Getting Approved For The New Ink Business Unlimited Card

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A couple of weeks ago Chase introduced the new Ink Business Unlimited℠ Credit Card, which has a welcome bonus of 50,000 points upon completing minimum spend, offers 1.5x  points on all purchases, and has no annual fee.

This joins the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card and Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card, which are Chase’s two other excellent Ink Cards. What makes these cards so great is that they’re really all complements rather than substitutes, so I think there’s merit to getting all three cards if you can.

I already have the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card, and plan on picking up the Ink Business Unlimited℠ Credit Card and Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card in a few months, once I’m eligible.

I’ve recently been trying to help my dad optimize his credit card portfolio, including both personal and business cards. My dad hadn’t applied for a new credit card in over two years, and really wasn’t maximizing rewards on his spend. Fortunately his credit card situation is much better now.

Up until recently my dad’s only Chase business card was the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card. He has had this card for years, and used it quite a bit. However, given the excellent benefits and return on spend offered by the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card, he applied for that card a couple of months back as well, and was approved.

Now with the introduction of the Ink Business Unlimited℠ Credit Card, I figured he should pick that up as well. The card would be his go-to credit card for non-bonused business spend, and there’s little downside to having it given that it has no annual fee.

A lot of people have been curious about how practical it is to actually have all three Ink Cards at once. So last Wednesday my dad applied for the Ink Business Unlimited, and as usual he got the “thank you for your request” message. In my experience instant approvals on Chase business cards are quite rare.

This is exactly the same thing that happened when he applied for the Ink Business Preferred. I was wondering if he’d end up being automatically approved, given that he has substantial credit lines on both of his other Chase business cards, and I imagine they’re only willing to extend him so much credit.

My dad didn’t call in, but rather we’ve just been monitoring the status of the application. Chase doesn’t really let you directly check application status online, so the best way to check if you’re approved for a card is to just log into your Chase account and see if the card eventually shows up.

Sure enough, yesterday it finally showed up, with a $10,000 credit limit.

So yes, it’s very much possible to be approved for all three Chase Ink Cards, and they’re a killer combination.

Does anyone else have all three Chase Ink Cards (the Cash, Preferred, and Unlimited)?

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  1. Lucky, I know you want to get this card along with Preferred. I have a BRM contact at Chase who can do a paper application for you for both cards, that way you can get them in spite of being over 5/24. LMK if you are interested.

  2. I thought you couldn’t get the bonus on one Ink product if you were holding another. Or is that just true with the Saphire.

  3. @ Beachfan — That’s the Sapphire Cards, not the Ink Cards. For the Ink Cards you can apply for all cards and get all the bonuses, which is probably a reflection of how Chase views the cards as complements as well.

  4. I was denied this because I already have the Chase IHG and Sapphire Reserve cards and Chase said I have too many accounts open with them. Is there anything I can do?

  5. I was just approved for the Ink Unlimited so now have all 3 Ink cards.
    @Charles not if you’re over 5/24, you’ll just have to wait and you can check Credit Karma to see when that will be. I just became 4/24 but applied to the Ink Unlimited first because it doesn’t count towards 5/24 and will probably apply for IHG Premier next

  6. Chase also makes it easy to check application status with their automated phone system.

    800-436-7927…then #, 3, 1, then enter SSN.

  7. Lucky, you mentioned: “The card would be his go-to credit card for non-bonused business spend, and there’s little downside to having it given that it has no annual fee.” Now if you have both this and the Amex Blue Business Plus, which would you use as the go to non-bonus spend? Given that you like both UR & MR pts.?

  8. I applied for the Ink Business Cash about a month and a half ago. When I first applied I got the well let you know in 7-10 days. So I called the next day to see what I could do. The lady I talked to asked me a bunch of questions about business and personal income, and then got an instant approval. On Friday I applied for the Ink Unlimited and got the 7-10 day message again, so this time I called 10 minutes after my application submitted. I asked if they needed additional information again, the lady told me to hold for 2-3 minutes. Came back about a minute later and another instant approval. Chase holds your info you submit for future applications. A quick phone call sometimes can speed things up greatly.

  9. I opened the Cash Card a couple of months before the Unlimited became available. When I applied for the Unlimited I was turned down since I had recently opened the Cash Card. I’ve had the Reserve Card for a few years. Is my experience similar to others?

  10. OMG! You forgot to link the card in two paragraphs! May we send a doctor over? 🙂

  11. Just got approved for the INK Unlimited. If you have more than one business can you get the signup bonus on the second INK Unlimited as well?

  12. @lucky, @alexZ – my results were very different…approved for the Biz Preferred about 8 months ago, approved for the Ink Biz Cash about 5 months ago, declined today for the Biz Unlimited. Reason was too many Biz cards, they didn’t care that my reasoning was the different benefits on the 3 cards. No hesitation from the Lending agent, even when I told him I was also looking at the AMEX Plat card. Chase’s loss, I’ll pick up the AMEX card now…very nice 75k points signup bonus for $5k spend in 3 months.

  13. I was approved for the CIB & CIC cards several months ago thru a BRM along with elevated bonuses. I appreciated your Dad’s delay story at the time, Lucky, because it took almost 3 weeks for my approval and to get the card in-hand. I didn’t have any other Chase biz cards at the time, but I did thru Citi and AMEX.

    I really only went for the CIB for the 100k bonus (since I already have a CSR for 3x travel and the CIC for 5x phone charges & don’t need for advertising ). I plan on downgrading it to the CIU after I have held for a year. Until then I have my CFU to use for 3x non-bonus spend (got at the end of April when offered for 2 weeks). At that anniversary, I will then downgrade the CFU to something else and use my CIC for 1.5x non-bonus spend.

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