Incredible New Bonus On IHG Credit Card

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The IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card is a fantastic hotel credit card that just about everyone should have. For those of you who don’t yet have the card — for whatever reason — you’re in luck, because the card is offering its best ever welcome bonus. And it’s a really, really good offer.

New IHG Premier Card Sign-Up Bonus

There really has never been a better time to sign up for this card, as there are three parts to the new welcome bonus on the IHG Premier Card. I guess you can say that Chase and IHG really, really want you to get this card.

For some context, the previous welcome bonus was for 80,000 points, and the highest increased bonus I’ve ever seen on the card has been for 120K points.

125K Bonus Points

You can earn 125,000 bonus IHG Rewards Club points after spending $3,000 within three months. That in and of itself is the biggest bonus I recall ever seeing on the card.

Chase and IHG are adding a big incentive to actually put spending on the card as well, though.

Redeem your IHG points at the InterContinental Willard Washington DC

40x Points Per Dollar Spent With IHG

As part of this sign-up bonus, you can also receive a total of 40x points per dollar spent with IHG for the first 12 months. This is excellent, though in reality isn’t quite as good as it sounds — I’d say it’s more like 25x points.

The card ordinarily offers 10x points per dollar spent with IHG, but for the first 12 months you’ll earn 25x points. That’s in addition to the 10x points that IHG usually offers, plus the 50% points bonus you get on those 10 points for being an IHG Platinum member (which is a perk of this card).

Note that this is being marketed as offering 40x points per dollar spent, but that factors in the 10x points per dollar that IHG usually offers, plus the 5x points bonus for being a Platinum member.

So really the incremental benefit here is that you’re earning 15x points per dollar more than you’d usually earn by putting IHG stays on this card.

4x Points On All Purchases

For the first 12 months, the card offers 4x points per dollar spent on all purchases. As a point of comparison, the card ordinarily offers 2x points at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants, and 1x points on all other purchases.

4x points per dollar is good to begin with, but it potentially gets even better than that.

IHG’s top tier Spire Elite status requires 75,000 points, and as far as I know points earned through credit card spending count towards that. So if you spent $18,750 on the card you’d earn the 75,000 points required for Spire Elite. But then you also get an extra 25,000 points for earning Spire Elite.

That means you’d earn a total of 100,000 IHG Rewards Club points for $18,750 of spending, which is over five IHG points per dollar spent. That’s great.

Why You Want The IHG Premier Card

In addition to this great increased bonus, there are so many other reasons to get the IHG Premier Card:

  • The card offers an anniversary free night certificate on your account anniversary every year, which in and of itself more than justifies the $89 annual fee on the card, in my opinion
  • You get IHG Rewards Club Platinum status for as long as you have the card, which offers bonus points, room upgrades, and more
  • You get a fourth night free on award bookings, which can be a great way to stretch your points even further
  • You get a TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry fee credit once every four years

Redeem your anniversary free night certificate at the Crowne Plaza Changi

This card is an absolute no brainer. It’s not necessarily a card you should be putting all of your spending on (though for some people it will be for the first 12 months), but it’s totally worth the $89 annual fee to get all those benefits.


We’re seeing the best ever bonus on the IHG Premier Card, so if you don’t yet have the card, you absolutely should sign up. This is a really excellent card that’s worth having long term for the anniversary free night certificate if nothing else, in my opinion.

See this post for more on the best credit cards for earning IHG points.

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  1. If you are logged into your IHG account and do a dummy booking from the IHG web page, I notice the same offer with an additional $50 rebate after first purchase… The link does not work if you are not logged into your IHG account.

  2. Lucky,

    You also get 10k bonus points for spending 20k on this card. 80k points for spend, 10k for 20k bonus, and 25k for spire status. 115k points in the first year.

  3. I have this card for 7 years now and i have gotten zero benefit for being platinum at any IHG hotels. not even room upgrade or late check out. Also the point is so bad that most hotels with standardroom that has cash rate of $89 a night cost 50,000 points a night or more. Will be canceling during my renewal.

  4. “I guess you can say that Chase and IHG really, really want you to get this card.”

    I have no doubt that IHG really wants me to get this card. I am equally convinced that Chase does not.

