Fiji Airways Getting Two A350s With New Business Class Seats

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Fiji Airways has today revealed some very exciting updates to their fleet.

Fiji Airways is getting two A350s

Fiji Airways will be taking delivery of two Airbus A350-900s later this year. The reason the airline is able to get these on relatively short notice is because they’re leasing them, and the plan is for the two planes to join Fiji Airways’ fleet in November 2019 and December 2019, so these are right around the corner.

These planes were actually supposed to go to Hong Kong Airlines, but we know the financial situation that they’re in, so…

This is a really exciting development for Fiji Airways. The carrier’s wide body fleet currently consists of six Airbus A330s, including five A330-200s and one A330-300.

Fiji Airways’ new A350 business class

Not only will the A350s translate into a significant capacity increase for the carrier, but Fiji Airways is also introducing a new business class product. AusBT reports that Fiji Airways will be installing 33 reverse herringbone seats on their A350-900s. Specifically, they’ll be going with the B/E Aerospace Super Diamond configuration.

This represents a massive product upgrade for the airline, as Fiji Airways currently has angled business class seats on their A330s, with no plans to improve those. While those seats are fine for the short flight from Fiji to Australia and New Zealand, they’re subpar for their flights to/from the US, which are quite long.

Fiji Airways’ route network

Fiji Airways’ long haul route network includes flights between their hub in Fiji and the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. While the airline hasn’t yet revealed exactly which flights will get the A350, I’d guess that their flights to Los Angeles and Auckland will be among the first, since those are some of their most important markets.

Fiji is gorgeous, and Fijians are among the friendliest people in the world. So flying from the US to Australia or New Zealand via FIji with a stopover has always been a great option, just as you might do a stopover if flying Icelandair across the Atlantic.

However, with the angled seats it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable product out there if paying for business class. With these new reverse herringbone seats, flying Fiji Airways for these routes will become a much more enjoyable experience.

Redeem miles on Fiji Airways

Alaska Mileage Plan is a Fiji Airways partner, and you can redeem just 55,000 Alaska miles for a one-way business class ticket from the US to Australia/New Zealand, with a free stopover in Fiji.

Bottom line

Unfortunately my last trip to Fiji was cut short, so I look forward to these A350s joining Fiji Airways’ fleet, and being able to return to the country while enroute to Australia or New Zealand.

Anyone excited to fly Fiji Airways’ new A350?

  1. @Matt D,

    NAN-JFK is 7980nm, just under the 8100nm range for the A359.

    So theoretically yes, but I would be surprised if there was enough demand to sustain this route.

  2. I’m booked on NAN-LAX in early February. Keeping my fingers crossed that they put the new A350 on the route by then!
    Unfortunately, our SYD-NAN flight is on a 737Max8, so we may not even make it to Fiji 🙁

  3. @DJ
    Ditto, except I’m booked in business on AKL-NAN and NAN-LAX in early March! Keeping my fingers crossed as well for the A350! I sent an email to Fiji expressing hope that they would jettison their two 737MAXs.

  4. SO CLOSE!! We fly back on Fiji Airways Business NAN to LAX in about 3 weeks. Looking forward to the flight but looks like we missed the potential of getting the shiny new planes by a few months. 🙂

  5. Surprised they’re not following Air Tahiti Nui and installing a premium economy- seems like a market which could benefit from it.

  6. How is AS’s award availability for Fiji Airlines.

    I think Fiji Airlines is an American Airlines partner for redemptions, isn’t it?

  7. @beachfan,
    I booked my March, 2020 AKL to LAX in Fiji Business using Alaska miles. Availability is very spotty but possible with some flexibility in dates.

  8. @beachfan searching for 2 seats from LAX – NAN, not a single flight shows any availability until EOS. So I would say slim to none is more accurate.

  9. Is Fiji airways an official Oneworld connect partner with AA yet? I haven’t seen any updates but they were supposed to join up with AA at the end of 1st quarter 2019.

  10. I would not be surprised if we ask see one of these on the HKG-NAN route. This is along with the West Coast flights one of the longest routes they operate.

  11. Just looked and Alaska is showing Business class award space on the A359 in late March both from LAX to NAN and from NAN to SYD….

    So tempted for 55,000 miles + $143.60 😀

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