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WalletPop has learned that United gave $3,000 to the Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz, an educational organization that includes, among its board of trustees, Sonya Jackson — United’s managing director of corporate social investment. (Want to see for yourself? Click here. United’s logo also appears on the bottom of the organization’s welcome page.)

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  1. Corporate support for the arts should be applauded, not undermined. United is also a major sponsor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (for instance, Tuesday performances often receive major United branding), among other programs I’m sure.

  2. From a pure PR standpoint, UA should have avoided this — this is feeding the hand that bites them.

    Then again, the assertion that United “gave to themselves” is dishonest. As for a conflict of interest, there is legally none. Finally, I agree with the previous poster — let’s not undermine corporate giving. Many organizations depend on it. If United has been traditionally supporting this organization, it makes sense that they’d continue to do so, instead of finding some random organization with whom they’ve had no relationship so far.

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