  5. I think it’s used to not subject to 5/24 and recently changed. @ Lucky, I used your link to apply. I checked creditkarma before I applied just be sure. I got instantly approved.

  6. Would the 40x points count towards the 75k points for Spire?

    Then spending under $2k with IHG would already get you a Spire status?

  7. so the normal rate for spending is 15x but with the promo, isn’t it an additional 25x for a total of 40x?

  8. @jim I think that’s a combo of bad luck and probably where you are booking. I don’t stay at IHG properties often, but I almost always get an upgrade, even on the night of my free night cert. That includes intercontinentals.

  9. Signed up a few months ago for the 120k points with a $50 statement credit. Required $5k spend over 6 months. This most recent offer is good but not THAT good.

  10. I am already an IHG card holder (the old one, which still gives me the Platinum Elite status). Do you think it’s worth to upgrade? Your thought are appreciated. I do not believe I’d get the perks mentioned above if I just upgrade from my existing card…

  11. So, does a cash/points booking used to acquire less expensive points also qualify for the 40 points/$ on the cash portion? I would think it should and will be looking for data points.

  12. Cool 125,000 points when the the Venetian/Palazzo at $165 night is a mere 70,000 points. IHG is trash.
    This latest offer is better than usual but let’s not go crazy. Besides, these new offers are usually followed by mammoth point devals.

  13. @Jim: do you request and get refused late checkout? Generally, this must be requested. I’ve never had it denied. As for upgrades, in Europe I’ve certainly never gotten a suite upgrade but regularly get a bigger room (e.g. queen to king or if furnished differently sometimes an executive room).

  14. This offer yields a ~20% rebate on spend at IHG hotels with the IHG card.

    What you get as a platinum:
    Normally, a platinum gets 15 pts per dollar or 7.5% rebate.

    What you get for the card:
    With a Chase Sapphire Reserve, you also get the 3x Chase points or ~5% rebate.
    With a typical IHG card you’d get instead 10 IHG points or a ~5% rebate.

    What you normally get overall:
    12.5% total rebate
    This essentially makes IHG worse than any other program with mid-tier status.

    So with this offer the extra rebate equates to:
    A bonus 7.5% rebate, creating a 20% total rebate.
    This makes IHG quite competitive — for a year at least — with…

    Marriott Platinum, 15 points/$, approximately 10.5%
    Plus credit card 6 Marriott or 4.2% or Chase closer to 5% (total 14.5-15.5%)

    Hilton Gold, 18 ponts/$, approximately 9%
    Plus credit card 12 Hilton or 6%, which seems better than Chase (total 15%)

    The reality though is you’re higher rebate means:
    * Few luxury properties period
    * Few upgrades period
    * A bunch of IHG points that are mostly valuable for a Holiday Inn Express redemption when they bump cash rates but somehow still have award rooms (this worked for us well a year ago)

    So yeah, this is a good deal. But only if you’re not really chasing status or benefits at a much better chain overall.

  15. @jim, how have you had this card for 7 years? It’s only been around for a bit under 1.5 years. If you’re talking about the IHG Select card, with its $49 annual fee, yes, that’s been around for a while.

    As for Platinum benefits, I’ve always received a modest upgrade of some sort (view or 1 category) at full service hotels (IC, Kimpton, CP, etc.). 1 or 2 p.m. late check-out has always been granted, but only when I’ve asked. Welcome amenity (points or drink) has always been offered, too. You don’t get much with Platinum, but my expectations aren’t high to begin with.

    @Lucky, it would be nice if they gave all existing cardholders the increased points for spending. I don’t mind losing out on the welcome bonus, since that attracts new cardholders. But, the extra points for spending is a bit of a slap in the face to the rest of us…

  16. Yeah, this is probably subject to 5/24. Disappointed that 5/24 not addressed in original blog post.

  17. I’ve read before that some people have the old IHG select card and still qualify to get the new one. I called Chase twice recently and they said I am not eligible for this card if I still hold the old IHG card. Is that correct information? Seems like they may have changed the rules so we can’t have both?

  18. @ Jess — You absolutely can have both, and I know plenty of people who do. In the terms it states the following:
    “This product is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this credit card within the last 24 months.”

