Etihad Airways added as an American Airlines partner

As of June 1, Etihad Airways has been added as an American Airlines AAdvantage partner, and vice versa (though I doubt that’s as interesting to most of you). AAdvantage members can now earn miles on Etihad Airways operated flights, with the exception of their flights between Abu Dhabi and Chicago, New York, and Toronto (which is obviously a huge exclusion).

The more exciting news is that apparently AAdvantage members will have the opportunity to redeem miles for travel on Etihad Airways later this year, though let’s hope the above restriction about travel to North America isn’t in place for that.

Funny timing, as I already have a trip planned to Abu Dhabi in Etihad Airways first class later this year…

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  1. with the exclusion of NYC, ORD, YYZ flights, this is not nearly as big a deal as it could be…i dont think I will be able to take advantage šŸ™

  2. This isn’t that exciting for me… more exciting would be to find out how Quantas F class was! šŸ˜‰

  3. @dan Well this makes sense. on the flights ex JFK,ORD< YYZ, AA codeshares with EY. You can get full miles if you book the AA codeshare. Earlier, when I booked an AA-EY flight combination to Asia, I lost out on the miles on Etihad flights ex-AUH. Now I can earn full miles on my flights.

  4. @ Uniter — Yeah yeah, that’s a lot of work, I’m getting to it! šŸ˜€

    @ John — We don’t even know the scope of the agreement yet, so we’ll need to wait until they publish details before knowing where they pull inventory from.

  5. Ethihad were just voted best first class product and first class catering product in skytrax awards, sounds good to try.

  6. The best thing that I like about Etihad is their family account like BA where you can pool everyones miles so a trip from SFO to south asia with a family of 4 means a lot.

  7. The materials I read were silent as to whether or not the Etihad-coded flights earned EQPs. Since it didn’t say it, my hunch is they won’t be.

    As to the exclusions, this isn’t that big of a deal in that you can fly the same flight on an AA-marketed ticket, which will definitely get EQPs. It could be tricky, however, if your final destination is beyond auh, where AA codeshare won’t be offered and you’d need to have your journey across two marketing carriers. While this is feasible, in my experience, it always ends up more complicated than it needs to be.

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