Denied yet again!

I posted last week about my upgrade showing as “denied” in the “My Itineraries” section of for a recent trip. Specifically, the flight from Tampa to Washington showed my upgrade as being “denied.” When I checked in I wasn’t even on the upgrade waitlist anymore, although I was quickly added at the ticket counter and my upgrade ended up clearing.

Well, it happened again. The upgrades cleared for three of my four upcoming flights, and one stayed waitlisted. Now it is only an Airbus 320 with four first class seats remaining so I’m definitely not counting on the upgrade, but I figured I at least have a fighting chance. I called reservations and they said they still see me as waitlisted, despite what says.

I would love to know what this issue is here. Upgrades at the gate are partly based on the time you check-in, and I can’t add myself to the upgrade list until I get to the airport if United keeps “denying” my upgrades.

Anyone else having this issue?

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  1. A flight showed up this way for me, but it ended up clearing 4 hours before the flight. Since I had already checked in, I needed help at the airport to get a new boarding pass.

    There are some random posts on flyertalk on it, but no definitive answers. I thought the issue was with multiple upgrade requests for a single segment, but I’m not sure. (As in manually clicking to request the upgrade in your itinerary as well as the automatic system.)

  2. Had a similar case last week. I called 1K desk and they told me I was still on the waitlist, and I indeed cleared about at T-72 hours. My 5/1 seg was also waitlisted and now denied. I hope it’s just the .bomb thing.

    Speaking of UA, ben, would you post capt. flanagan’s upcoming flights (with his permission, of course) ?

  3. Lucky- Just had a similiar experience with a twist. Have a flight saturday in which the upgrade is listed as denied. When I went into my itinerary it showed me sitting in first. I selected my seats all while my upgrade still reflects “denied”. I usually have the same experience as you where I have to get myself added at the airport, but this throws a new wrinkle into the upgrades. When does denied mean denied?

  4. Yes, this has been happening to me too; I called the 1k desk and they said I was on the waitlist (2x) but I wasn’t on the waitlist when I checked in either time. I took the time to talk to their web support team and they told me it was ‘probably your computer’; when I told them it was showing up that way on my mobile as well they said it was just a glitch, then, but I was on the waitlist. So much for ‘unlimited upgrades’ … I got 34F on a 757 on the second flight…right in front of the bathroom…not even economy +, but the worst seat on the plane. How does that happen?

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