Isn’t this just a bit deceiving, United?

I was just checking in for my two flights tomorrow, both of which are operated by 757s. I’m confirmed in first class on both flights, so I couldn’t help but notice the advertisements United has on the seat selection pages.

For my first flight, the sidebar reads “Want First class seating?” It displays a picture of United’s lie flat international business class seats. It’s deceiving on two levels. First of all, the product shown is business class, not first class, but more importantly, domestic first class isn’t nearly that nice. In fairness to United, it does say in small print at the bottom “Seating in photo is available on 747 and 767 aircraft.”

Then for my second segment, it reads “Travel in First class,” and shows a picture of United’s international first class suite.

I do find this a bit deceiving, but on a marketing level, I’m amazed they can’t do a better job targeting the advertisements. Couldn’t they put an ad for Award Accelerator, a Mileage Plus Visa, or something I actually have the option of purchasing, as someone that is already confirmed in first class?

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  1. @ speedy — It sure is. I like to recline for most of the flight, and I feel less guilty doing so if there’s no one sitting behind me. I used to always take seat 6B, but a lot of the time the recline was limited because the wall seems to be closer to that side of the aircraft. And I do also enjoy observing the whole cabin and getting out first, which is another reason I prefer row six.

  2. I’ve been sitting in 6B/C ever since you explained your thoughts on it a few years ago. The best deal is getting off the fastest from F in most airports. At SEA today the RCC Agent commented that I had one of the most coveted seats in F. Shhhhhhh don’t tell too many people or we’ll be filing it out for those seats!

  3. Domestic F on 757 is good as long as there’s no AFA’s, that’s what letting everything down.

  4. @ Gary — You don’t enjoy seeing your fellow passengers cry due to the dramatic ending of the riveting in-flight movie? Crazy!

    @ Pat — I swear, row six has become so much more popular than in the past. When I first started flying United, row six was always the last one to be chosen, so it was a guarantee. Now I see seatmaps with only a few seats taken, and a seat in row six is often one of them. Stay out of MY 6C, folks! 😀

    @ Josh — AFA’s? AFA=Association of Flight Attendants? Kind of hard to have a good flight without any flight attendants!

  5. It is incorrect as not all 767s have the new first class seats. I think someone on a domestic 767 would have a legitimate gripe given that this aircraft is specifically mentioned in the ‘ad’.

  6. As far as the small print about it being avail on 747/767.. Well, I got the same options when checking in and I WAS flying on a 767 (domestic), so the small print is clearly not enough of a disclaimer. This is pretty outright deceptive.

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