms.”

    I’ve had business in Nigeria twice in the past three years and been through LOS. I have nothing good to say about the BA airline check-in staff (who advised that I had no reservation when I had) resolved by letting them speak to BA in London on my cell phone; and immigration staff who stated that I had stayed longer than permitted – until I called the group I had been consulting with (Nigerian Ministry of Health), who quickly put them in their place.

    As for the airport facilities themselves – dire in the extreme! If you NEED to stay I recommend the Sheraton, about 30 minutes from LOS.

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