EVA Air 777 Business Class In 10 Pictures

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Hello from Asia! On Wednesday I flew EVA Air’s 777 business class between Los Angeles and Taipei. I flew EVA Air back when they first joined the Star Alliance, though this was my first time flying with them in over three years.


Last time I flew with EVA I thought they were an all around solid airline with great seats, service, and an overall very good soft product.

Well, after this flight I’m convinced they offer one of the best business class products in the world. A couple of years ago they introduced a slight update to their business class product, and it sure does make a difference.

EVA Air still has reverse herringbone seats in business class, though they’ve slightly updated the finishes. I think they look much better now. But that’s minor and cosmetic in the grand scheme of things.

EVA-Air-777-Business-Class - 1

On the 777 EVA Air has 10 rows of business class, spread across two cabins — there are six rows in the forward cabin, and four rows in the rear cabin. As usual, I prefer being in the rear cabin.

EVA-Air-777-Business-Class - 2

The soft product was phenomenal as well. There were Rimowa amenity kits, pajamas, slippers, an incredibly comfortable duvet and mattress pad, and wifi. The wifi was fast, and a pass for the entire flight cost just $22, with no data caps.

EVA-Air-777-Business-Class - 4

EVA-Air-777-Business-Class - 5

EVA-Air-777-Business-Class - 3

I was also so impressed by the food. When I flew EVA Air a few years ago the food was the most underwhelming part of the flight. This time around the food was excellent. Everything was set directly on the tablecloth rather than on a tray, and there was course after course.

First there was a date with cream cheese and some cream with avocado. Then the appetizer consisted of foie gras terrine (which was the only part of the meal I didn’t partake in).

EVA-Air-777-Business-Class - 7

Everything else was excellent, from the pumpkin soup to the garden vegetable salad to the incredible miso seabass with vegetables and steamed rice.

EVA-Air-777-Business-Class - 8

After that there was a fruit and cheese course, and then lastly for dessert a chocolate brownie with orange.

EVA-Air-777-Business-Class - 9

The quality of the food was excellent across the board.

On top of that, the drink selection was top notch as well. They served Veuve La Grande Dame 2006, a champagne which retails for $150+ per bottle (but more importantly, actually tastes great).

EVA-Air-777-Business-Class - 6

The rest of the drink selection was equally impressive, including Fiji and Evian still water, San Pellegrino sparkling water, an impressive tea selection, espresso-based cappuccinos, iced coffee, and more.

The crew was personable, professional, and extremely polished.

A while back I wrote about the 11 factors that make business class great, and EVA Air checks almost all those boxes. I thought EVA Air was great last time I flew them, but they improved immensely since then. They added wifi and pajamas, and greatly improved the quality of the food and service flow.

The only two areas where they don’t excel are the entertainment selection and also the lack of dine on demand. The lack of dine on demand isn’t an issue since their service flow is excellent when they serve meals, so I don’t mind that. As far as the entertainment goes, I’d say the selection was about average. However, since there was fast and reasonably priced wifi, I didn’t mind much.

EVA Air is totally top notch, and I can’t recommend them enough. Along with Japan Airlines business class, it’s probably the best transpacific business class product I’ve taken.

Perhaps the one thing that stuck out to me is how much better EVA Air 777 business class is than Cathay Pacific 777 business class, despite the virtually identical hard products. EVA beats Cathay Pacific by a long shot when it comes to food quality, existence of wifi, amenities (amenity kit and pajamas), drink selection, service flow, etc. Like there’s not even any competition, the two products aren’t in the same league when it comes to their soft product.

If you’ve flown EVA Air business class, what was your experience like?

  1. Having flown both airlines multiple times in business for transpacific, I have to agree that EVA RL is much better than Cathay J.
    Yet, I think Cathay still have other areas that is better than EVA.
    Pier/ Cabin is much better than Star/Infinity.
    Cathay’s English Proficiency is also much better.
    Cathay also has a more diverse crew such as: Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian…
    Cathay is also more focused on details. Take the Cirrus seats, Cathay’s one has a shoe locker and a cabinet with a door and mirror.

