Ex-Ted interior conversions

Check out the pictures of the interior of the first reconfigured ex-Ted plane. I’m usually not a fan of leather, but I’ll take anything over Ted. I can’t wait to fly one of these birds in place of Theodore!

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  1. Interesting…there don’t appear to be any power outlets on the first class seats (unless they’ve been placed elsewhere).

    “Why bother with fixing broken ones in the future when you can just remove them altogether.” Classic UA maneuver.

  2. Huh? They replaced the economy seats as well? And after going through all that effort, they still didn’t configure it the same way as the non-TED A320s, thus leading to future “config swap” problems?

    Or are they planning to replace all seats in their Airbus fleet over time with leather and then make the non-TED A320s match this new config?

  3. Spot on, Ryan. Sad but true. I wish they would have added 110v power ports to all seats. Can it really be *that* expensive?

    Oliver, my understanding is that they’re planning on replacing all current domestic seats with leather seats in the long run, although I have no clue about the timeframe on that.

  4. @Ryan – good catch. I had to take a look at the seats again.

    @Oliver – RE Swap outs: the ex-Ted a/c will not have a front closet and 6 extra Y seats. IIRC, rows 6 to 12 are now E+ vs rows 6 to 11 on the standard A320. I think that implies that the front galleys aren’t being reinstalled either since the entertainment system is installed in what used to be the front galley. Sounds like an ex-Shuttle sub-fleet a la the 733/735s :-(. I hope I don’t see one of these on my usual SFO-ORD midcons or SFO-IAD transcons. Fruit plate for a FC transcon anyone?

    @Lucky – I bet it has something to do with both weight and expense which is why we’ve seen the 110V only on the p.s. a/c.

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