Finally an amazing flight!

After having Channel 9 on for only one of my last four flights and after having mediocre crews at best I started to lose a bit of hope in “my” United. Fortunately, all of my faith was restored in them after my redeye last night from SFO to EWR, UA52. I could tell immediately that the Purser was fantastic. She took pride in her job, was all smiles, and couldn’t have been nicer. She paid attention to the details, and literally roamed the cabin every five minutes for basically the whole flight to see if anyone wanted anything, despite the F cabin having only eight seats. Heck, she did a hot towel service, something I haven’t had for a long time on UA. When I used the restroom my glass of water was already refilled, and she proactively put a glass of water on the center console for all sleeping passengers. Speaking of the restroom, she decorated it with a wine glass and napkin. She just had it all together with a great attitude to boot.

After the meal service we started talking, and her outlook was so refreshing. We spoke for about an hour or so and I enjoyed every minute of it. She told me a story about a flight from LHR which was delayed several hours due to the pilot wanting a shower, and I was jumping up and down because there was a thread about that specific issue on FlyerTalk, probably the most outrageous story I’ve ever heard.

Another part of the flight that shined was the cockpit. Channel 9 was on and announcements were very professional. The Purser had commented how nice the Captain was, so I thought of a new strategy I would use to encourage Channel 9, or at least express my appreciation of it. I asked the Purser if she would be ok with me writing the Captain a note and her giving it to him during a pilot restroom break, and she said he’d love that. Well, I wrote a note thanking the pilots for the safe ride, and also specifically for turning on Channel 9, explaining it was a major reason I flew UA. I expressed my disappointment in recent flights since Channel 9 was off on a majority of my flights in the past few days, and thanked them for not letting company issues out on the customers.

Not much later I got an equally long note from the Captain thanking me for my business and expressing his view on Channel 9 (suffice it to say it doesn’t seem to be the popular one among his colleagues nowadays) and thanking me for the note. He sent back an A320 trading card that he signed, and the FO also wrote a note on the back of his business card thanking me for it.

The combination of fantastic cabin and cockpit service really made for an enjoyable experience, the type of experience which just shows how consistently inconsistent UA is.

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