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Thanks to Dan Webb from Things in the Sky for bringing this quote to my attention. It’s pure gold from good old Glenn Tilton. It really pains me to constantly be bashing United, because it’s a company I love so much, which is why I care. I’m still convinced that United has some of the best employees of any airline, which is why I hate to see United in the state it is currently in. Anyway, here’s the quote:

As we have improved our costs, we have not lost sight of our customers and the fact that we are in a service industry. We have targeted for improvement elements of our business that have a highest impact on our performance and ability to provide the level of service our customers should expect. This focus is delivering results and its gathering momentum.

Do I really even need to respond to this? I’ll do my best, but without cussing or excessive use of caps, it’s tough.

Anyway, I’d love to hear Glenn go into more details on this. How have you not lost sight of your customers? How have you delivered results? By blocking award inventory while increasing award costs disproportionately, rendering the Star ALLIANCE basically useless for United flyers? By cutting onboard service until there’s nothing left to cut? By making “Premium Service” nothing more than a fancy seat? By raising Red Carpet Club membership fees by a ridiculous amount in a recession? By demoralizing your employees to the point that 95% of them don’t give a $%&^ about their jobs anymore? I could go on and on….

Well, if that’s what you mean by not losing sight of the needs of your customer, I guess you’re right. You know Glenn, how about another round of bonuses for you and your hard working management team?

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  1. With so many of the “enhancements” over the past year as you mentioned Lucky, and poorly thought out decisions with reversal over the past year (think recent decreases in FA staffing and food service in domestic C, lack of food in Y on transatlantic flights which were implemented and then reversed) I have lost faith in the strategic planning and financial viability of UA . With a changing travel pattern for 2009, I made the decision to vote with my $$ and moved my business travel to DL. Now there’s one less Premier Executive for Glenn to lose sight of.

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