    I guess Cathay has to differentiate between F & J. And on the other hand RL is the F/J combination of EVA.

  2. I think it’s worth noting that because Cathay have a First Class cabin, they have more of a need to create a difference between First and Business. Eva can go all out with their Business Class as they won’t reduce the demand for a First Class cabin. If Cathay offered pajamas and better food in Business, no one would fly First Class. This is the problem American have as you have noted in the past that there is a falling demand for their First Class.

  3. Agree. I love EVA and haven’t had the pleasure to use them ever since USairways merged went into the AA/Oneworld.

    I’ve flown on Cathay biz since and you are correct, can’t even compare! CX is pathetic next to EVA. EVA biz typically offers Dom P!

    In 2018 when I’m thinking of quitting of being loyal to an airline and just flying best product for the price I will continue to look at EVA

    TPE is a great transit airport with an awesome lounge.

    Happy to seee your review. How did you use points though? Did you book through partner? How’s the availability?

  4. Hi Ben – How would you rate China Airlines to EVA? Both seem to offer great transpacific products that you’ve raved about. Looks like EVA may win on food and drink but China Airlines has a superior hard product.

  5. The problem is that CX has eliminated F on routes apart from US and Europe (e.g. HK to JNB) but the business class on these flights is as pathetic as on routes with a J class. Inedible food, no mattress pads, no pyjamas, no dine on demand, horrible wine list with not even one decent wine etc. If you are not offering customers a chance to fly F then improve your J offering on those routes. AA has upgraded service in F on certain routes (e.g. Australia) so it is possible to provide a differentiated offering on certain routes.

    On a separate note, just flew CX F to Europe and back from HK and the product is overrated. Yes it’s good value on miles but no on a revenue ticket. Hard product is looking shoddy, service is declining – no amuse bouche, the cheapest caviar on offer of any airline that serves the Cavisius wine, the best red is a 4th growth wine, 2 crew not able to service 6 pax efficiently at meal time, toilets are so old and overused by the cabin crew, crew in the rest area, cockpit crew, no handwritten cards or personalised touch etc. And don’t get me started on CX lounges or F boarding for real F customers. Want a spa treatment before flight? Forget it. only 6 J seats but 30+ people to board in F line because of every diamond and their guests?

    Maybe all first world problems but at $10-20k a ticket it makes a difference.

    CX was a great airlines, now in decline and looking to cut costs at the expense of customers, even premium ones. It’s a miracle they haven’t fired Ivan Chu.

  6. I know you have reviewed Hello Kitty fight from SFO to TPE. If you like Japanese food, you should take their Hello Kitty RL flight from Taipei Songshan Airport to Haneda. It’s a short flight but they feed you Kaiseki from Nakamura restaurant (a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Kyoto). I was on JAL first class last year from SFO to HND and EVA’s kaiseki (from Taipei Songshan Airport to Haneda) was definite better. Talk about fine dining in the air!

  7. don’t forget you can pre order your menu thru their app or online , it has hidden Ding Tai Fung menu, a well known dumpling restaurant in tw and us.

  8. Have flown EVA last May (JFK-TPE) – it seems that they have larger bottles of these Harnn amenities, and they have also changed the pajamas. Everything else is pretty much the same.

    EVA seems to have a obsession in foie gras though – I had foie gras as the appetizer during my flight, and several other trip reports that I have read also wrote about foie gras as appetizers. Interesting.

    Just as @Jung has mentioned above, EVA do have a much larger selection of main courses if you order online in advance – I had stir-fried lobster on my flight, which was great, on par with the lobster I had on CX F. And yes, speaking of CX, I certainly think that BR is much better than CX in terms of soft product, but one thing that Cathay excels is their lounges, with better food and less tacky decor (but on the other hand, at JFK, BR uses AF lounge, which I personally think is better than the BA (now AA) lounge that CX uses). Anything else – from food to amenities to service – EVA wins by all means.

