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US Airways is offering free Silver status for 90 days in their Dividend Miles program if you register by August 31. Also, if you fly 7,500 miles or 10 segments during the trial period, you’ll keep Silver status through February 2010.

Along the same lines, Virgin Atlantic is offering free Silver status for signing up in their Flying Club program.

(Tip of the hat to Gary and Rick)

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  1. So I’m currently a United flier, but i know that US Air and United code share a lot , and they’re both *A. Any ways for me to take advantage of that fact?

  2. @ Byron — If you were flying United, you’d get priority boarding as a US Silver, and you might get some other perks, like Economy Plus once in a while (but you’re not technically entitled to it). In the long run you’re better off crediting your United flights to United, since that’ll maximize your benefits, assuming you might get status with them eventually.

  3. The only advantage I can see to getting US Silver for UA flyers is free standby on US flights. Perhaps an upgrade here and there, but probably not worth sacrificing the UA miles.

  4. I collect miles on United, but will be flying on US Airways a lot over the next several months. I’m not quite sure how to take advantage of this.

    If I give my new US Airways FF#, then I get the status, but miles credited to my US Airways, not UAL.
    If I give my UAL FF#, then I get the miles in my UAL account, but I don’t get to take advantage of the status.

    Am I missing something?

  5. the only downside to this promotion is that I think elite status on US is only worth “free.” I guess if you are someone who is “stuck” flying US then maybe it is a good deal. I’m just glad I don’t live in CLT or PHX. I did read on FT the other day a post by someone who “bought up” to the highest elite level on US. I would rather use that same money to buy one ticket to Europe in a premium cabin on a premium carrier.

  6. @ Amee — That’s correct. I guess the question is whether the miles you credit to United would get you to a higher status level. If not, it might be worth going for US status since there are some decent benefits when flying US you’ll get through it.

  7. Use your US status to waive baggage fees, print boarding pass with group # on it, etc. And then switch your FF# at the gate to the program you want to credit to if that isn’t US.

  8. Although if you don’t currently have status and do fly US, this offer comes with fast track to retain Silver past the 90 days, and might actually make you consider them. But that coach product… it ain’t no E+! And none of the electronic amenities of DL.

  9. @Gary that’s what I was thinking. But i guess right now I’m not in a position to fly other than for necessity so I don’t think I’d make the fast track.

  10. Perfect timing! I’ll register my family members for the US status so they can get free baggage handling for the up coming award flights on UA.

  11. I’m a 1K on United but live in a US city which only connects via CLT. So my reality is that I end up flying a lot of US metal but end up getting the credit on UA. Most if not all of my itins are booked through United unless I can get it for less booking through US.

    The benefit to crediting your US flight to UA is that US will print “Star Gold” on your boarding pass (assuming you are Premier Exec or higher) and you’ll be listed as a “noteworthy customer” on the manifest (probably gets you nothing in the longrun). But you’ll always get Priority boarding, so you’ll get to stash your bags with relative ease before the crush happens.

    That said, since I’m stuck in a US-served city, connecting via a US-clobbered airport (CLT), it probably makes sense to have status on US… even tho their product blows. Last time I paid to upgrade at the gate for a long haul domestic trip, it went something like: “Hello no-name-person, would you like some sunchips and a cocktail in a plastic cup that you’ll have to mix yourself?”. Sans nuts (hot), towels, and with crappy food.

    Anyway I’m taking them up on their offer since they won’t status match under normal circumstances. Let’s see where it gets me. Since I fly relatively short-haul trips on regular basis, qualification to keep silver and extend beyond it would be via segments for me. But gosh, one trip from home to Chicago is 4 segments, minimum.

    The upside to US is that some of their new equip is nice. The EMB190’s they have in service for routes such as New Orleans/CLT are nice, clean, spacious and give you about as much legroom as E+. Totally different experience than getting stuck in the back of one of their A319’s with your knees pressing up against the seat in front of you hoping the person doesn’t decide to recline…..

  12. @imm2b When does US*silver can get free baggage handling on UA ? Isn’t one has to be *gold in order to do that ? I don’t read anywhere UA*S can have this perk when flying US either.

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