Getting to Vegas might be more of an adventure than I thought….

So I’m standing by for a flight to Vegas early tomorrow morning, and I’m faced with two options: either I can fly TPA-IAD-LAS leaving at 5:40AM, or I can fly TPA-ORD-LAS leaving at 6:23AM. I just called United to ask about the loads, and the agent insists both TPA-IAD and IAD-LAS look pretty full. I’m not too worried about TPA-IAD, but IAD-LAS is basically sold out, so standing by for that might be a challenge. TPA-ORD-LAS, on the other hand, has plenty of availability.

Unfortunately there’s a travel advisory for Chicago, as they’re expecting bad weather tomorrow. That could mean a really messy trip.

I think I’ll stick with TPA-IAD-LAS and hope for the best, since weather looks clear there tomorrow. I’ll ask again at the airport tomorrow morning, and if ORD-LAS still shows as on-time and IAD-LAS packed, I’ll just go with Chicago.

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  1. And IAD-LAS is now sold out. I’m guessing lots of people are being routed via Dulles instead of Chicago due to the weather, which could make this a challenge.

  2. So at what point do you just give in and take the TPA-DEN flight and forgo some miles? Did you get in on the the Sydney routing through the west coast/Honolulu/west coast? Since I can’t make dinner in Vegas this weekend, want to do dinner in Sydney on Labor Day Sunday? I Can’t find anyone crazy enough to fly with me.

  3. Rich, believe it or not, it’s hardly about the miles in this case. The TPA-DEN-LAS flight I’m booked on only leaves at 6PM tomorrow night, and I have to be in Vegas earlier now. The IAD and ORD routings get me in the earliest.

    I thought about booking one of those crazy Sydney trips, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to fit it into my schedule. It looks like a lot of fun, though, especially if not done alone.

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