Traveling Through Dubai? Get Free Ice Cream From Emirates!

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Summer in Dubai can be rough (even if you’re just connecting there), given how hot it gets. With Ramadan 2018 now over, Emirates has a cool treat for passengers traveling through the airport.

If you’re passing through Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport between June 15 and August 31, you may just be offered free ice cream. Specifically, Emirates is setting up carts throughout the terminal where they’ll be offering free ice cream cups daily from 12AM to 3AM, 12:30PM to 2:30PM, and 6PM to 9PM.

The ice cream will be Emperor branded, and is made in-house by Emirates Flight Catering. The airline expects to serve two million of these cups to customers over the next three months (not just through this initiative, but they’re also serving the ice cream in seven of their lounges, and in premium cabins on select flights to Europe). There will be five flavor choices for the ice cream, including chocolate, vanilla, date & arabic coffee, mango sorbet, and lemon sorbet.

I’ll be passing through Dubai this weekend, so will try to check these carts out. Mainly I’m just curious how long the lines are for the carts, because who doesn’t want free ice cream? Even if one of those carts can hold a few hundred cups of ice cream, I imagine they’ll run out in no time.

When I passed through the Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai last week early in the morning I saw a sign indicating that they had ice cream on offer (though there was no cart at the time). I asked what the flavors were (it was 6AM but I was jetlagged… don’t judge), and when they mentioned they had a date & arabic coffee flavor, I couldn’t help myself. The ice cream was excellent.

Kudos to Emirates for this cool initiative. This doesn’t cost them much, but I’m sure it will put a smile on lots of peoples’ faces, kids and adults alike!

  1. I’m going through in a couple of weeks! I have an 8 hour layover from 7pm to 3am. Perfectly timed for 2 free cups of ice cream 🙂

  2. OT but I just had to call in to National Car Rental and was on hold…the hold music was Hall and Oates’ You’re out of touch, I’m out of time. I’m wondering if they did that on purpose…

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