Goodbye, Ted….. rar!

According to this FlyerTalk thread, the last Ted plane went in for a reconfiguration just now. In other words, Ted, United’s low cost carrier experiment, is now dead.

I never thought I’d say this, but I kind of have mixed feelings. Ted was one of my best friends. We spent at least two days a week together, and he introduced me to a lot of his friends, specifically IAD based pilots and flight attendants that lived in Tampa and commuted. It’s thanks to row 11 on Ted that I’ve made several travel buddies, where a couple of times a month we’ll share an hour or two of stories only to pick up when we next meet.

Beyond that, Ted really wasn’t a bad guy either. He had a way of making United employees happy. Many even specifically chose to travel with Ted because they found him to be easygoing and low maintenance. From my perspective, row 11 was always roomy, Tedevision was semi-entertaining, and he had BPM back in the day. Sadly he wasn’t much of a friend towards the end anymore. He tried to fit in with his siblings, the “classier” Airbus 320s, so got rid of his bright orange stripes, unique entertainment, BPM music, lemonade, and of course his tendency to refer to himself in the third person.

While I’m no doubt enjoying the 24 hour old omelets I’m currently being fed on my flights out of Tampa, Ted won’t be forgotten…. rar!

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  1. I didn’t expect them to be already virtually done with the reconfiguration. But it explains why I had three different A320 with the new leather seating on a four leg weekend trip last week. They looked very nice.

  2. A few years ago I went to a design seminar hosted by the designer of the Ted name and logo. He was so proud of coming up with the name. I wonder if the work is still in his portfolio?

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