Got milk?

Up until yesterday I never drank milk by itself. I’d happily add it to my Coco Puffs cereal to create sweet chocolaty goodness, or have a glass of milk with the cookies served aboard flights. Actually, it always cracks me up to see otherwise angry looking businessman dipping their cookies in milk on airplanes.

After my evening flight from IAD to LAX yesterday where we were served cookies and milk, I got on my LAX to SFO flight (it’s worth noting that I had a ZERO (0) minute connection, but with United I can book a zero minute connection and be confident I’ll make it) and guess what I was craving. Yep, milk! Now I usually couldn’t care less if others think I’m a nut (most people already seem to think so, after all), but in this case basically everyone else in first class was wearing a suit and eating dinner. Either way, I rather sheepishly ordered a glass of milk (which doesn’t seem to go well with the “gourmet” snack mix), and the flight attendant gave me a look as if I was both five years old and from another planet.

Darn it, don’t judge me! And as I just found out the hard way, United Express doesn’t carry dairy products. I guess that’s what happens when you stock your galley for 11 months at a time. Now I understand why their flights are always weight restricted! It’s the galley, not the passengers.

As I’m about to hop on yet another United mainline flight, I fear the same judgment will be passed on me. I’ll try to resist the temptation, but I might just order something weirder, like milk mixed with cranberry juice, just to see the flight attendant’s reaction.

By the way, my swine flu paranoia meter is at six since my travels started yesterday morning. That’s how many people I’ve seen with those fancy things that cover your face. I was kind of expecting more. I’m sure I’ll see more over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I’m swine flu free and taking at least 6,000% the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C.

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  1. I’m on a 5 leg MR this weekend… will report back on the number of painters that I see on my flights.

  2. I’m on a 5 leg MR this weekend… will report back on the number of painters that I see on my flights.

    On a separate note, I too enjoy milk!

  3. Milk and cranberry juice – mmmmm – the curdled mixture should be tasty 😉

    Airplane fears and virus are pretty overblown, methinks, after reading an article this morning (not from a mainstream news outlet, either). Most airplanes have pretty advanced filtration systems, I am happy and, actually, surprised to report. I thought they were germ factories.

  4. I’ve always said that if it were socially acceptable to order chocolate milk in a bar, I’d do it every time. Anyone who says beer or wine tastes better than chocolate milk is just lyin’ to themselves …

    So drink up and enjoy!

  5. If a dessert comes with the meal, I ask for a glass of milk just before I eat it. Occasionally a FA will smile at me, and I’ll laugh and tell her that I’m really just a big kid!

    A few weeks ago I was on a flight where I’d already had this meal — the turkey sandwich. I knew it came with a chocolate chip cookie and was starting to get excited! But when the meal came, there was no cookie! Just as I was about to ask for a skykit (kidding!), the purser walked down the aisle with a tray of WARM cookies on individual saucers along with wine glasses filled with milk! It was absolutely the classiest service I’ve ever had in United domestic F! Yes, the purser got a GTEM!

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