Great Star Alliance article in the Washington Times!

A friend sent me a link to a very interesting article about the Star Alliance, which I highly recommend checking out. I’ve always been impressed by organizations like the Star Alliance, since, despite only having 80 employees, have people from just about every corner of the globe. Oh, did I mention I’d love an internship here?;)

I found one part especially interesting, also something I had no clue about:

Although part of Mr. Albrecht’s job is to keep the Star members happy, disputes invariably break out — after all, these are businesses that do battle in a fiercely competitive industry.

Singapore Airlines, often ranked the best in the world in various surveys, is not shy to point out its superiority to most other Star carriers, particularly those in North America.

A year ago, soon after the alliance introduced a program that allows passengers to use their miles accrued on one carrier to upgrade flights on another, United suspended its participation, citing technical reasons.

Mr. Albrecht said that Singapore Airlines was unhappy with the rates United charged its customers for upgrades on Singapore flights. The dispute should be resolved soon, he added.

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