Lady, could you give me some pointers?

I wasn’t going to blog about this, but I just saw the story covered so comically on the local news that I feel the urge to. The teaser on the local news station was “and here’s something you have to watch out for on your next flight.”

What am I talking about? Well, the lady that flew from Washington to Philadelphia last night (the article refers to it as a “redye” — hah!) on a United Express flight (the article refers to it as a United Airways Express flight — hah!) and somehow was found on the plane by cleaning crews 3.5 hours after it arrived at the gate at around 4AM.

Yes, I should probably be concerned about how exactly the crew didn’t catch her, but what I’m more surprised by is how the hell she slept so well on a regional jet? Seriously? Those planes don’t have nearly the suspension of a bigger jet, so the landings are almost always firm, and the cabin lights are at maximum brightness during deplaning. I’m also amazed none of her fellow passengers woke her up. But seriously lady, could you give me some tips? I can’t sleep in domestic first class on a real redeye, let alone an uncomfortable regional jet. How the heck did you sleep *that* well for so many hours without once waking up (it seems)?

I wish I could say I’m surprised the crew didn’t find her, but I’m not. The flight attendants on these East Cost regional airlines are typically more concerned about having lost a bit of nail polish on their six inch nails with scenes of Hawaii on them than taking care of passengers. And while I’m not sure about Trans States, on most regional carriers the flight attendants seem to store their bags in bins towards the back of the plane, which really makes me wonder how this lady was missed.

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  1. How? Easily: Ambien. Usually 1/2 of a 10mg tablet will de me quite fine. Any MD that travels will surely give you enough for a trip if you ask.

  2. It may be a little different (not much) if this was a large jumbo jet, but on a UA express that is pathetic. FAs probably had their bags in hand and followed the last passenger off the plane.

  3. Paragraph 1: “Security questions are being asked…”
    Paragraph 7: “The issue raised by leaving her on the plane is not one of security…”

  4. Yes, the fact that she’s suing United for *emotional damages* amongst other things is laughable. I’m no expert in torts, but how exactly was she wronged by sleeping for a few extra hours? Also, run a Google search on her lawyer. Should tell you everything you need to know.

  5. We are sued happy society and no body take blame on themselves. Granted the FA were at fault for not checking every one were deplane.

    Come on lady! you were sleeping for a few extra hours free of charge here. Nothing harm and no lawsuit.

    That is my 2 cents.

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