Hyatt To Open 200 Hotels In The Americas By 2022

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World of Hyatt Globalist is my favorite top tier hotel status. Historically my biggest issue with Hyatt has been their comparatively small footprint, though this is an area where they’ve been improving.

They’ve done so organically, they’ve done so by acquiring Two Roads Hospitality (which got them Alila, Destination, Joie De Vivre, Thompson, etc.), and they’ve done so through partnerships, like with Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Hyatt opening 200 new hotels in the Americas by 2020

Hyatt has just announced that they plan to open nearly 200 new properties in the Americas by 2022:

  • Hyatt will open more than 50 new hotels in 2020
  • Hyatt will open a further 140 new hotels in 2021-2022

Many of these are properties that we know were in the pipeline, though in general the sheer quantity of new properties under development is exciting. Hyatt currently has 585 Hyatt hotels in the Americas, so that means they’ll be increasing their footprint in the Americas by a third by 2022.

Which new properties are in the pipeline? Over 115 of them are limited service properties (Hyatt Place and Hyatt House), so let’s look at the new full service properties we can expect:

New Andaz properties

  • Andaz Palm Springs, 150 guestrooms, Late 2020
  • Andaz Toronto – Yorkville, 160 guestrooms, 2021
  • Andaz Turks & Caicos at Grace Bay, 184 guestrooms, 2021

New Park Hyatt properties

  • Park Hyatt Toronto (Ontario, Canada), 219 guestrooms, October 2020 (reopening after renovation)
  • Park Hyatt Los Angeles at Oceanwide Plaza, 184 guestrooms, 2021
  • Park Hyatt Los Cabos (Mexico), 163 guestrooms, 2021
  • Park Hyatt Mexico City (Mexico), 155 guestrooms, 2021

New Alila properties

New Miraval property

  • Miraval Berkshires (N.Y.), 102 guestrooms, May 2020

New Thompson properties

  • Thompson Washington D.C., 225 guestrooms, January 8, 2020
  • Thompson San Antonio, 162 guestrooms, Late Summer 2020
  • Thompson Dallas, 219 guestrooms, Fall 2020
  • Thompson Hollywood (Calif.), 190 guestrooms, 2021
  • Thompson Austin, 200 guestrooms, 2021
  • Thompson Denver, 220 guestrooms, 2021
  • Thompson Savannah (Ga.), 193 guestrooms, 2021
  • Thompson New York – Central Park, 2021 (rebrand from Parker New York)
  • Thompson South Beach (Miami), 150 guestrooms, 2022

New Hyatt Centric properties

  • Hyatt Centric Old Town Alexandria (Va.), 124 guestrooms, January 22, 2020
  • Hyatt Centric Downtown Portland (Ore.), 220 guestrooms, February 2020
  • Hyatt Centric Downtown Minneapolis, 145 guestrooms, Spring 2020
  • Hyatt Centric 39th & 5th New York, 163 guestrooms, March 2020
  • Hyatt Centric San Salvador (El Salvador), 138 guestrooms, April 2020
  • Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale (Fla.), 238 guestrooms, May 2020
  • Hyatt Centric City Center Philadelphia, 332 guestrooms, June 2020
  • Hyatt Centric Beale Street Memphis (Tenn.), 227 guestrooms, 2021
  • Hyatt Centric Downtown Austin (Texas), 200 guestrooms, 2021
  • Hyatt Centric Downtown Nashville (Tenn.), 252 guestrooms, 2021
  • Hyatt Centric Downtown Sacramento (Calif.), 172 guestrooms, 2021
  • Hyatt Centric Koreatown Los Angeles, 310 guestrooms, 2021
  • Hyatt Centric SouthPark Charlotte (N.C.), 175 guestrooms, 2021
  • Hyatt Centric Buckhead Atlanta, 218 guestrooms, 2022
  • Hyatt Centric Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada), 364 guestrooms, 2022
  • A hotel within the Hyatt Centric brand, located in downtown Los Angeles, 138 guestrooms, 2022

New Destination properties

  • Quirk Hotel Charlottesville, A Destination Hotel (Va.), 80 guestrooms, March 2020
  • Wyndhurst Manor & Club, A Destination Hotel (Lenox, Mass.), 46 guestrooms, May 2020
  • The Shay, A Destination Hotel (Culver City, Calif.), 148 guestrooms, Late Summer 2020
  • A hotel within the Destination Hotels brand, located in Oceanside, Calif., 226 guestrooms, Late 2020

