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In late January of this year, India lifted their bans on A380. Given what a high capacity market India is, this was welcome news for several carriers, given that there’s probably not a more ideal market in the world for the aircraft.

From the beginning, Emirates, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines were the ones considering A380 service to India.

Singapore Airlines was the first to take advantage of the new rights to fly A380s to India, and in April announced daily A380 service between Singapore and Delhi and Mumbai.

Emirates wasn’t too far behind, and in May announced daily A380 flights between Dubai and Mumbai.

Yet up until recently we haven’t heard a whole lot from Lufthansa in regards to A380 service to India. Well, it looks like this will soon change, as Lufthansa has just announced twice daily A380 service to India as of October 26, 2014. This will last through the end of their winter schedule, which is March 28, 2015.

Lufthansa A380

Lufthansa will operate daily A380 flights between Frankfurt and Delhi/Mumbai, as follows:

LH760 Frankfurt to Delhi departing 1:40PM arriving 1:30AM (+1 day)
LH761 Delhi to Frankfurt departing 3:30AM arriving 7:20AM

LH756 Frankfurt to Mumbai departing 12:45PM arriving 1:10AM (+1 day)
LH757 Mumbai to Frankfurt departing 3:05AM arriving 7:20AM

Lufthansa will be getting these A380s off their New York JFK and Beijing routes. As of October 26, 2014, that Frankfurt to New York JFK frequency will be operated by an A340-600, while the Beijing frequency will be operated by a Boeing 747-8.


For what it’s worth, their Mumbai flight is presently operated by a 747-400, while the Delhi flight is presently operated by a 747-8.

In the case of Lufthansa this doesn’t really represent much of a product improvement. That’s because Lufthansa didn’t initially install their latest business class product on the A380, while all 747-8s feature the new business class product. Fortunately they’re now going back and reconfiguring their A380s with the new business class product.

Contrast that to Emirates’ service to India, which is largely operated by regional aircraft, so having A380 service instead is a huge upgrade for passengers.

Bottom line

The practical implications here aren’t huge, but it is certainly interesting to note that all airlines that expressed A380 service to India are following through with the plan.

  1. Going from the A380 down to the A340 is a kick in the pants for JFK though. It’s surprising since one assumes New York would have more premium traffic than New Delhi.

  2. @ Arcanum — For what it’s worth, that’s the norm for JFK. They have two daily flights, and the other is operated by a 747. So the second flight tends to be operated by a smaller plane in winter.

  3. I find LX A380s to be quite the “bargain bin” of longhaul flying. Unless in First, or the plane is empty it would be my last choice. Given Lufthansa’s economic struggles I don’t see how they can make their “non-F class” service and product competetive.

  4. Lucky

    The traffic may be huge, but it is all low paying not premium.

    The ORD-DEL flight had 97% load factors on AA and they were losing money competing with AI
    AI went bust as well, but was saved by the govt.
    The losses on AI make MH look like a great stock to own.

    For Emirates, it may upgauge a couple of markets like DEL or BOM, but one can not put an A380 in Kochi where EY flies or Ahmedabad

    LH has shrunk from a lot of markets in India
    HYD; gone
    MAA – going to almost gone went from 747 to A330 I think.
    So going big in 2 cities is not going to save it
    AI is also a problem partner to have.

    I think EY has the right approach for India – buy Jet; get its hub to AUH; go to ALL markets (at least as many as possible) from AUH and then use that feed to fill planes to US, especially new routes to west coast.

  5. Flew LH into DEL and out of BLR last month, first time in LH business class, the ‘new product’ is way behind the times, my Air Canada 777 onward connections were much better. Business class was full, mostly large Indian families.

  6. I wonder if India is one of those markets that LH will pass off to its proposed discount long-haul subsidiary since it seems like it’s heavily weighted towards Economy passengers.

  7. In addition, another star alliance partner, SQ, flies the JFK-FRA route non-stop. Singapore Airlines uses its A380 for that route and when choosing between SQ A380 or LH A380, the majority of passengers, especially flying premium, would most likely choose the SQ A380.
    I’ll admit though that I’ll miss seeing LH A380 at JFK. Hopefully it will come back.

  8. Midnight flights from BOM to FRA, ZUR, LHR on almost all airlines there is no dinner service, Its generally a Snack (sandwiches) & Breakfast which is normal for a 7-8 hour flight. Considering that the reporting time is 3 hours ahead and keep an another 2-3.5 hours in mumbai rush hour traffic, So please be prepared with an early dinner or/and a light snack at the airport, Else you land up hungry on you arrival in Europe.

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