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I’m keeping this trip report series relatively brief. After being in the Maldives we flew Etihad to Abu Dhabi and then Doha, and then Qatar Airways first class to Paris. We had three nights in Paris, and stayed at Prince De Galles, which is a Starwood Luxury Collection property. This is generally regarded as the best Starwood property in Paris, and it’s also a Category 7 hotel, meaning that a free night redemption costs 30,000-35,000 Starpoints per night.

Paid rates at the hotel were ~600EUR per night, though through Starwood Luxury Privileges there was a third night free promotion. So with a rate like that, paying 400EUR per night seemed like a better value than redeeming points.

The hotel is located immediately next to the iconic Four Seasons George V. I’m far from a Paris expert, though I know some people love staying in that area, while others don’t. Personally I found the immediate area to be pretty boring, though from the hotel you have easy access to the metro, etc.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 1
Prince De Galles Paris exterior

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 2
Prince De Galles Paris entrance

The hotel has a charming and intimate lobby, with seating in a “U” shaped arrangement.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 3
Prince De Galles Paris lobby

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 4
Prince De Galles Paris lobby

Reception was located inside the entrance and to the left. There was no line to check-in, and I was informed I had been upgraded to a suite as an SPG Platinum member.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 5
Prince De Galles Paris lobby

The hotel has a couple of sets of elevators — one right off reception, and two in the center of the lobby. I was escorted up to my suite by one of the front office associates and a very cute intern, who was adorably nervous.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 6
Prince De Galles Paris elevator

I was assigned room 210, located just outside the elevator and to the right.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 7
Prince De Galles Paris hallway

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 8
Prince De Galles Paris room exterior

By Paris standards the suite was huge. There was a large entryway with the minibar and Nespresso machine to the right.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 9
Prince De Galles Paris suite entryway

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 10
Prince De Galles Paris suite Nespresso machine

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 11
Prince De Galles Paris suite minibar

That led into the living room, which featured a couch and chair facing a coffee table and wall-mounted TV.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 12
Prince De Galles Paris suite living room

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 13
Prince De Galles Paris suite living room

Underneath the TV were a couple more seats, which I found a bit odd.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 14
Prince De Galles Paris suite living room

Then over by the window was a small dining table with two chairs.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 16
Prince De Galles Paris suite living room

The bedroom was separated from the living room by a door, as well as by a long hallway on the opposite side of the room.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 17
Prince De Galles Paris suite bedroom

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 19
Prince De Galles Paris suite bedroom

The bed was comfortable, and there was a desk right in front of it, along with a couch to the side of it, right by the window.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 18
Prince De Galles Paris suite bedroom

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 20
Prince De Galles Paris suite desk

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 21
Prince De Galles Paris suite sitting area

The room had windows that opened slightly and faced the street and nearby buildings. The weather was perfect when we were in Paris — we really lucked out — so I kept the windows open for much of the stay.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 29
Prince De Galles Paris suite view

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 30
Prince De Galles Paris suite view

Next to the bedroom was the bathroom, which had double sinks, a soaking tub, a toilet and bidet, and a walk-in shower.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 22
Prince De Galles Paris suite bathroom

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 23
Prince De Galles Paris suite bathtub

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 24
Prince De Galles Paris suite toilet & bidet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 26
Prince De Galles Paris suite shower

The hotel had Christian Lacroix toiletries, which were great quality.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 25
Prince De Galles Paris suite toiletries

Then the hallway led back from the bathroom to the living room.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 27
Prince De Galles Paris suite hallway

Overall I thought the suite was nicely appointed — it had a classic feel with all the modern amenities you’d expect. Wifi throughout the hotel was fast, and having such a big room in Paris was a special treat, given that space comes at a premium in the city.

As a Starwood Platinum member I could have free breakfast at the hotel’s main restaurant, Restaurant La Scene. The restaurant was nicely furnished, and I was there each morning as it opened (along with the Real Housewives of Riyadh, from the looks of it).

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 32
Prince De Galles Paris Restaurant La Scene

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 33
Prince De Galles Paris Restaurant La Scene

The breakfast menu read as follows:

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 34

As you can see, breakfast usually costs 49EUR per person, so getting free breakfast for two people as an SPG Platinum member is quite a value.

I’ve never been that much of a Paris lover, though perhaps that’s largely a function of how long it has been since I’ve been to Paris. What I had forgotten is how damn good everything in France tastes. The food quality is just out of this world.

So while this wasn’t some mega-buffet you’ll find in Southeast Asia, the quality of everything was to die for. I stuffed my face way too much for my own good, but it was worth it (almost?).