New Grand Hyatt properties

  • Grand Hyatt Nashville (Tenn.), 591 guestrooms, Fall 2020
  • Grand Hyatt Grand Cayman, 351 guestrooms, 2022

New Hyatt Regency properties

  • Hyatt Regency Frisco (Texas), 301 guestrooms, Spring 2020
  • Hyatt Regency Insurgentes Mexico City, 250 guestrooms, 2021
  • Hyatt Regency Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada), 703 guestrooms, 2022
  • Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City (Utah), 700 guestrooms, 2022

New Unbound Collection properties

  • Mar Monte (Santa Barbara, Calif.), 200 guestrooms, Spring 2020 (rebrand from Hyatt Centric Santa Barbara
  • A hotel within The Unbound Collection by Hyatt brand, located in Kansas City, Mo., 144 guestrooms, Summer 2020
  • A hotel within The Unbound Collection by Hyatt brand, located in Hollywood, Calif., 64 guestrooms, 2021
  • Hotel La Compañia (Panama City, Panama), 88 guestrooms, 2021

New Joie de Vivre properties

  • The Ambassador Chicago, a Joie de Vivre Hotel, 285 guestrooms, February 2020
  • El Capitan, a Joie de Vivre Hotel (Merced, Calif.), 114 guestrooms, Summer 2020
  • A hotel within the Joie de Vivre brand, located in Oceanside, Calif., 161 guestrooms, Late 2020

My take on Hyatt’s growth

There are lots of really exciting additions here. Personally I’m really excited about the new Alila properties, the three new Park Hyatts, and the Andaz Turks & Caicos (I can’t wait to see what games they play with World of Hyatt members!).

I also love the huge expansion from Hyatt Centric and Thompson, since these are hotels that have a bit of personality, so I find them much more interesting than your average Hyatt Regency, for example.

Which of these new Hyatt properties are you most excited about?

  1. One new Alila and one new Miraval, and over 100 new HPs. Considering how small the rooms are in the new footprint HPs, this news is not good news.

    As for the other hotels, all this shows is that Hyatt management has no clue how to properly differentiate its new brands. Lucky, you do your readers a disservice by pawning off a Hyatt press release as some exciting thing.

  2. This is awesome! Just recently did the switch to Hyatt for 2020 and beyond! It sucks that all those Marriott nights (500+!) are going to waste (but still have lifetime Gold, for whatever that’s worth), so happy to see them expand their footprint!

  3. I think that its pretty exciting to see the growth. I wonder if there is a Google map that shows all the new hotels.

  4. 9/12 of California properties are So Cal, which excites me. Definitely need more in the LA area. Would prefer to see more HH and HP properties but this is promising.

  5. Construction of the massive Oceanwide Plaza in downtown LA has been suspended due to US China trade issues The park Hyatt will impressive if / when it ever opens I believe the site is for sale

  6. The Shay, A Destination Hotel (Culver City, Calif.) Culver City is a “destination” now. Who knew?

    I haven’t really been there in over 20 years so I guess places change.

  7. The World of Hyatt program is amazing in terms of how they return value to their best customers. We have been upgraded often to suites that run $1000+ a night, and I love being able to make plans around the confirmed suite upgrades, especially traveling in Asia.

    I’m most interested in the Hyatt opening in Oceanside, just north of San Diego, which will make a convenient staycation for us.

    Has Hyatt announced / will Hyatt announce expansion plans for areas beyond the Americas? It would be nice to see more coverage in Europe. And I wish there were more Hyatts opening near some of China’s natural wonders, such as Zhangjiajie (“_Avatar_ land”), Huangshan, the mountain and river areas of Zhejiang, or Anhui generally.

  8. We wish they’d open some more hotels in Australia. The only global chain it’s possible to be loyal to in Australia is Accor and nobody wants that.

  9. It is worth highlighting that this announcement specifically only covers new Hyatts in North, Central, and South America, so folks looking for Hyatts in other places should probably wait for a different announcement.

  10. This is great news except that The Regency and Grand brands should be discontinued as they are OLD AND TIRED just like the British! All the others sound good!

  11. It’s good that they’re expending, but too bad that they’re focusing on the region where they’re already the strongest. We need more Hyatts in Europe!

  12. I am looking forward to the Park Hyatt in Mexico City and Los Cabos though I must stay the Hyatt Regency in Mexico City is awesome the club is great and the recently booked AAA rate and had the breakfast in the lobby awesome! Well worth it!

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