Hyatt announces details of summer Gold Passport promotion

While Hyatt’s spring promotion is still running through April 30, they’ve already announced the details of their summer promotion, which offers bonus airline miles instead of bonus points. For stays between May 1 and August 31, 2012, you earn 4x airline miles for your 2nd and 3rd stays, and 5x airline miles for your 4th through 11th stays.

Registration is required prior to your first stay, and you have to register with the airline you want in advance. The links are as follows:

You typically earn 500 miles per stay, so through this promotion you’re earning 2,500 miles per stay for your 4th through 11th stays, for a total of 24,500 miles throughout the promotion if you max it out.

While this isn’t a great promotion, it’s something, especially for people like me that frequently make one night stays.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that with Hyatt you earn the 1,000 point Diamond amenity regardless of whether you choose to earn points or miles. Furthermore, if the club lounge is closed (which is the case on weekends at several Hyatts) you earn an additional 2,500 points per stay. So 3,500 Hyatt Gold Passport points plus 2,500 American miles per stay at my local Hyatt really isn’t half bad…

Now we just have to wait and see what promotion SPG comes up with.

Lastly, while we’re on the topic of Hyatt, remember that through May 11 Hyatt is offering a free 90 day Platinum trial for anyone with a Visa Signature card, which gets you free internet, late check-out, and the occasional room upgrade for your stays.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. Why would Hyatt not even offer bonus points for its own program? Add this to the fact that points credited to airline loyalty programs do not count for lifetime Hyatt status. If this their only promo, then it is extremely disappointing.

  2. to be clear and I may not have been in my own post, it’s not obvious that this is the ‘summer promo’ — airline promos with Hyatt rarely are — we may well see a Hyatt points promo as well.

  3. A big points promo such as 5000 bonus points per stay at any hotel or the much requested return of FFN would do wonders for bookings and engender loyalty to Hyatt. The current points promo is similar to the old GX offers which have been discontinued.

  4. @ chitownflyer — I’d say there’s a decent chance that there’s another promo of some sort. Hey, at least it’s nice they announced something in advance and that there’s no gap between promotions.

  5. Not sure it was made clear that this is NOT a double-dip. You give up your GP points & bonus points if you sign up for this. No thanks.

  6. If i sign up for this, and then there is another promo for GP points…do you think i would not be able to to participate in the latter?

  7. Just a quick question about Hyatt that is not about the promo but rather about your reference to the 2500 bonus points when the club is closed. We were up from Chicago and staying at the Milwaukee Hyatt over a recent weekend and their club was closed – they recognized the Diamond level and offered some sort of bfast coupons and apologized that the club would be closed. My question is – do you ask right then and there at checkin for the 2500 bonus points or just follow up afterward with Gold passport? I realized I’ve had a few stays in Milwaukee on the weekends when the club is closed and have never gotten any bonus points … but reading your news about the Hyatt promo prompted me to send an email to Hyatt requesting the bonus points and of course they promptly credited my account.

  8. Just confirmed that you CAN’T receive your miles on this promotion + Club Closure Points + Diamond Ammenity. Learned the hard way …

  9. @ Hyatt Guy — You most definitely can. Did a Hyatt agent tell you that? If so, they were wrong.

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