Look at me!

Free wifi is awesome, especially on a six hour flight with power adapters. Feel free to follow my flight here. Time for dinner. Might just be a complete dork and upload dinner pictures “live” in a bit.

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  1. @ Halothane — For the first time in forever they weren’t! Lukewarm at best….

    @ Ace — More than I’d care to admit. 😀

    @ Mike — 😉

    @ boxo — We are going pretty far north, eh?

  2. @ Pat — Nope, actually cheapo ticket upgraded to business class. It has been a while since I’ve been this far back on a PS plane.

  3. I just did a r/t JFK-SFO-JFK on p.s., and LOVED the WiFi. As you know, Lucky, we missed each other at JFK on 12/5 by about five minutes! I had the same meal as you (well, same menu selections), right down to the Diet Coke with lime. Did you try the special “punch” 🙂

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