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Hello from Kuwait City! I just flew Kuwait Airways’ A330 business class for the 6hr20min flight from Dhaka to Kuwait City. I’ve been wanting to fly Kuwait Airways for years, and a good opportunity finally presented itself. Kuwait Airways had great business class fares out of Dhaka, and the flight was even operated by one of their new A330s.

Kuwait-Airways-A330-Business-Class - 8

I’ll have a full trip report soon, but wanted to share my initial impressions for now.

Well, I should start by saying that I actually flew Kuwait Airways first class… sort of.

Kuwait Airways’ A330s are in a three class configuration.

First class features reverse herringbone seats, in a 1-2-1 configuration. There are a total of 17 seats.

Kuwait-Airways-A330-Business-Class - 1

Kuwait-Airways-A330-Business-Class - 2

Meanwhile business class features angled seats, in a 2-2-2 configuration, with a total of 30 seats.

 Kuwait-Airways-A330-Business-Class - 4

Kuwait-Airways-A330-Business-Class - 5

Well, I guess Dhaka is a really low yield destination, because on this route business class passengers can select first class seats, while they seat economy passengers in business class seats. Not only that, but there was only one other passenger in business class (and I believe he was a Kuwaiti air marshal), while the rest of the plane was packed.

So I got the first class seat with business class service — keep that in mind as I share my thoughts.

Kuwait Airways’ reverse herringbone seats are great. The plane is pretty new, so the cabin is still in good conditions, and I find Kuwait’s cabin finishes to be agreeable but nice. Of course I’d still consider a reverse herringbone seat to be a good business class seat rather than a good first class seat, but I guess that’s really what I got anyway.

Kuwait-Airways-A330-Business-Class - 3

While Kuwait Airways’ new cabins are a huge improvement over their old product, they have a ways to go when it comes to their soft product.

There were no amenity kits or printed menus, the blankets were fleece, etc.

The flight departed at 9AM, so breakfast was served shortly after takeoff. Everything was on a single tray. The quality of the food was good. However, for a fairly long flight I’m a bit surprised they just do a one tray service.

Kuwait-Airways-A330-Business-Class - 6

I figured there would be some sort of a snack service before landing, given the length of the flight. However, the only thing they offered before landing was coffee or tea, along with some sweets. You’d think they could offer something a bit more substantial and healthy.

Kuwait-Airways-A330-Business-Class - 7

Kuwait Airways is a dry airline, so you’re limited to water, juice, coffee, tea, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised by the service. Most of the flight attendants were Kuwaiti men, in addition to a Tunisian woman working in business class. I was worried service would be similar to what I had on Saudia. Well, the good news is that the flight attendants were friendly.

I wouldn’t say they were polished or attentive, but they seemed well intentioned. They served me the meal, and then disappeared for the rest of the flight. However, when I pushed the call button they quickly appeared without rolling their eyes.

I know I have ridiculously low standards here, but compared to my Saudia flight last year, where the (local) male flight attendants had the (foreign) female flight attendants serve them, this was five star service by comparison.

In terms of other features, Kuwait Airways’ A330s have personal televisions at every seat, along with wifi. The entertainment selection was reasonably good in terms of quantity, though there did seem to be a focus on Bollywood rather than Hollywood.

Kuwait-Airways-A330-Business-Class - 10

As far as wifi goes, Kuwait Airways uses OnAir for the service. They charge based on time rather than data, and it’s not cheap — 30 minutes costs $10, an hour costs $20, and three hours costs $40. On the plus side, you can connect and disconnect as you wish so you can use wifi over a longer period of time. Furthermore, I still found this to be cheaper than when OnAir charges based on data usage. 

Kuwait-Airways-A330-Business-Class - 9

Kuwait Airways business class bottom line

Kuwait Airways’ new A330s are quite nice, especially compared to their old planes. I was especially lucky to be on a route where they let business class passengers sit in first class.

Service was less horrible than I was expecting — it wasn’t polished or attentive, but was still friendly.

However, Kuwait Airways has a lot of work to do with their soft product. A one tray service on a nearly seven hour flight with no real additional snack is disappointing.

Overall Kuwait Airways is becoming more competitive than they used to be with their hard product, though they have some work to do on their soft product.

  1. Most of the flight attendants were Kuwaiti men

    My understanding is that after the invasion the Kuwaitis became very leery of having so many guest workers in their country and as a result they rely on them far less than other gulf states. That may be dated info however.

  2. I’ve flown KU from MNL a couple of times. KU has a policy of not selling first class for all of its Asian destinations and so even in the more premium markets it serves like BKK there’s no F. I’d love to get an insight into their revenue management system actually

  3. Good service for Caucasian or Arab males in Business Class sure. Good luck with getting prompt responses from the crew as an Indian / Filipino or a woman, regardless of the class you are seated in. You’re more likely to get threatened with arrest on arrival for disturbing them while they are trying to relax.