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 35
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 36
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 37
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 38
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 39
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 40
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 41
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 42
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 43
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 44
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 45
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 46
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 47
Prince De Galles Paris breakfast buffet

The bread… the yogurt… the cheese… the croissants… so good!

Also included with breakfast were eggs prepared to your liking. I had a veggie omelet each morning, which was as delicious as everything else.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 48
Prince De Galles Paris omelet at breakfast

The hotel also has a beautiful patio area, which I didn’t use.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 49
Prince De Galles Paris The Patio

Then the hotel has a signature bar, Bar Les Heures, which seemed to be popular, though again, I didn’t use it.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 50
Prince De Galles Paris Bar Les Heures

On the basement level the hotel has a small spa, as well as a decent size gym.

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 51
Prince De Galles Paris spa & gym

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 52
Prince De Galles Paris gym

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 53
Prince De Galles Paris gym

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 54
Prince De Galles Paris gym

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 55
Prince De Galles Paris gym

Prince-De-Galles-Paris - 56
Prince De Galles Paris gym

Service throughout the hotel was good. Ultimately you don’t get quite as much of a chance to experience service in a city hotel as in a resort, since I spent most of my time catching up on sleep, outside the hotel, or working. But the front office associates, bellmen, and breakfast staff were all great.

Prince De Galles Paris bottom line

Prince De Galles is a perfect Paris five star hotel for those of us who are points obsessd. The rooms and public areas were beautiful, as the hotel struck a good balance between keeping a classic design without seeming outdated. The suite I was upgraded to was huge, the breakfast was great, and the staff were friendly.

If you can get a good deal at this hotel (like a third night free offer), or if you’re someone who doesn’t mind paying for five star hotels in Paris, then I recommend this place. Otherwise I know many people don’t find five star city hotels to be as worthwhile in cities (unlike resorts in remote destinations), given how little time you really have to enjoy the hotel.

I’d recommend this hotel, and am excited to return to Paris and try one of the other offerings from Hyatt or Starwood.

Do you have a favorite Paris hotel?

  1. Years ago, I used to always stay at Prince De Galles but without your status we got small and tired rooms. Maybe they are better now. For our last five trips to Paris, we’ve stayed at Park Hyatt Vendome-Paris as we LOVE the location and the hotel.

  2. I love the Westin Paris. As a SPG Platinum I usually request a Junior Suite upgrade in advance. If you get the right one, you will get a beautiful room with 2 balconies that overlook the Rue de Rivoli, Place la Concorde and the Eiffel Tower. It is a treat to me to seat with my wife and have a drink in the balcony. I prefer this room to the suites.
    Last time I found the same rate that you did, Buy 2 nights get the third night free, but I added a 4th night that I got reimbursed with my Citi Prestige card. I gave the code to the concierge over the phone and It worked perfectly. She used the code to reserve 4 nights. This was a 50% discount. This is also a less expensive hotel than the Prince de Galles and is located in a prime location, 1 block from the Place Vendome.
    The Platinum breakfast buffet was amazing and it was given as the welcome amenity.

  3. Thanks for this review. I’ll be taking my hubby here in the fall and have organized a surprise bday dinner for him at La Scene there in the hotel. We will be staying on points, but I usually get upgraded to a suite being Ambassador level–and the fact that I’ll be having a massive party in the restaurant probably means the hotel will try to upgrade us for the special occasion, too.

    I’ve read that the service here is extraordinary. Thus far, the restaurant and concierge staff truly have been wonderful in helping me plan the special weekend.

    I prefer the Vendome area in Paris, actually, and most often stay at the Westin, Park Hyatt, or even the boutique Hotel de Vendome. But we couldn’t miss trying out the Prince de Galles for the special occasion. Many SPG loyalists claim this is one of the very best SPG hotels in Europe, so I’m very curious to stay and decide for myself. (I’ll also be at the StR Rome and Hotel Imperial Vienna on this same trip, and last year stayed at the Gritti Palace Venice and Excelsior Gallia Milan, so I’ll have good context for that evaluation!

  4. it’s hard to have a favorite hotel in Paris. Marriott alone lists 18 properties in the Paris metro, and the merger with Starwood adds another 13, including 6 from the high end boutique brand of Design Hotels.

    Unless you’re in Paris all the time, it’ll take you quite some time just to cycle through all 31 properties. And that’s just from 1 hotel group.

  5. I am always amazed what they charge for breakfast. You can tell they cater to expense accounts! (I know you didn’t pay) Last time I stayed at the Westin we walked around the corner and had great coffee and croissants for less than 10 euros for two people… seemed like a better value!

