Hilarious Fox News interview with the lady that fell asleep on a plane

Remember that lady that fell asleep on a Untied Express flight from Washington Dulles to Philadelphia last week? Well, I think it’s fair to say she’s a complete nut job. Check out this interview Fox News has with her. If this isn’t the biggest fail of an interview, I don’t know what is…

You’ve gotta love that the lady thinks “it’s pretty obvious” why she’s suing the airline. I sure as heck don’t think so. And she doesn’t seem to know what she’s suing for!

(Tip of the hat to Damian)

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  1. Lucky, your second link to the Fox News article is the same as the first link to Boarding Area. Please fix the second link so that it goes to the Fox News article. Thanks.

  2. I wish this kind of lawsuit is throw away by the judge. She is blaming the airline instead of herself for falling sleep.

    UA FA on this issue is making a mistake for not checking the plane before deplane.

    She is after $$

  3. No need to hire an attorney and sue…she should contact Customer Relations like the rest of us, and get a $150 e-cert as compensation.

  4. What I want to know is what kind of pills she took to sleep that soundly on the plane and what she took before the interview. LOL

  5. And for all the criticism of Fox news, you had to admit that they did grill her. I can’t see CNN doing that. I can only imagine that Chris Elliott is about to write a column about how she is owed $75k in compensation.

  6. This is a bad interview on both sides. Ginger clearly hasn’t received any training on how to talk to the media and doesn’t seem to know much about what she’s talking about. The interviewer also seemed a bit harsh in her questioning, although that may partly go back to the fact Ginger’s not giving good answers either.

  7. The girl doesn’t even know why she’s suing, isn’t that a prerequisite?
    Other then being left of the plane for 3 or 4 hours she’s unable to articulate what damage happened to her. She couldn’t even come up with being embarrassed.

    While prep might help with that, if she can’t come up with that on her own then she should have to pay the court costs when she loses.

    Heck, if she slept on a plane for that long after being up for 24 hours then the airline kinda did her a favor.

  8. I actually thought the interviewer did ok considering (it’s Faux) how stupid the story was and Ginger being so clueless. This story is a good indicator of why things are so f’d up in this country. No personal responsibility and eager to sue baby sue.

  9. This is too funny. She is blaming and suing UA for really good sleep. I wish I could sleep that good.

  10. This will probably turn out to be another consumer scam. She hid on the plan until the crew had left, then faked the whole story. Do we blame the idoits for not taking responsibility for their own actions; do we blame scum bag attorneys who will do anything to make money at the expense of others, or do we blame a legal system that would let something like this even be considered in the court system?

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