  9. I flew EVA J 10 years ago, back when the top line product was still “Premium Laurel Class”. I thought it was a fantastic product then, though granted it would be outdated today. Ironically, I thought it was the food that set it apart. The Chinese dinner option still stands out as one of the best airline meals I’ve ever had from start to finish.

  10. I agree with you that EVA Air has really raised the bar for its Royal Laurel cabin.
    The meal is great and on demand dining is not that important since most BR flights operate in normal hours. But I wish they have a proper snack service on westbound TPE to West Coast flights like other airlines.

    But there is one thing that BR is very weak, which is the lounge. The Star/Infinity lounge is just poor in terms of decor and food selection I actually found myself using the Plaza Premium lounge now because they at least have fresh made noodles and dishes, when I had a layover in Taipei. While the lounge is relatively new, BR can really improve its food selection. China Airlines definitely has better lounge than BR, IMHO.

    But on the big picture, EVA Air is a good option!


  11. I can’t wait to try EVA business! Having just flown a lot of Cathay J, I conclude their product is perfectly functional, but quite no frills, whereas EVA is fully loaded – Could almost compete with most F products if the cabin was a bit smaller and the seats a bit wider.

  12. Just redeemed Aeroplan miles for SQ flight SIN-CGK on 773 (new SQ biz I hope!), onwards with BR CGK-TPE on 777.

    Very much looking forward to my flights tomorrow!

  13. Here’s one person that will never fly on EVA (eva again!). The worst service, very mediocre food, worse cabin temperature and overall the experience just sucks. All this on Business Class. For those of you who ranked EVA over CX must be totally nuts!

  14. I’ve been eyeing EVA for a while now, since I’m based in LA. Taiwan doesn’t require a visa, and it’s certainly a great jumping off point for the rest of Asia. They also have tons of Business Saver award seats available. I can’t wait to read the whole review, but these 10 pictures have certainly given me a push to start planning a trip.

  15. Lucky, this CX comparison raises an interesting idea for a blog post – do airlines with F class purposely make their J class worse than airlines that dont have F?

  16. @ Emmanuel Ruiz – Cathay doesn’t have good service, good food, good cabin temperatures or an overall good experience either.

  17. I have to agree with Ruiz – EVA’s business class from Taipei to Vancouver is the worse ever. I have used this service 5 times return. The first time back from Vancouver – I had a seat that reclined full out into a bed. The last 4 times no such luck. The seats don’t fully recline, you’re so close to the next person. The service for business class is nothing special and language can be a problem. I’ve gone back to flying Cathay. The CX lounges are out of this world. EVA’s lounge in Vancouver is shared with Priority Pass holders so it’s always packed. On my last trip that was absolutely no place to sit.

  18. My CX Flights have been outstanding, every single one of them. I have had excellent food in J (Regional) and a couple weeks ago the best meal I have ever had in F (Better than EY, EK, SQ, LX). I had a massive USDA Prime NY Strip cooked medium rare that was steakhouse quality along with excellent sides, great dessert, fantastic service. Then a fresh made breakfast. From fresh squeezed OJ to eggs made on board (even toast made on board!!) I found CX to be the same as it was 5 years ago. Amazing service, amazing food and a comfy bed. I agree their hard product is in desperate need for an overhaul. the 77W was looking shoddy, but it had no impact on comfort.

  19. Big fan of CX with one MAJOR exception: they no longer board F separately from J. Flying F, I was sent to the back to a very long line of J passengers boarding. Not happy and made it clear to gate staff.

    Hoping to try Eva soon!

  20. I have also had two great trips this year on CX J-class from Europe to Sydney, and Europe to Melbourne. And to top it off, I was able to take advantage of a return fare of 2300Eur, which is an outstanding value between Europe for business class to Australia. Eva looks great–but for my frequent trips down under, CX has worked well.

  21. @Sandra

    You do realize the BR plane that flies to YVR is their old 747 with their old and very outdated product. Luckily either the 777W or 787-10 will soon replace it this year as EVA is retiring their remaining 747s which will be an infinite improvement (side note CI does the same thing as well).

