Fiji Airways Reveals New A350 Business Class

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This May Fiji Airways announced some exciting fleet updates, as they’d be acquiring two Airbus A350s as of later this year.

Fiji Airways was able to get these planes on fairly short notice because they were initially supposed to go to Hong Kong Airlines, but they gave up their orders, meaning Fiji Airways could take over those delivery slots. The plan is for both planes to join Fiji Airways’ fleet in the coming months.

Fiji Airways’ A350

Fiji Airways’ New A350 Business Class

We’ve known that Fiji Airways will be installing reverse herringbone “Super Diamond” seats on their A350s, though up until now there haven’t been any pictures. Well, Fiji Airways has now finally shared pictures of their new business class seats.

Fiji Airways’ A350 business class

That cabin sure looks… creamy? I guess I kind of like it, but also wonder how well these seats will age, since all scratches will be easily visible with the colors they chose.

Fiji Airways’ A350 business class

On the plus side, these are all around great seats, that are fully flat and feature direct aisle access. This is a massive improvement over their A330 business class, which features angled seats in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Fiji Airways’ A330 business class

What Routes Will Fiji Airways’ A350 Fly?

In May Fiji Airways announced the routes on which they’d operate the A350. However, the airline has since adjusted their planned schedule a bit.

As of December 1, 2019, Fiji Airways will operate the A350 daily between Nadi and Sydney, on the following frequency:

FJ911 Nadi to Sydney departing 9:35AM arriving 12:05PM
FJ910 Sydney to Nadi departing 1:20PM arriving 7:05PM

Then as of December 22, 2019, Fiji Airways will progressively start to operate the A350 between Nadi and Los Angeles, on the following frequency:

FJ810 Nadi to Los Angeles departing 9:40PM arriving 11:25AM
FJ811 Los Angeles to Nadi departing 9:30PM arriving 6:00AM (+2 days)

As of January 17, 2020, the LAX flight will be operated by an A350 6x weekly.

Bottom Line

Fiji Airways’ new A350 business class represents a huge improvement over their old product, and I can’t wait to fly it. Fiji is beautiful, and on top of that this can be a great option for traveling between the US and Australia/New Zealand.

I still can’t fully wrap my head around Fiji Airways’ recent business class meal service changes, though…

  1. This is such a nice improvement from their old product. I flew the old angled seats and they were extremely uncomfortable to sleep in. They have very reasonable one way fares from NAD to LAX but not the other way around of course.

  2. On Alaska $89.43 + 55,000 miles. I was on vacation in France and saw your original post for this and had redeemed 70,000 Alaska miles for a First Class ticket on Qantas LAX-SYD nonstop but had no clue how I was going to get home. It was Lucky to the rescue as I found FI910 and FI810 in March wide open. My only regret was because I was overseas and otherwise occupied I didn’t take advantage of a Fiji stopover. It’s great but it still isn’t Hamilton Island. But THANK YOU for that great post! Keep them coming!

  3. these pics look 99.9% same as seats on china eastern but lucky you said china eastern were blend af but these were pretty?? you need to get your eyes checked.

  4. I’m going to take the contrarian view and say this is a configuration that isn’t going to be successful for FI. Think about the target audience for people going to Fiji – leisure travelers on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, etc. Why would they be excited about reverse herringbone seats where you can’t even converse with your significant other?

  5. @MeanMeosh

    I see your point and I don’t disagree with your assessment but I can’t honestly bring myself to believe that the traveller group you mention will go into all the steps of checking the actual configuration and then be dissuaded from booking FJ because of this. Particularly since, if I am not mistaken, FJ is the only airline that flies between Fiji and mainland USA.

  6. Flying on Fiji next June from Brisbane to Nadi. In Nadi for a week and then on to Hawaii. Not bad for 55K Alaska miles for each business class ticket. Just a bit worried about those angled seats on the long flight to Hawaii.

  7. So the longest route on the network (at least in terms of stated flying time) – Hong Kong – has to do with angled flat seats for a 10+ hour journey while the Sydney route at 4 hours gets the lie flat.

    Another reason at least as far as I’m concerned (living in HK) not to visit Fiji, especially now that KE has also cancelled their flights.

  8. @John – you might want to check that you have the Fiji Airways A330 on the NAN-HNL flight. From memory, that flight is usually on a 737. So there’s no angled flat seats in business, it’s just recliner seats.

  9. @sam So your willing to backtrack via ICH just to get a lie flat seat? Last time I checked Korean Air also has angled seats on its a330s that it used for flights to Fiji and if your so uncomfortable with Fiji Airways just fly with Cathay or Qantas to Melbourne or Brisbane then transfer to a Fiji Airways flight.

  10. TJ ,
    They have had the cream coloured seats in their A330S for a number of years now and have held up surprisingly well

  11. Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I just booked this x 2 for Jan 2021.
    With luck, things will be operational by then.

    PDX – LAX – NAN – AKL
    First class on Alaska domestic and Business class with Fiji airways with a two – week stopover in Fiji for some solid down time before exploring New Zealand for a month or two.

    All this for 55K Alaska miles for Fiji A350 out of LAX compared to 200K United Polaris or 150K American.
    I’m quite pleased with this deal!!

    Booked on line at After finding availability for each segment individually, I then finalized with a two line entry in the multi city / miles feature with PDX – NAN as the first leg on 1/4/21 and then NAN – AKL on 1/19/21 as the second entry. The previously found individual segments show up as one of the many alternatives if you look carefully.

    Three entries multi city PDX – LAX; LAX – NAN; NAN – AKL results in an error message. The helpful Alaska customer service agent showed me the way.

    It’s the commencement of our happy retirement. Who knows when we’ll come back to the US.

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