Los Angeles Times: Singapore Airlines to pioneer all business-class flights across Pacific

I’ve been hearing about this for a long time now, but never actually saw it from a (somewhat) credible source. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Flights with all-business-class seats popular for trips across the Atlantic will finally fly across the Pacific.

Today, Singapore Airlines is expected to announce plans to add daily business-class-only flights in May to the carrier’s namesake city from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, followed by service from Los Angeles International Airport in September.

While the old configuration was very nice with Premium Economy seats that were basically the size of domestic first class seats and available at coach prices (a great deal, especially with award tickets), this seems like a logical move. Of course this will also make the uber-longhaul journey much more comfortable with a real, fully flat bed. On the downside I would expect award availability to decrease substantially, which makes me wonder at which point Singapore Airlines will just totally not offer premium awards anymore since they’re getting so many new planes with the new configurations and getting rid of the ones with old configurations. I guess we can hope that the lack of availability is just due to the novelty factor and that eventually we’ll see a return in inventory.


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