Listen to the ATC from “United FlyerTalk One Heavy!”

You may have missed “United FlyerTalk One Heavy,” but worry not, you can follow basically the whole flight via the audio that FlyerTalker bmvaughn was able to record. You can listen to it here. Gosh, I love technology sometimes!

Yes, that’s Captain Flanagan on the radio, and yes, they’re referring to us as anything from “Flyerhawk One” to “Firehawk One.” 😀 You can also hear him talking to us on Channel 9 directly several times throughout the flight (like 36 minutes in, for example). At 1hr09min in we even get a message from dispatch!

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  1. At some point, I think someone sat on my armrest (probably me) and increased the volume, so a bit of this is over-amplified. Sorry bout that!

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