Flight canceled because two flight attendants get into a fight?

Via Fox:

A Pinnacle Airlines flight from Rochester, N.Y., to Atlanta was canceled after two flight attendants got into a fight, AJC.com reported.

Two female flight attendants got into a verbal argument and the pilot decided to cancel the flight, Amy Howell, owner of Howell Marketing Strategies, which represents Pinnacle Airlines, told FoxNews.com.

“They told us we had to get off the plane because stewardesses were fighting,” said passenger Corey Minton.

I’d pay good money to have been there. At least $100 or 100,000 SkyMiles (they’re worth about the same, right?)….

The one thing that (unfortunately) surprises me is that the pilot decided to cancel the flight. Typically, the only thing lacking more than flying experience when it comes to some regional jet pilots is their decision making and negotiating skills. I figured the pilot would have said “but I just work here, I dunno what to do.”

Any bets as to what happened? Did one flight attendant break the other flight attendant’s six inch nails with scenes of Hawaii on them?

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  1. I resent your degrading comment about regional airline captain decision making skills. As one of these regional captains for almost 9 years, I have made literally thousands of decisions and only rarely do I get them wrong.

    You weren’t aboard that flight from ROC to ATL so you don’t know why the captain made his decision. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as you should too!

    P.S.- As a former outside salesperson for Cutco Cutlery in Olean, NY I can assure you that I “negotiate” just fine. I know, what a surprise!

  2. Sorry, Sean. But I have to go with Ben on this one. A pilot making a decision that involves the operation of the aircraft? Yes. A pilot making a decision when it involves a person? Nope. They almost always default to the flight attendants. Not exactly decision making. Just following.

  3. Ben,

    I wish you would have said Pinnacle Airlines, operated for Delta. Most readers don’t have a clue who PA is.

  4. Isn’t arguing with a flight attendant a federal offense? I hope the police were waiting at the gate to take them both away. 🙂

  5. My personal speculation is that the pilot kicked the passengers off of the plane as a means to ferry the plane back to Atlanta, in order to not mess up the operation and keep the flow of the aircraft intact. With both flight attendants gone, flying with pretty much zero passengers is the only legal way to make the flight happen. Just my .02.

  6. Sorry JP but you obviously have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. Are you an airline transport pilot and if so, have you served as PIC?

    Decisions made on the ground before the door closes can have just as much of an impact on safety of flight as those made in the air. Allowing two flight attendants who have a known conflict with one another to operate a flight can cause an unacceptable degradation of communications and loss of safety. Period, end of story.

    There is one person aboard that plane who has to make a final assessment of risk before departure and guess who that person is? The captain.

  7. Lenny is a fitting name for you, sorry ignorant moron. “which way did he go, which way did he go? George.” LOL LOOK IT UP, you stupid douchebag.

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