Etihad Airways to the UAE: InterContinental Abu Dhabi

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I had booked the InterContinental Abu Dhabi about 10 months out at a rate of 1100AED per night (~$300USD) for a club city view king room, as I was using a buy one get one free certificate for the second night, bringing my cost down to ~$150USD per night. A day before my arrival the Priority Club website showed me as being upgraded to a deluxe suite, which seems to be the standard Royal Ambassador upgrade.

The ride from Dubai took about 75 minutes, and I arrived in the early evening.

Once inside I proceeded to check-in, where I was promptly helped by a very charming lady from the Ukraine (if I recall correctly). She processed my check-in and escorted me to my suite on the 18th floor.



The suite was recently renovated and featured a living room with couch, desk, and kitchen.

Living room



The minibar was well stocked, and as a Royal Ambassador the drinks were complimentary.


Sitting on the table was the Royal Ambassador welcome amenity, consisting of a fruit basket along with some pralines and Perrier water.

Royal Ambassador welcome amenity

Also at the entrance of the living room was a half bath, consisting of a sink and toilet.

Half bath

The living room led to the bedroom, which consisted of a king sized bed, small seating area, and couch.


Flat screen TV

While the room was obviously recently renovated, the bathroom drove me nuts since everything except the sink was white, which was blinding (and felt a bit too much like a hospital). It’s the exact opposite problem of the Andaz Wall Street, where the bathroom is all black.





On the plus side, the bathroom did feature full sized bottles of Elemis bath products, perfect for swiping using during your stay. šŸ˜‰

Elemis bath amenities

As I mentioned, I booked a rate which included access to the Club InterContinental. I didn’t visit the first evening as I went straight to bed upon arrival, so my first visit was in the morning.

Club InterContinental entrance

The club itself is one of the largest and most spacious I’ve ever seen, which is great. It features a ton of couches and also tables, so you really have a choice of where to sit, as opposed to some lounges, where you’re stuck trying to eat an omelet on a couch off a side table.

Club InterContinental

Club InterContinental

Club InterContinental

The club also featured nice views of Abu Dhabi.

View from Club InterContinental

The breakfast spread was quite good, consisting of fruit, cheese, pastries, cereal, several hot dishes, etc.

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

Juice selection

Hot dishes

The quantity was definitely good, though I can’t say the quality was exceptional. Also, I thought the service wasn’t very good. Despite being the only person in the lounge in the morning, it took them forever to clear my plates, and they didn’t seem especially happy to be there.

The evening spread was also fairly good, consisting of a bunch of appetizers, veggies, hot dishes, desserts, etc.

Evening spread

Cheese and crackers




Again, service wasn’t very attentive, though the spread was fairly good.

On the whole I had a pleasant stay. The hotel has great Royal Ambassador benefits and has a convenient location for sightseeing in Abu Dhabi. The hotel was recently renovated, though still doesn’t feel especially “fresh” in my opinion. While I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to return, the Abu Dhabi hotel market is expanding at lightning speed, and I’d probably check out one of the two new Hyatts before returning to the InterContinental (especially the Park Hyatt, which I toured).

  1. I am afraid that too much exposure to premium properties has you desensitized and numb! You state “On the whole I had a pleasant stay”. pleasant? Just by looking at those pictures I would be jumping up and down in bliss, it looks outstanding!
    I hope all my vacations I could stay in these kind of properties! The lounge food selection looks great!

    I invite you to a couple of nights at a motel 6 by the highway and breakfast on mystery meat so you can redefine “pleasant”

    All in good spirit!

  2. @ ORD–TGU — LOL! All taken in good spirit, and you know something? I actually kind of agree with you.

    I’ve been WAY too spoiled with my travel recently. I’ve stayed mostly at Park Hyatts and even some Aman properties in India, so after that I’ve been totally jaded. A couple of years back I would have been thrilled by a hotel like this, though as a relative matter I have a hard time getting excited over it anymore.

    I think you’re totally right — I need a visit to my closest Motel 6!

  3. I understand what lucky is saying thought. Once you get used to the high levels of hotels its hard to determine what is really Great. One needs to keep in perspective that for abt $150 a night many people are staying at and airport hilton and looking at a parking lot. And the breakfast consists of rubber eggs and “bearclaws”. It’s just that lucky. Is… Lucky

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