    Hotel looks nice.

  6. jeez 400eur for that hotel is obscene especially during off peak season. I stayed at the Opera Hilton and paid something like 200eur for a very similar brekfast and an amazing lounge

  7. I love the modern yet classic design of your suite 🙂
    I am not a fan of that location close to “Les Champs-Elysées”. It is too touristy for my taste and much prefer the location of the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme.
    However, the rooms at the PHPV are in dire need a renovation to maintain their ‘Palace’ status.

  8. Love the place, stayed in the suite like you did for New Years 2016

    It is a tourist area, all the expensive shops are nearby.

  9. The concierge service there is fantastic, definitely 5 star. Helped us make like 5 reservations, all of which were outstanding.

  10. Sorry, I don’t see the value in paying $1,250 for 3 nights in a staid hotel in a boring part of the city. Just checked on Airbnb and you can get a beautiful 1 bedroom apartment in the heart of the Marais for $700. No breakfast, but much cooler neighborhood and jumping off point to see the city.

    Like you said, paying a lot for a hotel in a city where you are mostly not in the room doesn’t make a lot of sense. Use your points for the resorts and stay in apartments in great locations in cities.

  11. Our preferred hotel and location is Park Hyatt Vendome. Great chef’s table, spa very convenient to shopping and metro and a short walk to great restaurant Epicure at Bristol. Rates are getting so low am actually thinking of using Prestige benefit and save points for another trip.

  12. When I die and go to heaven it will be Paris–and from your description–it will be the Prince De Galles Hôtel. Your tepid enthusiasm for the city of light pains me. It is a true jewel of western civilzation–always has been. The best way to get to know the city is to book some tours through Context Paris (No. I don’t work for them but I have used them to get to know art and history in Rome and Florence. I am a true fan.). As for me, I visit Paris at least once a year. Usually I stay with friends but, if for some reason I can’t, I book an apartment through one of the many websites floating around cyber space.

  13. I stayed at this hotel when it was 10,000 points per night. We were given a lovely room and they sent French macarons to our room, compliments of mgmt. Starwood knows how to take care of their loyal guests. I also did not care for the neighborhood. Perhaps too upscale and not what I’m looking for when in Paris.

  14. Somewhat ironically, did you know this hotel was formerly a Marriott? I stayed there in 1987 as a child traveling with my parents, and my father was (and is) a very loyal Marriott person. I have great memories of it, and find it so funny it is now a Marriott property once again.

  15. 49 Euro for breakfast is for fools who neither respect their own money or the expense accounts of their organization. I’d also agree with other comments that 1200 Euro for three nights is best left to people with more money than imagination.

  16. From the photos, and your description, it does sound nice, but I think I prefer the W Paris Opéra. The views were much nicer from my Fabulous Suite (which I stayed in last week), and while not as large, had nice touches like a large bathtub you could really soak in, with a view out onto the cute terraces. Hotel staff were awesome also. Only thing that was “meh” during my staff was the hotel restaurant.

    I don’t get over-excited about Europe like some do, but I really liked the traditional areas of central Paris, it definitely has a je ne sais quoi.

  17. If points are not an issue, then Hotel Le Bristol is a definite must in Paris – a stunning hotel with gorgeous food and staff and offering a vrai ‘Palace’ experience. No amount of point awarding can save the Park Hyatt Vendome – despite an amazing location, the rooms are dated and the service is perfunctory and it seems bizarre that it has attracted the ‘Palace’ status. With that comment in mind, thank you for your Prince de Galles review which clearly presents the property as a superior alternative to many of the ‘brand’ hotels and should definitely be considered if the Ritz, Le Bristol, George V are beyond one’s means.

  18. Like Bill, I liked The Westin for location & views. We stayed a year ago on Hubby’s retirement 65th B-Day trip. Our Jr Suite rate came with the Effial Tower view from 2 balconies & Room Service Bfast

    After 2 wonderful French restaurant dinners the last night was in room with Champagne . Delightful

  19. To me the only reason to splurge in a Paris Hotel is if it has direct view to the Eiffel Tower. Otherwhise, find a charming Air BnB or cheaper hotel because hell, who goes to Paris to stay indoors? Much better use of $$ to eat & explore the city. With that said, this hotel is very beautiful inside!

  20. Just a quick question, Lucky: what do you do with all the amenities from the planes and the hotel rooms, including the 1st class pajamases?

  21. @ Hokland — I used to collect them, but nowadays I typically give them away. After all, toiletries only stay good for so long. 🙂

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