Alila Hotels Joining World Of Hyatt (Full Details)

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I am so excited about this development!

One of Hyatt’s disadvantages is that they don’t have nearly the global footprint of Hilton, Marriott, or IHG. However, I’ve been impressed by the ways in which they’ve creatively tried to expand their portfolio, both through partnerships and through acquisitions.

For example, Hyatt has a great partnership with Small Luxury Hotels of the World, where World of Hyatt members can earn and redeem points at SLH properties.

Hyatt’s acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality

Last October, Hyatt announced their acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality, which is an international lifestyle hotel management company with a collection of luxury hotels. With this, Hyatt is taking over the management contracts for a majority of their roughly 85 hotels.

Two Roads Hospitality includes Alila, Destination, Joie de Vivre, Thompson, tommie, and more. The integration of this started in March, when Thompson joined World of Hyatt. Then in May Joie De Vivre joined World of Hyatt.

We knew that the remaining brands would be joining World of Hyatt soon, and it looks like the next step of this happening is soon. This is the addition I’m most excited about.

Alila joining World of Hyatt

Alila properties will be joining World of Hyatt between June 25 and July 16, 2019. Below I’ll list the joining dates for these properties, as well as what World of Hyatt categories they’ll be in.

The following Alila hotels will join World of Hyatt as of June 25, 2019:

  • Alila Seminyak (Category 5)
  • Studios at Alila Seminyak (Category 1)
  • Alila Solo (Category 1)
  • Alila Ubud (Category 3)
  • Alila Villas Uluwatu (Category 7)
  • Ventana Big Sur (Category 7)

The following Alila hotels will join World of Hyatt as of June 26, 2019:

  • Alila Bangsar (Category 1)
  • Alila Koh Russey (Category 6)
  • Alila SCBD Jakarta (Category 3)
  • Alila Manggis (Category 2)

The following Alila hotels will join World of Hyatt as of July 15, 2019:

  • Alila Diwa Goa (Category 2)
  • The Diwa Club by Alila (Category 3)
  • Alila Jabal Akhdar (Category 6)

The following Alila hotels will join World of Hyatt as of July 16, 2019:

  • Alila Anji (Category 5)
  • Alila Fort Bishanarh (Category 4)
  • Alila Wuzhen (Category 5)

Those are some really awesome redemption rates, if you ask me. As a reminder:

  • A Category 1 free night redemption costs 5,000 points
  • A Category 2 free night redemption costs 8,000 points
  • A Category 3 free night redemption costs 12,000 points
  • A Category 4 free night redemption costs 15,000 points
  • A Category 5 free night redemption costs 20,000 points per night
  • A Category 6 free night redemption costs 25,000 points per night
  • A Category 7 free night redemption costs 30,000 points per night
  • Category 4 is a bit of a sweet spot, given Category 1-4 free night certificates

What’s awesome is that these hotels are fully joining World of Hyatt — this isn’t just a partnership — so you can earn and redeem points, and receive full elite benefits, at these properties.

Alila Hotels I’m most excited about

For those of you not familiar with Alila, they operate some fantastic luxury hotels. These are no doubt the highest end properties that Hyatt is acquiring through the Two Roads purchase. There are so many hotels here to be excited about, though if I had to pick just a few…

I can’t wait to stay at Ventana Big Sur, located in Northern California. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about this hotel, and paid rates are regularly $1,000+ per night.

Alila Jabal Akhdar is also near the top of my list of Alila properties to try. The property is located in Oman, and looks stunning.

All of Alila’s Bali properties interest me, and in particular the one in Ubud.

Heck, as I look at these properties I realize I’d actually like to visit all of them, as they all look really cool. This is such a great addition to World of Hyatt.

Earn bonus points & a free night

To celebrate the addition of these new properties to Hyatt’s portfolio, World of Hyatt members can earn 2,000 bonus points for their first qualifying stay at each of the new brands, plus a free night when they experience all four brands.

Eligible stays at participating hotels will begin once each brand participates in World of Hyatt, and is valid through December 31, 2019. No registration is required for this.

Earning World of Hyatt points

Obviously these properties are great for anyone looking to redeem World of Hyatt points. But there are also lots of ways to earn World of Hyatt points through credit cards.

In addition to being able to earn World of Hyatt points with The World of Hyatt Credit Card, you can also transfer over points from Ultimate Rewards.

Earn Hyatt points

See this post for everything you need to know about earning Hyatt points with credit cards.

Bottom line

I’m so excited about Hyatt’s acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality, given the new resorts that this adds to the Hyatt portfolio. Alila is the acquisition I’ve been most excited about.

They have some spectacular properties, and properties like Ventana Big Sur, Alila Jabal Akhdar, and Alila Uluwatu Ubud have long been on my bucket list. Staying there while being able to earn and redeem World of Hyatt points will be awesome. The redemption rates are even quite attractive.