    When another card in the same “family” is excluded, they make that very clear, and that’s not the case here. 🙂

  19. @ Paul5795 — Nowadays all Chase cards are subjected to 5/24. Wasn’t at all trying to pull a fast one here, but people complain when I post the same stuff repetitively that’s obvious, so my apologies if it caused any confusion. For what it’s worth, I have mentioned it in every previous post about the card.

  20. @ Dave — IHG isn’t my favorite hotel chain, and they’re not even my second or third favorite hotel chain. However, there is no denying that they have a massive global portfolio, and I do find myself in situations at least a few times per year where a stay at an IHG property is the best option.

  21. @ Tennen — I totally get why you feel that way and largely agree. I would say that I expect over time we’ll increasingly see welcome bonuses tied to incentivizing spending on the card, as I imagine card issuers are often finding that gets the results they want. So while it can be frustrating as an existing cardmember, I fear we’ll see more of this, and not less of it.

  22. @ MK — Unfortunately I don’t know, I’m sorry. When I do I’ll update this post to reflect that.

  23. @ Geoff — Totally agree on the high end sometimes redemptions aren’t a good deal. I actually find the most value with their ~30K point per night properties. For example, I’ve stayed at the IC Beirut and have an upcoming stay at the IC Johannesburg. In the latter case, the paid rate was over $300, while it only cost 30,000 points. Now that’s a deal, if you ask me.

  24. AS — Personally I wouldn’t upgrade, but rather I’d apply for this card as well. Then you can have both cards and can stack the benefits. You’d get two free nights per year, you could stack the 10% discount on awards with the fourth night free, etc. You’re even eligible for the bonus on this card if you have the old Select Card.

  25. @ pho tastee — That’s correct, it’s basically 25x points with the card, or an incremental 15x points vs. what it would usually be for card members.

  26. Plus the IC Johannesburg is the nicest airport hotel I have stayed. It is indeed a great bargain for points stays and I have always been upgraded to a deluxe room. Definitely one of the best uses of IHG points.

  27. Certainly not my favorite hotel brand but I like Kimpton quite a bit. I finally applied although didn’t get an automatic approval (which has been the case with every chase card I have).

  28. Thanks for clarifying Lucky. I’m just goimg to apply for the card and see if it goes through! Def use your link 😉

  29. @ Gene — It’s an incredible deal because this is a card you actually should want to have long term for the benefits that it offers. It’s not the best welcome bonus in the world as such, but it is by far the best bonus we’ve seen on this card, and that makes it really worthwhile, in my opinion.

  30. My wife and I use the card and always get a great usage of the bonus points. We usually book our free nights every two years and redeem 4 at the most expensive hotel where we are traveling. We’ve done it 4 times thus far and have saved over $10,000 on those 16 hotel nights.

  31. I have both and just used my 2 free nights back to back for a nice weekend away. I’ve never been refused early check-in or late checkout. Early always get upgraded as well.

  32. @Paul The Singapore Crowne Plaza is also rumored to be one of the best airport hotels in the world.

  33. Lucky, would you be able to do a post of the best luxury hotels to use IHG points at? People trash on IHG but there a handful of amazing hotels. I’ve used points for $1,500 night at the Kimpton in Grand Cayman and an $800 night room at the Amstel Amsterdam. Both hotels were as nice as any Ritz-Carlton.

  34. If you go in to do a booking on IHG this offer also pops up at the bottom of the booking and gives you the additional $50 Statement Credit on top of the offer.

  35. Can we also talk about how ridiculous it is to try and book points with IHG? The minimum number of rewards nights their hotels have to set aside is pathetic. We stay regularly in Kansas City and will often find virtually every property available for cash bookings but far fewer using points. Not exactly an exotic destination. Clearly IHG must be having trouble selling this card.

  36. Count me as an IHG fan… Almost entirely dog-friendly, decent quality and in most places. While I’d love to be exclusive to another brand with actual benefits like breakfast it’s far easier to hit status & swim in IHG points than with other brands. That said I’d love it if the IC club wasn’t an arm & leg upcharge at most properties.

  37. Hi Ben, will I still get extra 20% off when purchasing points with IHG Rewards Club Premier credit card since currently IHG offer points purchase with 100% bonus. Thank you

  38. @ Ryan — The bonus on purchased points only applies when there’s not otherwise a bonus, unfortunately.

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