Earn United e-certificates through December 31!

Holy cow, did United actually comeĀ up with their own promotion which isn’t an exact replica of what American is offering? I don’t believe my eyes! šŸ˜‰

Anyway, United is offering e-certificatesĀ to those that book and travel betweenĀ September 14 and December 31. The value of the e-certificate you receive is based on the number of roundtrips you complete. The more you fly, the higher the value of the e-certificate:

1 roundtrip — 5%
2 roundtrip — 10%
3 roundtrip — 20%
4 roundtrip — 30%
5 roundtrip — 40%
6+ roundtrip — 50%

So while the 5% e-cert isn’t that tempting, aĀ 50% e-cert sounds pretty good to me, especially since the e-cert will be valid for travel on all paid fares within the US and Canada on United, although they have to be used for travel between February 1 and May 31 of next year, and there might be even more blackout dates.

Registration is required.

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  1. Thanks Ben, hadn’t seen this offer yet & I already have 5 RT’s booked so 1 more & it’s 50% e-cert time!

  2. Ben, How do you interpret the T&C’s of this offer? Do you think this deal can be combined with the DEQM promotion (based on the T&C’s of both deals, specifically “Not combinable with other noncombinable offers”)?

    @Maureen: The offer appears to be good for only travel booked after 9/14. I hope you booked your five flights today!

  3. @ Maureen — Happy to help! Hope you booked those five roundtrips today, or else you’ll have to start from scratch, since this promotion is only valid for tickets bought today or later.

    @ MatthewLAX — The way I read it, the T&C’s of DEQM only say that the offer is not combinable with MPW029, so I think it’s safe to assume the two offers can be combined. It is clear United is suffering, and they want to offer something above and beyond what American is offering to attract business, and this is their attempt.

  4. > For each roundtrip ticket you earn an e-certificate.

    That’s not how I interpret the offer. You get ONE certificate and its discount value depends on how many flights you had between now and end of the year.

    Which also means…

    > a few 50% e-certs sound pretty good

    that you won’t get “a few 50%” certificates unless you clone yourself or your MP account.

  5. So Torn! I have room for two more transcons this quarter. Should I book them with this (plus I have two UA ecert vouchers I can use) or should I book them on CO for MILEATHON? If I put them towards CO i can reach 150 MILEATHON credits whereas if I don’t i will only get 125. On UA two more transcons will bring me to about 270,000 EQM but I will also get a 30% ecert from this promo. What would YOU (anybody) do?

  6. @ HunterSFO — Solely in terms of the Mileathon credits vs. the e-cert, the Mileathon credits are DEFINITELY worth more. We’re talking about a 30% domestic discount e-cert vs. 25,000 redeemable miles, which is quite a difference.

    Out of curiosity, does your 150 Mileathon credit figure assume that you’re earning 20 credits per debit card or does it assume only 20 credits total for both debit cards? There seems to be quite a bit of uncertainty regarding whether or not one can earn credits for the second debit card.

  7. @Lukcy – I’m getting one Chase and one KeyMiles card so I’m 99.99% sure I can get the points for both. If it were two chase cards then I’m not sure how that would work. I already got one back in May so I’m only going to get one during the promo. Note with the keymiles card you get a (small) number of miles for PIN purchases too – so you could buy Walmart money orders and then redeposit them…

  8. So Lucky, when was the last time YOU actually paid more than 50% for a flight on UA??? Me thinks this promotion probably isn’t that exciting….. šŸ™‚ I guess it’s the best they could come up with on their own!

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