Alila’s addition to World of Hyatt might just be my favorite thing Hyatt has done in a very long time.

Which Alila property are you most excited to visit?

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  1. Always felt like Hyatt could use some more luxury properties – glad to see them have some M&A. Ultimate move would be acquiring Four Seasons.

  2. This is absolutely great news. By the way, I’m looking forward to the LA meet up.
    @Lucky how many points / what category do you think the Bali Alila hotels will fall into?

  3. Stayed at Alila Akhbar based on Luxury Travel Expert’s rave reviews. Was very underwhelmed. Maybe it’s because I grew up the American West, but it was very “meh.”

  4. Stayed at Alila Villas Uluwatu a couple years ago. Absolutely fabulous. The type of place it’s hard to believe actually exists. Just stunning. Great addition to WoH.

  5. @Lucky, when you said, “World of Hyatt members can earn 2,000 bonus points for their first qualifying stay at each of the new brands”. Will 2,000 applies to each room if I book 3 rooms on same booking (2,000 x 3 rooms)? Thanks!

  6. Hyatt just keeps getting better and better. They really goofed a while back when they were introducing World of Hyatt but they have really improved their program drastically. I’m glad I made Globalist already this year. Look forward to trying several properties over the next 1.5 years.

  7. I was looking forward to stay at Alila Jakarta in October. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information.
    Is anybody here looking for a budget hotel in Kathmandu?

  8. The Park Hyatt in the Maldives originally opened as an Alila but was later rebranded to a Park Hyatt. This property it seems has come full circle.

  9. Alila Ubud.

    Wifi (work of cell data)
    Tour groups that come for ‘afternoon tea’ service
    Rooms (other than tops rooms) at bit tired.

  10. Great post. I’m a huge fan of the underdog and Hyatt is preferred over the Wyndhams or Marriotts. Thanks @Ben (Lucky)

  11. I has an amazing stay at Alila Villas Uluwatu last week. When I checked in, I offered up my World of Hyatt membership and they took it as if the hotel was already in the Hyatt portfolio. But something tells me I was too early to get credit for the stay. It doesn’t matter. That resort is enchanting. It celebrated its 10th anniversary while I was there.

  12. @Lucky I’ve stayed at the hotel in Oman. It’s a must. Absolutely stunning scenery and location. Food is fantastic. Ubud and Uluwatu are both outstanding. Highly recommend.

  13. @Peter, thanks so much for your comment. I was thinking about a trip to Oman after having had an exhilarating trip to Jordan where the people were so friendly. I love going during Ramadan too since there is so much exciting religious stuff going on!

  14. 2/3 times a year from 2014 I’m guest of Alila Solo, a stunning hotel in Surakarta Java, all brand new even after years and staff is the most professional and friendly ever had.
    lets hope changing of property will bring more benefits

  15. Wow… Alila Seminyak (cat5) with Studios at Seminyak (cat1) appears to be the same resort and sharing the same amenity. Can’t wait.

  16. Looks like a very nice chain to add for Hyatt.

    Let’s not overlook this fact, however. This hotel chain is based out of Indonesia and has major branches in Oman and Malaysia. All three countries have capital punishment for homosexuality.

    Where is the outcry over Ben promoting this chain and assisting in funding governments engaged in punishing LGBT activity??

    Just last week, the comments section was overflowing cursing Ben for wanting to travel to western China as if he was complicit in the Uyghyur situation!

    Why is there no such protest when Ben promotes properties and countries where LGBT would be jailed, beaten or worse?

    The inconsistency of protest in our culture is alarming. Condemning discrimination should happen with consistency. You shouldn’t pick and choose defending certain groups when it is socially or politically expeditious.

  17. Does anyone know what this means to Alila’s affiliation/connection to the GHA Discovery programme?

  18. Just stayed at Ventana Big Sur (booked before I knew it was going to be a Hyatt, showed up and realized I was getting points for this stay!). Their glamping in the Redwoods is amazing! We also stayed at the main resort after glamping. Yoga, wine and cheese hour, a hipster social house, beautiful organic gardens, hiking trails, feeling off-the-grid without being off the grid….I would list this resort as my hands-down favorite place on earth. No exaggeration. We will go back, hopefully annually.

  19. Stayed at Alila Fort Bishangarh, Jaipur a lesser known Luxury Fort Hotel. was an awesome experience. Superb Service and excellent Food prepared from in house organic Farm ! And now with Hyatt loyalty program being also applicable on this property. Will become a hotspot destination soon

  20. Lucky when you say full benefits can you use a suite upgrade certificate? I just asked my Hyatt Globalist concierge and she said you can’t use upgrade certificates at Alila on points stays. Is that correct?

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