Earning Hyatt Points For MGM Las Vegas Stays Just Got Easier

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In June 2013, Hyatt Gold Passport and MGM Mlife introduced a brilliant new partnership. Hyatt’s footprint on the Las Vegas Strip was virtually non-existent, so through this partnership Hyatt Gold Passport members could get tier matched to MGM Mlife, and also earn and redeem points for stays at MGM properties.


While Starwood and Caesars later rolled out a similar partnership, it’s much more restrictive.

Overall I’ve been very happy with the partnership between Hyatt and Mlife, and it has caused me to consistently stay at MGM properties when in Las Vegas (personally, The Delano works best for me most of the time).


It’s great to be able to earn Hyatt points for my stays there in the same way I would at any other Hyatt property. There are two additional benefits of this partnership that I love:

  • For being an Mlife member you can get significant discounts off normal room rates, and even those rates are eligible for Gold Passport points accrual
  • You can charge all purchases at any Mlife outlet to your room at any participating hotel, meaning you can earn Hyatt points for just about all your spend while in Las Vegas


My one complaint about the partnership was the actual process of requesting points:

  • When booking through Mlife, there was no way to provide your Hyatt Gold Passport number at the time of booking, so you had to remember to provide it at check-in (which isn’t a big deal, but just seemed unnecessary)
  • Many have reported issues with points posting, so you may have to follow up in order to get stay credits, which can be rather annoying


The good news is that it looks like this may have just become a bit easier. Per LoyaltyLobby, you can now enter your Hyatt Gold Passport number through the Mlife website when making your booking. When you get to the final booking page (“Review & Book”), you’ll see the following at the bottom left of the page:


It’s great to be able to enter your Hyatt Gold Passport number at the time of booking, so you don’t forget to provide it at check-in. That’s especially true on mlife.com, since it’s the best place to book your MGM reservations. Let’s hope that this also means that stays will post more consistently, since I imagine some of the missing stay credits were likely linked to front desk associates not properly keying in Gold Passport numbers.

  1. Yes, this option while booking is very convenient, but it has been there for sometime. I stayed at Bellagio earlier in Jan and earned both MLife points as well as Hyatt Points

  2. Dave-
    I believe somewhere in the terms it says you must provide both your mlife and GP number at check in.

  3. Dave & James,
    “M life Rewards members may request past stay credit up to 12 months after to check-out. Please contact M life Member Services at memberservices(at)mgmresorts(.)com or 866.761.7111 and provide your full name, home address, property visited, dates of stay, M life Rewards number and Hyatt Gold Passport number. Guests must have been enrolled in both programs before check out date in order to receive Hyatt Gold Passport points” – via the Mlife FAQ

    As for booking MLife rooms, the best practice I have found is to book via the Mlife VIP phone number rather than online. This is for two reasons:
    1) They have access to comps that you might not see online
    2) When you reserve a room online you have to pay the first night upfront as a deposit. Booking via the phone number eliminates needing to do this

  4. I’ll just be interested in seeing whether or not they automatically post still. I’ve had at least 8 MLife stays this year. About half of them have posted automatically and the other half have taken not one or two emails — but months of emails with 3-week response time to get credited. I have finally gotten them, but it was enough of a pain to disincentive future MGM properties.

  5. Hi Lucky, do you know if Mlife room charges put on a Hyatt credit card would earn 3x points (the rate for Hyatt spending) or 1x points (the rate for everyday spending)?

    I recently booked 2 hotel rooms in Vegas for a bachelor party and charged an expensive suite to the Citi Premier and got the VERY expensive 4th & last night of the stay for free… then put all the incidental charges on a cheaper regular room and paid for it with my Hyatt card. I can confirm that is takes some wrangling to get all the Hyatt points credited for the stay; it’s 3 months later and I’m still working on it.

  6. @Matt – According to the FAQs on the Gold Passport site, you won’t get the 3x points if you use a Hyatt card.

  7. Another benefit is that mLife hotels in vegas will now charge $10/day for parking but if you have platinum hyatt you get matching gold mLife which exempts you from the parking fees.

  8. Ah , yes, and now charging most people for parking.
    Honestly, the best benefit of the entire relationship is Hyatt Diamonds getting to skip the GREAT UNWASHED line at Bellagio’s buffet during peak periods.
    At Wynn, I just pay a few bucks and you can skip the horrid line.

    What, me gamble to get a line pass? Pshah, I live here.

  9. I was able to match Hyatt Platinum to MLife Gold last year through the website with ease… but then when I reached Hyatt Diamond, I tried to go through the same process and match Hyatt GP Diamond to MLife Platinum, everything looks great, but after months of waiting and trying several time, i am still showing as MLife Gold. Has anyone else had this issue?

  10. Juno,
    Have you tried setting up your MLife Plat status at the hotel MLife location? We believe this works. You do have to bring/show your Hyatt Diamond card to have the agent help with this.

    We were dropped from the MLife /Hyatt partnership rolls without notice. Do we have to register yearly with United Club Card to activate our Hyatt Platinum status and then contact MLife to activate our Gold Status via matching every year? (That’s what we found out recently as none of our programs were connected anymore since late 2015… argh.)

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