    Gotta agree with the lounge, but I use AC Maple Leaf which is much better than the priority pass lounge…

  22. You can order meal on demand up to 24 hours before departure. It offers some exclusive menus not offered onboard. It has been on for so many years. I don’t how can you miss it. It is very unprofessional.

  23. Between CX and BR I’ve given my business almost exclusively to CX for the last 5 years, mainly because I’m a very visual person and BR really is sorely lacking in this department, it’s like someone who doesn’t know anything about dressing well going full-throttle to give you a picture of what they think is stylish, very… dowdy and stuck-in-a-rut compared to CX’s cosmopolitan, modern sensibilities which CX has then spent the last few years pulling out all stops to up their game on. The first time I visited one of the HKG lounges, I think it was the renovated Wing J, I laughed out loud in disbelief because that is so much better than any of the BR facilities, and BR would’ve charged me 30-40% more for the same trip. Being fluent in English I’m also a much greater fan of CX’s IFE choices…

    But I’ve recently flown my last CX flight in a while. Like everyone’s been saying, the cost-cuts are becoming silly. Cuts to the IFE selection, cuts to the food, the salt and pepper, cuts to everything. I flew on one A350 in the exact same seat one year apart, and the headrest still has the same issue (doesn’t stay up very well).

    The worst aspect of CX is a certain degradation to the service. The non-HK crew have to try harder to keep their jobs and they’re still fine, but quite a few of the HK crew I’ve come across, simply aren’t even offering the regular caliber of CX J engagement or polish anymore. Coming across the social media of certain CX crew doesn’t help, either, even though they certainly have the freedom to say what they want, it’s a very different vibe from say, the average LH or AF cabin crew instagram.

    So I’m giving my aesthetic, cosmopolitan thing a break, and I plan to try BR next time, even if it’s Hello Kitty which is gonna make my eyes bleed… 🙂

  24. I flew EVA J YYZ-TPE in 2015. Service was outstanding, toilets were big and spotless and they served Veuve Cliqout La Grand Dame then as well. The only fatal flaw was the food, it was borderline inedible and for that reason I have not flown with them since.

    I flew CX J 4 months ago LAX-HKG and it was my first time flying with them. I was so excited before my flight but sorely disappointed afterwards. The seat was not nearly as comfortable as EVA’s, the food was atrocious and service was mediocre but the worst part was lack of cleanliness. The cabin was dirty and the toilets were beyond filthy.

    Knowing that EVA has improved their food, I’m excited. Even though CX offers nonstop LAX-HKG, I’m going to fly out of my way with EVA, I won’t even mind the connection. They’re a clear winner to me.

  25. I see a lot of mixed comments between CX and BR J. I can only speak from my recent experience in CX J SFO/HKG, I was totally underwhelmed. Service has clearly declined, there’s no attention to details. My seat was so dirty I don’t think they cleaned it after the last flight. The toilets were a shocker, not only were they so tiny they were so dirty I don’t think they were cleaned once in the entire flight. The wine list was below average but the worst of all is their food, it’s borderline inedible, my seabass tasted like rubber and my mid flight noodles disintegrated upon ingestion. My best friend is a CX pilot and even he said that the cockpit dreads eating their food. He also said that CX receives tons of complaints about their food all the time but management feels that as long as they’re filling the cabins, they don’t have the urge to improve/change. With other airlines such as BR constantly improving and listening to their customers, I think it’s the complacency that will do CX in, probably sooner than later. BR in the air is hands down superior to CX in every aspect but on the ground, CX’s lounges are legendary.

  26. I flew by Eva Air business class from Toronto to Taipei recently and thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the service. This was my second trip by Eva Air business class on the same route and I feel the service has remained great and food and some of the amenities, such as the pajamas, have improved.

  27. The second ever work business class i ever flew! Hanoi taipei and Taipei kansai there is no difference between the economic classes and the business one A 321…worst of the worst ! I can not believe in it how can Eva airlines ignore his business class passengers? I am extremely disappointed! Sure will no fly it ever again!

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