  4. Sadly though, while the hard product is greatly improved. The soft product still lags considerably behind. From MNL for example, it’s an 8 hour flight and there’s no amenity kits and the meals are also on a single tray. Hopefully KU can work on this to make a truly competitive product

  5. They are not Kuwaiti ,you would imagine Kuwaiti wont work as FA,they are what we call Bedoun a section of kuwaiti population who doesnt have kuwaiti nationality and considered second class citizen with no comparable benefits as kuwaiti,they have been finally promissed to be granted full citizenship.

  6. If its dry, I don’t fly. Also their “first class” is really a business class seat looks like and their “business class” is only slightly better than a premium economy and this is their best configuration?? I’ll pass on that.

  7. I’m surprised your flight with Al-Khutout Al-Jawwiya Al-Kuwaitiyah didn’t include newspapers upon boarding, oshiboris, dried dates and arabic coffee pre-departure. Caviar, smoked salmon and foie gras canapes, arabic mezze and patisserie selections on the air.

  8. Why would you fly them after they engaged in racist anti-Semitic denial of boarding to an Israeli JFK-LHR? Amazing you and so many other in the LGBT community willingly embrace UAE, Qatar and Maldives that are openly homophobic and hostile to your people. Yet the LGBT community (HRC, GLAAD, slew of other acronyms) will go onto no end about a religious person in the United States with whom you don’t agree with.

  9. Just co clarify, they did not deny boarding to an Israeli. Their website did not accept an Israeli passport for booking and they refused to change it. It is not anti-semitic so much as it is a silly policy they can’t seem to get past.

    If we avoided every country that was homophobic, that would eliminate most of the world and perhaps some parts of the United States.

    I’d imagine Kuwait air does have printed menus and multi-course menus on their higher yield flights like LHR and JFK.

    And so what if it is a dry airline? Some of us have fly all over the world without champagne.

  10. Hello
    I am flying BOM-AMS on 9w232 on 19 March in coach.
    How will I know if my flight is full and can possibly get an upgrade ?
    Can anyone give some thoughts?

  11. When I lived there for three years two and half decades ago, there were two expats serving each Kuwaiti. They hired and brought in other Arab nationals, except Palestinians in general, Asians and Eastern Europeans. I highly doubt that the FAs are Kuwaitis because most of them work for the government. They are first class citizens in their country so why work as the servants for the working class of the world. Prejudice is prevalent in the GCC.

  12. I think they consider all “South Asia” as one category in terms of service. You’ll get the similar service on shorter DEL flight as well. To fully experience their service BKK/MNL route would be a bit more flamboyant I believe.

  13. as they kill gay people in Kuwait per law, it is 100% not-appropriate for a gay guy from a free country such as Lucky to fly this airline. Such airlines should be boycotted 100% and the news spread

  14. Agree with some of the comments saying FAs aren’t Kuwaiti. There are about 1M Kuwaiti citizens (out of 3.5M ppl or so living in Kuwait) and like The Emiratis, don’t lift a finger.

  15. So much for your decision to ban hateful speech in your comments section.

    I’d love to see what would happen if any of this racism was directed towards anyone other than Arabs.

  16. @Josh

    “Just co clarify, they did not deny boarding to an Israeli. Their website did not accept an Israeli passport for booking and they refused to change it. It is not anti-semitic so much as it is a silly policy they can’t seem to get past.”

    You have to be kidding me. That is about as blatantly anti-Semitic as you can find.

    The web site does not accept Israeli passports because they don’t allow Israelis to fly on their airline. When the U.S. DOT called them on it, they chose to drop the route from JFK to LHR rather than allow Israelis to openly fly on their airline.

    You are either seriously misinformed, incapable of gleaning obvious facts from narratives, or anti-Semitic yourself.


  17. “They hired and brought in other Arab nationals, except Palestinians in general, Asians and Eastern Europeans”

    They stopped hiring Palestinians to a large degree after the first Gulf War in 1990, since the Palestinian government at the time sided with Iraq. So did a few other Arab governments, and their citizens were also not hired (Sudan being one of them). Many of them were also expelled from Kuwait. So the post 1990 demographics did change quite a bit. However, over the last decade or so the policy seems to have been relaxed.

    “That is about as blatantly anti-Semitic as you can find”

    Please. Anti-Zionism is not the same as antisemitism.

  18. I did. She does not mention the word Zionism, anti or otherwise, on that site all. Keep reaching…

  19. Kuwait Airways Is Great 🙂 Try The New Kuwait Airways B777-300ER Which is even hundred times better than the A330 🙂

  20. Just came back to Germany from our holiday in Thailand, We are a family of four, Kuwait airways was nice to us! Good seats, clean toilets fair IFE solid WIFI and food was good! All flights left on time airplanes were new, Starbucks & Shak Shak Burger in KWI!!! We enjoyed flying Kuwait Airways!

  21. Hi,

    I am flying out of DEL to FRA via KWI. They have scheduled their 777w on both my legs in Business. I have checked with my agent and they do not sell F on their south asian routes. Does this mean i can select a F seat on my first leg? Is it available during online checkin or at the Airport counter only? Appreciate your response.

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